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ANOTHER WORLD 121 Jack questions Grant




Jack questions Grant


Amandablogentry-14971-0-07295400-1362089809_th walks into the Harbor Club and looks around…

Amanda: Allen! I got your message!

Two men carrying violins and dressed in tuxedos come out and play tunes, then Allen blogentry-14971-0-13128100-1362089823_thwalks up slowly to Amanda.

Allen: Welcome back beautiful.

Amanda (smiling): Where is everyone?

Allen: It’s just the two of us tonight. Are ya hungry?

Amanda: Starving actually.

Allen: Dinner’s on the house.



Frankieblogentry-14971-0-33564700-1362089851_th sits down with Christy Carsonblogentry-14971-0-91557700-1362089863_th sitting across from her.

Christy: I’m so glad you came to see me Mary-Frances. Nobody else has visited in the twenty plus years I’ve been here.

Frankie: We were friends. I can’t ignore that.

Christy: Maybe you should have ignored after everything I did to you and Cass.

Frankie: My vibes were telling me to come see you. You know I don’t think you’re the person who did all of those things, and it seems like you’ve gotten better.

Christy: How’s Charlie? You must be so proud of her.

Frankie: I am. She’s grown up to be a fine young lady.

Christy: When Douglas and I were married, he didn’t want to have any children. He was such a despicable man. He made life unbearable for me. That’s my toughest obstacle. I have to feel some type of remorse for killing him. The only guilt I feel is what I did to you and Cass, but it’s hard for me to drum up any compassion for killing Douglas.



Jackblogentry-14971-0-02326300-1362089889_th arrives…and Grantblogentry-14971-0-99115200-1362089908_th “greets” him…

Grant: I was counting down the minutes that you’d be coming here. Did you want to gloat?

Jack: About what?

Grant: I’m surprised that yours wasn’t the first place that Paulina ran to.

Jack: What the hell are you talking about?

Grant: Paulina and I are over.

Jack: She hasn’t told me anything, but if that’s the case she made the right choice.

Grant: You mean she didn’t go running straight to your open and waiting arms. I loved Paulina, but her heart is with you.

Jack: I didn’t come to talk about Paulina. This is police business.

Grant: Why?

Jack: Where were you the night Reginald Love was murdered?

Grant smiles and laughs.




Christy: Douglas was a condescending, overbearing, controlling bastard.

Frankie: Why didn’t you leave him? Why didn’t you file for divorce?

Christy: Where was I gonna go?

Frankie: You could’ve come to me or Cass. You didn’t have to kill him.

Christy: You don’t understand, do you Mary Frances? I couldn’t just leave him. He was on oxygen. What if he had a situation where he couldn’t get to it? I wasn’t going to just leave him there, and I promised I’d take care of him. I owed him my life. He helped me out of a very dark place. The abyss is what he called it. But the more time went on, the more psychologically controlling he became. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Frankie: So you poisoned him?

Christy: I’m serving my time, and my parole is hearing is coming up.

Frankie: That’s why I had to see you. I had to see if…

Christy: You’re going to…recommend I be released?

Frankie: I had to see if you were better, and you’ve been very honest about how you feel.

Christy: Look, I’m sorry about hurting you and Cass. Dragging you two into my marital problems with Douglas. If you’re gonna make a positive recommendation, I’m sure Cass will contend that I should stay in prison. He can’t be too happy about you visiting me right?

Frankie doesn’t say anything.

Christy: Oh my God. Cass doesn’t know that you’ve been coming to visit me does he?


Amanda: This was wonderful. Thank you.

Allen: No. Thank YOU.

Amanda: How were you able to pull this off?

Allen (smiling): Well, my aunt does own the place.

Amanda: Right. I almost forgot.

Allen: How was your trip?

Amanda: It was like any other boring, tedious business trip. All I could think of was getting back here to you.

Allen: You must be having a ball at Cory Publishing.

Amanda: I guess so, if you think working with Iris is a good time.

Allen: I wonder how Rachel took the news.

Amanda: She actually encouraged me to take the position that Iris offered.

Allen: Wow I didn’t expect Rachel to support that at all.

Amanda: I didn’t take the offer at first. I flatly refused it, but after I thought about it, it would be the perfect way to get the company back.

Allen: That’s what I was gonna tell you.

Amanda: Great minds.

Allen: Great girl.

They lean in and kiss…


Grant: Whatever would make you think that I saw Reginald Love on the night he was killed.

Jack: The hotel surveillance camera caught you going up to his room, and a text when from his cell phone to your phone number asking you to meet him there.

Grant: So did this said footage actually show me going into Reginald’s room.

Jack: I don’t have to tell you that. I know you were there, because you both knew Evan Frame, and I’m sure you know that Reginald killed Evan in St. Croix.

Grant: Oh let me guess, I went to avenge Evan’s death by killing Reginald right?

Jack: You think this is funny?

Grant: I had nothing to do with Evan Frame.

Jack: He shot you on the day Bay City Center opened.

Grant: And that means absolutely nothing.

Jack: So you don’t know who Evan Frame is at all?

Grant: I know that he was Sharlene’s nephew.

Jack looks intently at Grant.

Jack: You’re lying. You know more about this than you’re letting on. I’m not gonna stop digging until I find out what you’re hiding.

Grant: What goes around. Listen if you see Paulina, which I'm sure you will make it a point to, tell her I said hello, and give her a kiss, which I'm sure you'll be more than happy to do.

Jack: Don’t leave town Harrison.

Jack leaves. Grant goes to the bar, pours himself a drink, and takes a sip…

Grant: You’re so smug aren’t you Snyder…you won’t be for long.



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I loved the intro opening. Just love hearing Justine's vocie. But Im intrested to see where this Christy thing is going. Gratn is so pathetic. Really grasping at straws with Jack.

I love Allen and Amanda.

Nice episode

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Great chapter all around. Everything. The best is the Christy/Frankie conversation, which was very complicated and makes me wonder who Christy is now.

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MLC - I like the music before the opening...makes me think of my own scenes that I write...Grant has got Jack on his radar now for a target of destruction, but it ain't gonna be that easy.

Carl - Thanks for the compliments

Fellas - I got some great things coming up for Christy. You will find out how clever she is...

Thank you both....

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