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ANOTHER WORLD 97 Cass unwittingly gives Donna a deadly idea




Kirkland's past won't go away

Donna is at Cass's place talking to Nicole....

Donna: Daddy has controlling interest in the Harbor Club.

Nicole: What? How did that happen?

Donna: He bought out all the other investors that I had lined up.

Nicole: Why does he insist on ruining our lives? He had me pumped full of drugs in Pinehaven, and now he's got control of your club.

Donna: Cass is looking to get it nullified. He'll have to return all the monies.

Nicole: I can't believe he used mother's name as a cover. He's stooping to all new lows.

Donna: We shouldn't be surprised at what Reginald's capable of.

Cass walks in...

Cass: Donna I'm glad you're here. I've got some bad news. Reginald's investment is legit.



Jake and Frankie are there and Frankie tallies the numbers.

Jake: What's wrong?

Frankie: The firm's not doing well.

Jake: Why?

Frankie: The jobs just aren't coming in. Rachel's job is still keeping us afloat but it won't for long.

Jake: Maybe we should have taken that job for Kirkland.

They both chuckle.

Frankie: Not at the expense of my daughter.

Jake: Kirkland and Charlie seem to be getting close.

Frankie: Tell me about it. I mean you saw Charlie in here. Blasting Kirkland not to use in his vendetta against Grant. It's so obvious that she has feelings for him.

Jake: She must see a different side of Kirkland, because all I saw that day was a replica of Grant. He's nothing like the boy Vicky and I raised. You should've seen the look in his eyes. He is determined to take Grant down, but I'm afraid of what it's going to do him.



Kirkland opens the door...

Kirkland (surprised): Charlie?

Charlie walks in and Kirkland shuts the door.

Kirkland: My dad told you came by his house looking for me. I'm sorry I wasn't there...

Charlie: I love you.

Kirkland: Wait...what did you just say?

Charlie walks up to him...

Charlie: You heard right. I love you Kirkland Harrison.

Kirkland: What about the election? My father?

Charlie: I don't care about that. We've wasted enough time already.

They kiss passionately...



Donna: No! There's got to be SOMETHING we can do.

Cass: I've combed through all the books at the office. I read this contract at least ten times. It's tight. Your father essentially has control of the Club.

Donna: This can't be possible. I can't live under the specter of him anymore.

Nicole: I'm sorry that daddy is doing this to you. I know how much you wanted to re-open that Club.

Donna: I'm SICK and tired of him controlling our lives. We've GOT to stop him.

Nicole: Cass are you sure that there's nothing else that we can do?

Cass: The laws state that the next of kin gets all of Reginald's estate...

Donna (interrupting): In case of his death.

Cass: That's probably the only way you're going to get control of the Harbor Club.

Everyone looks at each other, and all are silent and Cass breaks it.

Cass: Donna? What are you thinking about it?

Donna: Umm....Nothing. Just that the world will be a better place without daddy in it.

Cass: You shouldn't be talking like that.

Donna: It's the truth! He has been tormenting us from the beginning. He separated Marley and me from Victoria. He also separated Allen from Nicole, and is the cause of her cancer. Now he wants to control the Harbor Club. Don't you think he's done enough? SOMEBODY has to put a stop to it, and if it's me, then so be it.


Frankie: I understand your concern, and as much we'd like to shield them from the world, we probably won't be able to.

Jake: I know that, but I can see the resentment eating Kirkland alive. I want to reach inside of him and take it out.

Frankie: You probably have Grant to thank for that. He tried so hard to take him from you and Vicky, and now it's coming back to him.

Jake: He's becoming more and more like Grant.

Frankie: It's gotta be you and Vicky's worst nightmare. But he's not a little boy anymore

Jake: And Charlie has grown up to be a fine young lady.

Frankie: SHe sure has. They grow up so fast. It seems like yesterday that we christened her in our home.


Kirkland holds Charlie as they lie in bed, after having made love...

Kirkland (straddling Charlie's hair): You're so beautiful.

Charlie: I'm sorry.

Kirkland: You're apologizing for being beautiful?

Charlie: No silly. I wasted time. Judging you and denying my feelings. You're a wonderful guy.

Kirkland: That's all water under the bridge. I am happy that you came to your senses though.

Charlie: I...don't want to get hurt.

Kirkland: I love you. I would never hurt you. You're so genuine and innocent, that's why I fell in love with you.

Charlie: Have you ever been in love before?

Kirkland pauses...

Kirkland: Not like this....and I want to show you how much.

They kiss...and meanwhile...Kirkland's cell phone is on the nightstand, and he receives a text from 262-555-0987...the text reads: You came to town and you didn't bother to call me?



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Jake should b happy on the low that Kirk is taking down grant ooh Donna love what u up to also how does Scotty find out that Kirk was in town idk if its my iPhone but at the end what's up with the codes and where did it leave off at?

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This website is acting up I think that's why all those codes are showing up...I'm not sure why that's happening...The Scotty/Kirkland thing gets revealed later...and stay tuned for the happenings with Donna.

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Great chapter. Nice to see that once again Donna is hysterical and involved in a budding murder investigation.

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