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ANOTHER WORLD 96 Donna makes a vow




Donna makes a vow

HARBOR CLUB...Donna and Cass sit at one of the tables as they go over some paperwork...

Cass: EL Industries' deposit has been made. That's the last one. They're the principal investor.

Donna: I would like to meet the person behind EL Industries. I want to thank them for helping me realize this dream.

Cass: Whoever is behind it has controlling interest in the club.

Donna: I will make sure they get a return on it. I really want to thank them.

Reginald walks up to them...

Reginald: You're welcome.

Donna: What are you talking about?

Cass: That's what I'd like to know.

Reginald: You wanted to know who your principal investor was. Well you're looking at him.

Donna's elation quickly turns to horror.



Rachel and Paulina have a bite to eat at one of the tables.

Rachel: Did you get the notice for the hearing?

Paulina: Yes. It boggles my mind though. I can't believe Amanda and Iris are contesting the sale of Cory Publishing.

Rachel: There was a stipulation in Mac's will that allows them to do it. All of Mac's children are gonna have to present for this hearing.

Paulina: What about Matt and Sandy?

Rachel: They're not gonna be able to make it so they gave me their proxies.

Paulina: I'm gonna come...just to stop Iris from getting control.

Rachel: I get a headache just thinking about it. This was all Amanda's idea.

Paulina: Enough about this hearing. How are you and Carl?

Rachel: We're fine. I'm happy that he's home. At least Elizabeth and I are. Cory...not so much.

Paulina: What's wrong with Cory?

Rachel: He's holding Carl's past against him. I never would have imagined that there would be this much tension between them.

Paulina: You have Iris to thank for that....



Grant walks into Jack's office.

Grant: Detective Snyder.

Jack: Grant what do you want?

Grant: I just wanted to...come and check things out at the station. I may end up being your boss.

Jack: Everything's fine here.

Grant: You know...it feels great to have a woman like Paulina by my side during this campaign.

Jack: So THAT'S why you came here. You won't be getting my vote.

Grant: I enjoy dating Paulina, and I'm not gonna let anybody...come between us...and that includes you.



Donna: That's ridiculous. You can't be.

Cass: I agree.

Donna: I'll consult the other investors to have you thrown out.

Reginald: That will be difficult.

Cass: No it won't.

Reginald: I bought all the other investors.

Donna: Your investment will be null and void and you'll have to return everybody's money.

Reginald: I'm surprised you didn't put two and two together Donna. EL Industries?

Donna: EL? Elizabeth Love. You used mother's name to cover up who you were. When are you going to LEAVE US ALONE!

Reginald: You should be GRATEFUL. If it weren't for my money this club would still be closed.

Donna: I am so sick...and TIRED of you ruining our lives. Mine, Nicole, our children! I'm gonna put a stop to it...once and for all.


Rachel: How so?

Paulina: When she was released she tried to poison Dante's mind against me, but he would have none of it.

Rachel: I don't know why Cory won't give Carl the benefit of the doubt. Carl loves his son with all of his heart.

Paulina: Give him time. He'll come around.

Rachel: Hopefully sooner rather than later, so how are things with you and Grant?

Paulina: That came out of left field.

Rachel: It is kind of weird for me to say. I'm so used to you and Joe.

Paulina: You know what Rachel I really don't know about Grant. I appreciate everything he's done for Dante and me, but there's something that just keeps me from diving in.

Rachel: Could it be...Jack Snyder?

Paulina: Of course not. Jack is a longtime friend. He's been absolutely wonderful.

Rachel: Are you sure that you think of him only as a friend?

Paulina: It wouldn't matter one way or the other.

Rachel: You sound a little disappointed. Maybe your feelings for Jack are more than what you think they might be.

Paulina: He's not available. We can only be friends.


Jack: Is that supposed to be some type of warning?

Grant: You can take it any way you want, but Paulina is taken.

Jack: So am I.

Grant: Carly Tenney. I've heard a lot about her.

Jack: Carly has nothing to do with this.

Grant: Oh but she does. Especially if she found out the amount of time you've spent with Paulina.

Jack: Last I looked, Paulina isn't married anymore, so what she does when she's not with you is none of your damned business.

Grant: I love Paulina, therefore what she does is my business, and you should make it yours to stay away from her.

Jack: You don't scare me Grant. I've dealt with people far more dangerous than you.

Grant: You used to work for James Stenbeck...so what! This is different.

Jack (shuts the office door and walks right up to Grant): I care about Paulina, too, and if I think she's in any kind of trouble, I'm going to protect her.

Grant: That's what she has me for. She doesn't need you.

Jack: If I have to protect from YOU, I will. If you do anything to hurt Paulina, you will answer to me.

Grant: I don't take kindly to threats.

Jack: Have a good day Harrison.



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Good episode strong scenes for Donna I didn'tknowx jack and Paulina was so close that was a nice showdown between the two Jani and grant as always wanting more

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Great episode. I really really enjoy how Reginald keeps circling around the Loves and how they react. And the scenes with Paulina and Rachel are well done.

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