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Reginald’s killer is revealed!!!


Toniblogentry-14971-0-96569500-1360788423_th walks into Jack’sblogentry-14971-0-07100800-1360788442_th office with a three page report. Jack sits at his desk….

Jack: Whatcha got?

Toni (giving the report to Jack): The coroner’s report.

Jack (skimming it over): Wow. Not at all what I expected.

Toni: It was surprising to me, too.


GRANT’Sblogentry-14971-0-14655500-1360788455_th HOUSE

Grant is on the phone…

Grant: I’ll make sure the driver gets you to the police station. In your drunken state, it wouldn’t be smart for you to drive. When you see Jack, ask about Paulina.

Grant hangs up his cell phone, turns around, and is startled by Paulinablogentry-14971-0-51052700-1360788469_th, who has heard everything.

Grant: Paulina.

Paulina: Who was that? Why would they ask about me?

Grant: Listen, I’m just gonna tell you the truth. I was talking to Carly Snyder.



Rachelblogentry-14971-0-35064000-1360788504_th and “Janice”blogentry-14971-0-34829500-1360788645_th have a conversation…

Rachel: I’m glad you came.

Janice: Why?

Rachel: I was concerned about you after I saw you at the Harbor Club. You seemed really bothered.

Janice: Well like I told you it was the makeup.

Rachel: It seemed as if it was more than that.

Janice: What else could it have possibly been?

Rachel: I don’t know. We’ve been friends for a long time Sharlene. You know you can talk to me about anything. I’ve seen you go through so much. Gregory’s all grown up now. Josie’s living her life. If there’s anything that you need, you can come to me.

Janice: I appreciate that. I’m gonna tell what’s really on my mind.

Rachel: What is it?

Janice: I was thinking about my sister Janice.



Donnablogentry-14971-0-67469000-1360788670_th goes into her living room safe, and takes out her gun. Vickyblogentry-14971-0-49986600-1360788814_th walks in and sees Donna with the gun.

Vicky: Donna? What are you doing?





Paulina: Carly is Jack’s wife. Why are you contacting her?

Grant: Because Carly needs to know what her husband is doing.

Paulina: How is that any of your business?

Grant: Because you’re involved Paulina.

Paulina: What does this have to do with me?

Grant: You have feelings for Jack that’s what.

Paulina: It sounds like you’re up to your old tricks again…just like you used to be.

Grant: I don’t want to lose you Paulina.

Paulina: You never had me.

Grant: Is this what you’ve waited for?

Paulina: What are you talking about?

Grant: An excuse to end things with me.

Paulina: Don’t be ridiculous.

Grant: I’ve seen the way you look at Jack, the same way you used to look at Joe Carlino. I’ll never have your heart.

Paulina: Because there has always been something keeping me from giving it to you. All those years ago when we were involved. Then I saw who you really were, and you’re still that person. You haven’t changed at all. The only reason you’ve called Carly is to make trouble for Jack.

Grant: I’m trying to protect you.

Paulina: The only person you’ve EVER tried to protect is YOURSELF!

Paulina walks out.


Jack: The report says Reginald Love was shot in the chest.

Toni: But the shot missed major arteries and organs. The shot didn’t kill him.


Donna: I’m getting rid of it.

Vicky: Donna why would you have a gun in the first place? Oh my God, did you shoot Reginald?

Allenblogentry-14971-0-41721500-1360788964_th walks in…

Allen (to himself): I gotta make up for what I’ve done to Marley.

Donna: You’re damned right I did!

Vicky: Mom, my God you go to jail for that.

Allen: Not if they don’t have a murder weapon. It will be very difficult to connect her with the shooting. I’ll help her get rid of it.


Rachel: I’m sorry about your sister, but my memories of Janice aren’t pleasant.

Janice: I remember her being a protective older sister.

Rachel: Janice poisoned Mac slowly. She stabbed Mitch and tried to do the same to me in the pool. The only reason Janice tried to kill Mac was because she wanted his money.

Janice: And YOU were the one who rescued him from big bad Janice?

Rachel: I told Evan before that Janice had become very sick. Are you done with your tea?

Janice: Yes I am.

Rachel takes the tea tray away…


Toni: Forensics also found something in the food that was on the floor.

Jack: It says there was a high level of poison in the food.

Toni: They found the same poison in Reginald’s body.

Jack (reading down the report): It says Reginald went into cardiac arrest and died. The gunshot didn’t kill him.

Toni: He was poisoned to death.

Jack: Don’t take this the wrong way, but that’s the M.O. of a woman killer.


Rachel walks into the Cory Living room and notices “Sharlene” is gone.



Janice pulls down the vanity mirror while the car stationary, and Sharlene appears in the mirror.

Sharlene: What did you do?

Janice flashes back to putting a vial into Rachel’s sweater pocket…

Sharlene: Rachel is my friend!

Janice: Well she sure isn’t mine. Do you know what she said about me? Rachel’s gonna be carted off to prison for murder.

Sharlene: A murder YOU committed!

Janice: Carl’s gonna need me, and I’m gonna be right there for him.




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Grant u dummy u should have been more catious of ur convo. now uve exposed ur self to Pualina and u looked real juvnile. GRRR.

SO donna shot her old man. I didnt think she did it. But now the police saying he was posioned to. SO now well see. And Allen heping Donna rid the gun. SO now its going to be a family wide cover up?

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Donna shot him, but she didn't kill him...

This is Allen's way of atoning for taking those pictures...he really feels bad about that...

Grant and Paulina needed to have that conversation.

Thanks for reading :)

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Grant handled that terribly.

Great twists with Reginald's killer. I wasn't expecting that. This really brings stories together.

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Grant should have been more careful, and he could have lied to Paulina, but he didn't. I think he wants to move on, because he knows that he will never have Paulina's heart.

Thanks for the words on Reginald's killer Carl

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