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ANOTHER WORLD 98 Rachel declares war on Iris




Rachel declares war on Iris


John and Gregory walk downstairs with suitcases. Gregory reads a text from Lindsay…

Lindsay: Can we please talk?

Gregory erases the text and the missed calls from Lindsay. Sharlene meets them at the bottom of the stairs.

Sharlene: I hope everything is okay with Clara.

John: It might be one of the last times we see her lucid. Her dementia’s getting worse.

Sharlene: She’s lived a long time, and I’m sorry that it’s come to this.

John: This isn’t unexpected but it still hurts. She played the peacemaker between Michael and me.

Gregory: Are you gonna be okay mom?

Sharlene: I’m a big girl. I can take of myself.

Gregory: Okay mom.

Sharlene: Give your grandma Clara a big kiss for me.

Gregory: Of course mom. Love you.

John kisses Sharlene.

John: I’ll call you when we arrive.

Sharlene: Okay. Be safe.


After they leave, Sharlene sends a text to Mitch to meet her at the Center.


Mitch puts on his jacket after he receives his text.

Felicia: Where are you going?

Mitch: I’m gonna stop by KBAY and edit this film.



Vicky opens the door. Marley walks in and Vicky does not shut the door.

Vicky: I didn’t know who else to call.

Marley: Is everything okay? It sounded important.

Vicky: Nothing seems to be ever be okay.

Marley: What’s wrong?

Vicky: Everything. Just when Jake and I are putting things back together, something comes along and takes us apart again.

Marley: It might not be as bad as you think. You two got past Michele’s death earlier this year.

Vicky: You never get past losing a child. Most couples don’t make it.

Marley: You guys found your way back to each other.

Vicky: Jake could have another child, and we may not get through it this time.

Marley: Oh my God. You’re pregnant?

Vicky: No…Jake may have another daughter, and she’s living in Bay City.


COURTROOM – special appearances by Kim Rhodes (Cindy Brooke) and David Leisure (Judge Grayson)


Rachel walks into the courtroom with Cass, Paulina, and Carl and they sit at their bench in front of the judge. Carl sits behind Rachel and massages her shoulders in support of Rachel. Iris and Amanda are on the other side, and to everyone’s surprise, Cindy Brooke walks in with a briefcase and a purple suit.

Rachel: Cindy Brooke? What are you doing here?

Cindy: Surprised? I’m representing the contesting party. May the best team win.

Paulina: That will be us.

Cindy: I wouldn’t be so sure Paulina.

The Bailiff walks out and says “ALL RISE! The honorable Judge Mark Grayson presiding.”

Judge Grayson: Have a seat. Counselor Brooke you called a hearing today?

Cindy: Yes your honor.

Judge: Purple really looks nice on you.

Cindy (smiling): Thank you your honor. But we called this hearing because Cory Publishing was sold by Rachel Cory Hutchins without consent of Mac Cory’s children.

Cindy points to Rachel, “She’s right there.”

Judge Grayson: Counselor Winthrop.

Cass: This will from Mac Cory states that the children only had to be notified. Mrs. Hutchins was not required to consult with them, and given Iris Wheeler’s history, Rachel did what she thought was best for Cory Publishing at the time.

Cindy: Your honor they were neither notified nor consulted. Mrs. Hutchins…Rachel…clearly violated the terms of her late husband’s will.

Judge Grayson: What are the plaintiffs seeking Counselor Brooke?

Cindy: They want what’s rightfully theirs.

Cass: We have signed affidavits from Matthew and Sandy Cory. They both agree that Iris should not get control of Cory Publishing.

Cass gives them to the bailiff, who gives them to the judge.

Cindy (countering): We have evidence that Mac’s last will, was not authenticated. The last authentic will that Mac wrote, left Cory Publishing to his eldest child in the event of his death.

Cindy gives the bailiff the said will, who gives it to the judge.

Rachel: That’s hogwash. Mac’s last will is legal.

Judge Grayson (banging his gavel): Order! I have a long docket today. I will review these and get back with my decision in fifteen minutes. You can take a short recess.




Mitch and Sharlene are sitting at a table.

Mitch: Have you had any more episodes?

Sharlene: Not since you saw me.

Mitch: You’ve gotta get some help Sharlene. Have you told John yet?

Sharlene: I haven’t had the chance to. He and Gregory left to see Clara this morning.

Mitch: You can’t keep this from John, and if you don’t get help it’s gonna get worse. She’s not gonna go away.

Sharlene: Janice is pushing me to let her out. She’s getting stronger. I don’t know how much longer I can hold her off.

Mitch: You can’t do this by yourself. That’s why you need to get help.

Carl and Rachel walk up to them.

Rachel: Mitch, Sharlene hi.

Sharlene hears Janice’s voice in her mind…

Janice: Carl should be with ME, not Rachel. Let me out Sharlene.

Mitch: Rachel. Carl.

Sharlene: Hi. What brings you out here?

Rachel: Court.

Carl: Cory Publishing stuff.

Rachel: Tell Felicia I’m gonna call her. We haven’t gotten together in a while.

Mitch: Will do.


Marley: Oh my God. How do you know this?

Vicky: She’s Cass Winthrop’s niece. Stacey told me.

Marley: Stacey? She’s her mother?

Vicky: When Jake went missing, he turned up in LA where she was living.

Marley: That’s when Jake lost his memory right?

Vicky: He had a relationship with Stacey and she got pregnant.

Marley: Where’s the DNA test?

Vicky: Lindsay has it.

Marley: So Lindsay is Jake’s daughter.

Vicky: Yes, and we can’t tell Jake.

Jake walks in…

Jake: Can’t tell me what?



All are back in and Judge Grayson is at his bench…

Judge Grayson: I have carefully reviewed the letters, and Mackenzie Cory’s wills. The most recent will is indeed not authenticated, therefore its stipulations are null and void. That makes his last authenticated will the will in which Cory Publishing is distributed. He had adopted Matt, Amanda was not eighteen, there was still a question of Sandy Cory’s paternity, and Paulina he didn’t know about you. So to squelch any infighting, he left Cory Publishing and all of its assets, to his eldest child in the event of his death. That will is officially Mackenzie Cory’s last will and testament, therefore I award Cory Publishing to Iris Cory. Court is adjourned.

Paulina: This can’t be happening!

Cindy jumps up and down and hugs Iris, who is not as animated.

Iris: Why are you hugging me?

Cindy: We won! We won!

Amanda runs out of the courtroom humiliated as Iris peels Cindy off of her.

Iris: Yes…we won.

Rachel walks over to Iris.

Rachel: You THINK you’ve won.

Iris: Cory Publishing is back in the family…where it belongs.

Rachel: You used my daughter to help you, just like I said you would.

Iris: You just make sure your things are out of my office in twenty four hours.

Rachel: You conniving bitch.

Iris: Get over it old lady. The company’s mine. You heard the judge. THAT’S what daddy wanted.

Rachel: You think this is over? Think again.



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LOVE IT!! What a great episode. I love the way u capture Janice and Sharlene fight to contain her. Wow. And Mitch is lying to Feilcia about seeing Sharlene But I bet Rachel tells her . love the court drama. It went very fast. I dont know why I think Im glad iris won. It will set up a war between Iris and and Rachel Can't believe Rachel called her out. SO nice to see Cindy and love the comment on her dress. I was like she got this n the bag. Great episode nate!!

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  • Members

This was a great chapter! Such a wonderful surprise to see Cindy, and I love the dialogue for Rachel - tough, not the Shakespeare's Sister stuff.

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