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ANOTHER WORLD 120 Is Michael alive???




Is Michael alive?


Allenblogentry-14971-0-83035200-1361904846_th is with Vickyblogentry-14971-0-95464900-1361904857_th and Donnablogentry-14971-0-23302500-1361904872_th, and puts the gun in his pocket…

Allen: Vicky you should stay with Donna. I’ll get rid of this.

Donna: You should not put yourself in the middle of my situation. What happened to your face?

Vicky: We’re all family, so this is our situation. I’m still shocked that you shot Reginald mom.

Allen: He certainly deserved it after everything he’s done.

Allen leaves and Vicky turns to Donna.

Vicky: Are you okay?

Donna: No not really.

Vicky: What can I do for you?

Donna: Sit down. There’s something else I have to tell you.

Vicky: Another surprise?

Donna: Reginald told me something the night that I shot him, and it seemed to make sense.

Marleyblogentry-14971-0-30209100-1361904888_th walks in.

Donna: It’s about Michael.



As three men dig up the site, Johnblogentry-14971-0-71161100-1361904905_th and Feliciablogentry-14971-0-70440700-1361904925_th wait….

John (putting his coat on Felicia‘s shoulders): Here put this on.

Felicia: Thank you.

John: It should keep you warm.

One guy walks up to John as the casket is being lifted.

Guy: Here he comes.

John: Thank you.

Felicia: We should know the truth real soon.

The other guys open up the casket, and a man that looks like Michael lies in it, and they look at his neck…



Allen looks out onto the water, and Toni blogentry-14971-0-61187700-1361904953_thwalks up beside him in uniform.

Allen (smiling): Hey officer.

Toni (smiling back): Hi. What are you doing out here this time of night?



Carlblogentry-14971-0-20841400-1361905150_th sits at a table frustrated about his fight with Rachel. He looks up and sees “Sharlene” (Janice)blogentry-14971-0-83312600-1361905179_th.

Janice: Are you okay?




Part 2

Allen and Toni trade friendly barbs again..

Allen: I suppose I could ask you the same thing.

Toni: You still didn’t answer my question.

Allen: Am I under investigation?

Toni: I don’t know. Should you be?

Allen: It’s not against the law to take a nice stroll out on the docks is it?

Toni: Well I’m on patrol and I have to keep the city safe.

Allen: You need to be careful out here. You better have some backup.

Toni: The BCPD is all out here. Nothing’s gonna happen to me.

Allen: I know what happened to you.

Toni: What do you mean?

Allen: And I feel terrible about it. I should have been here for you Toni.

Toni: You’re talking about the rape aren’t you?

Allen: I’m glad you had Etta Mae and my brother were here for you.

Toni: They were, and there was nothing you could’ve done.

Allen: Despite all we went through in our marriage, I never stopped caring about you. I see you ain’t changed witcha little attitude. I always liked your feistiness.

Toni smiles and pauses….

Toni: So…um…how’s Amanda?

Allen: We’re good.

Toni: That’s…good. I hope she makes you happy.


Janice keeps Carl company

Janice: May I sit down?

Carl: Sure, Sharlene, sure. How have you been?

Janice: I’ve been great, but I guess the real question is how are you? Especially after the way you left the mansion.

Carl: I’m fine. Rachel and I just had a little disagreement.

Janice: Well that looked like more than a difference of opinion.

Carl: Maybe you can talk to your friend about not letting Cory Publishing take over our lives.

Janice: Was Cory Publishing what the…disagreement was about?

Carl: I’m worried about Rachel becoming obsessed with getting Cory Publishing back. I feel like I’m competing with Mac.

Janice: Rachel will always have a place in her heart for Mac. You should ask her where her heart really is. Is she still carrying a torch for Mac?

Carl: I’m surprised you would say that about Rachel.

Janice puts her hand on Carl’s hand

Janice: You deserve a woman who loves you completely. If Rachel’s heart is with someone else, then you might have a decision to make.


John and Felicia brace themselves.

Felicia: Are you ready?

John (sighs): As ready as I’m going to get. We’re gonna find out if Michael’s alive.

look on the neck of the corpse to determine if Michael or Martin Hudson is still alive.

John: Oh my God…



Marley: Michael? What about dad?

Donna: Maybe you should sit down, too. Especially with you being pregnant.

Marley: What happened?

Donna: Reginald told me something the night he died.

Vicky: What did he say Donna?

Donna: He asked if I wanted to know where Michael was.

Marley: Oh my God.

Donna: I didn’t believe him, but when I thought back to the time I got that phone call. You were here Victoria.

Vicky: Yes, but why did he wait to ask you that?

Donna: He was in serious pain. It was like a deathbed confession.

Marley: Donna you can’t possibly be feeding into what Reginald said.

Vicky: Marley’s right. Reginald probably had someone call you to mess with you.

Donna: The person sounded just like Michael.

Marley: That’s what Reginald would have wanted you to think.

Vicky: Mom it was a prank. Dad is dead. He died in a car crash. Reginald lied to you.


Felicia: That's it.

John: It’s the birthmark. This body’s is Martin’s. Michael’s alive.


Outside a side window at the Love Mansion, through a bush…Michael blogentry-14971-0-64375200-1361905314_this watching Donna, Vicky, and Marley…




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Love the scene with Allen and Toni. I can see something brewing there.

Janice jancie jacnice. My new fav character. There is no tellin what she will do. Loving it

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  • Members

I have to laugh at Felicia at a grave-digging. Once upon a time she would have been digging it up herself, probably wearing a huge boa. I like how you pair up some exes in this chapter. Allen seems to be getting that cheating itch...

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  • Members

LOL Carl about Felicia...Allen and Toni have some unresolved feelings I think...more so on Toni's part than Allen's. Allen wishes he could have been there to help Toni after she had been raped.

Thanks Carl

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