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Episode 5

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Marlena took off from visiting Carrie to meet Maggie for brunch at The Continental Hotel. When she entered she searched for her friend but was shocked, and horrified to see Stefano DiMera cross the lobby. Marlena tried to hide, but there was nowhere and the two locked eyes.

"Good morning to you, Doctor Evans" greeted Stefano. Marlena knew that smirk he had his face. She hated this man for everything he and his family have ever done to her and her family, but she knew this wasnt the time nor place for a showdown. "Shame, isnt it? That Samantha will be sent to prison for murdering my son. Ironic too" He added before starting to walk way.

"Ironic? I can not fathom that even you would have the gall to stand here and say such a thing to me" Marlena responded, against her better judgement. "For the record, Sami has not been sentenced yet and I am confident that she will be found not guilty".

"Interesting choice of words, Marlena. Not guilty, not innocent. A telling choice"

"You know what Stefano, if Sami did do it then good her her. He raped her. He tortured her. He made her life hell and used her children as weapons against her. He attacked her family. He deserved to die" She stated unable to hide her emotions.

"Yet, she loved him. That must really get to you. That your daughter would love such a man, and my son. What one did you hate more? The fact that Samantha made it clear how awful you failed as a parent, or that she was in love with my son?"

"How dare you stand here and judge my parenting of Sami when YOU took that right away from me, from her. You kept me prisoner, locked up, for years and made everyone think I was dead. I was not there for Sami growing up and I hate that, but that is your fault and you know it" Marlena lashed out, trying to hold it together.

"Too bad she doesn't see it that way. And for her sake, you better hope she is found guilty" Stefano added before walking away. As he walked away he turned back to see Marlena sitting down, sobbing. His queen of the night was breaking.


Don Craig was walking through the Horton Town Square to meet Riley. The two were going house hunting today for a place to lease for their duration in Salem. He passed by the tree and noticed the plaque of Tom and Alice, stopping to admire it.

“They were great people, did you know them?” Maggie asked.

“You could say th-“ Don replied as he turned around to face the woman.

“Oh my god. Don?” Maggie asked, shocked. "It has been so long! What brings you back to Salem?"

"Business, but enough about that - how are you? I see you are a Kirakis and not a Horton now"

"I will always be a Horton. But yes, after Mickey died I found myself wrapped up with Victor as our grandkids were dating and... wow. Its really, really nice to see you" Maggie said, awkwardly.

"I am sorry about Mickey. I know how much you loved him. Listen, I have got to run but here is my card, call me" Don said as he handed her his card and took off. He wasnt ready to see her, to deal with this.


“So, what did you and my boyfriend talk about while running?” Will asked, running into Riley on the pier.

“I bet you’d like to know, but I’m busy” Riley snapped as he took off.

“Mom, I need some advice…” Will said after dialing his mothers number.

A half hour later Sami was at the Pub waiting for Will. She could tell he was uneasy and so glad he called her. The two had a rocky relationship much like she had with her own mother. Will joined her at the back table.

"What is it? What is going on? How can I help?" Sami asked, desperate yet joyful at the situation.

"Well, its about boys and relationships" Will told her, not believing he was turning to her of all people. Sami was visable shocked herself. "Yeah, trust me I am more shocked about this than you are but the thing is, this new guy Riley... he is.. he is trying to take Sonny away from me and I know it but Sonny just thinks he is the nice new guy with no friends" Will added, annoyed.

Sami smiled. She was kind of impressed to see that Will did take after her in some ways after all. She sat back and asked Will to tell her everything he knows about the kid and his friendship with Sonny so far so she could come up with a plan. Sami really needed this distraction and she was very happy to be helping Will out.


Maggie walked into the hotel restaurant and spotted her friend. As she sat down at the table she apologized for being late and was about to explain who she ran into when she noticed Marlena had been crying but tried to cover up. Maggie pressed her on the matter and Marlena explained her run in with Stefano. Maggie tried to be supportive and convince Marlena that Sami would get through this, but she was doubtful herself as it wasnt as if Sami had the best reputation.

"Well, guess who I just ran into. You will never believe it!" Maggie exclaimed, deciding to shift the conversation and get Marlena's mind off things for awhile. Marlena looked deep in thought for a moment, trying to figure it out.

"Julie?" She guessed, unsure of who to say.

"Don!" Maggie practically shouted.

"You mean Doug?" Marlena questioned before it started to set in.

"No, Don. Don Craig. You'r exhusband, my ex.. whatever you want to call it" Maggie explained

"Lover. I believe that would be the proper term" she laughed. "Wait.. what?" Marlena asked, still not grasping the situation.

"I dont really know to be honest, I ran into him and he seemed fine at first, but then he said he had to run off and was in town on business and handed me his card before we really got to talk. It was odd how he went from clearly happy to see to clearly making up a lie to get out of talking to me" Maggie explained.

"Really Maggie? He was in love with you and it broke his heart when you went back to Mickey, maybe it all came back to him right then as he hasnt been in town, seen, or talked to you since he left" Marlena stated.

Maggie started to think back on her romance and affair with Don Craig. Mickey had died, she though, but it was all a set up by Stefano. Maggie hadn't thought about this part of her life in years, but she instantly smiled thinking back on her time with Don.


"Well, if you are sure hiring another man to make Riley look bad wont work and you refuse to drug him or set him up for a crime, I guess that only leaves fighting for Sonny, and fighting hard. Take this kid, Riley, in. Make him think it is all good and you love that Sonny has a new friend" Sami plotted.

"Keep you friends close, your enemies closer?" Will asked

"Exactly. If he wants Sonny he wont like it, at all. Make him uncomfortable being your friend by being so nice and then mention to Sonny how you dont think he likes you and you keep trying but just feel like he doesnt ever want you around" She added.

Will nodded. He could do this, after all Sami, Lucas and Kate are his family members and this runs through their blood. He thanked his mother as he kissed her on the forhead and said goodbye. Sami dialed Carries number to leave her a message, checking to make sure she was prepared for this murder trial as it started in just a few days.

As she got up to leave she wasnt paying attention and bumped into a man. "Im so sorry sir" She said, realizing he was an older man and genuinely feeling bad. She noticed he dropped his coffee and asked to buy him a new one. He accepted.

After getting the coffee she joined him at the table. "Here you go sir, again, im sorry about that" Sami offered.

"Im sorry, what did you say your name was?" He asked.

"Samantha Brady, and yours?"

"Don, Listen Samantha I am new in town and very busy with business dealings and in need of an assistant. You wouldn't be interested would you?" He asked.

"Actually, normally I would be but you see I have this little legal issue, well.. a murder trial really, but I am innocent, sort of. Anyways i am not really in a position to be a help to you, but my son, Will, he would be great" Sami offered

"Well, you sound like you live an interesting life. Here is my card, tell your son to call me... and Mrs Brady, good luck on that little legal issue" He responded, handing her his card. He smiled to himself, Though Sami wouldnt be his way back into Marlena's life, Will Horton could work. Plus he is related to Maggie.


Next Week on Days:

Will plots to keep his man

Marlena and Don come face to face

Sami's murder trial begins!

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