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ANOTHER WORLD 99 Nicole gets some bad news




Reginald is on people’s minds


Jake, Vicky, and Marley….

Jake: Can’t tell me what?

Marley thinks fast and pulls out an invitation from her purse.

Marley: The Harbor Club.

Jake: Donna’s reopening it right?

Marley: And you are cordially invited.

Jake (suspicious): That’s what the big secret was? An invitation?

Vicky (interjecting): Yes. I was gonna wine and dine you with a romantic dinner before the club opened to everyone else.

Marley: That’s right. She’s the owner’s daughter.

Vicky: It’s supposed to be a special evening for the both of us.

Marley: Well I gotta get to the doctor.

Jake: Vicky told me you guys are having a baby. Congratulations!

Marley: Thank you. If I don’t see you before the Harbor Club, I’ll see ya there.

Marley leaves and Vicky puts her arms on Jake’s shoulders.

Vicky: How’s the Firm?

Jake: We’re not doing too well. We might have to close up.

Vicky: I’m sorry to hear that.

Jake: But I’m gonna put my private investigative skills to use. What’s really going on Vic?


Frankie is walking with a cup of coffee and Cass runs into her, and the coffee accidentally spills on Cass.

Frankie: Oh! Cass I’m so sorry.

Cass: It’s one of my better shirts. You’re paying for the dry cleaning.

They both laugh…

Frankie: Hopefully I’ll have enough money for it.

Cass: You know I’m kidding Frankie. What’s going on?

Frankie: I’m kind of bummed about the firm. It’s not doing well. Other than that I’m fine.

Cass: Are you going to Harbor Club re-opening?

Frankie: I got an invitation but I hadn’t planned on going.

Cass: Are you….waiting for someone to ask you?

Frankie (smiling): No…but I could be persuaded.


Allen is with Amanda as they wait with Nicole in the waiting area. Allen has his arm around Amanda’s shoulder.

Nicole: Are you two seeing each other?

Allen: Yes.

Nicole: Well congratulations. You look like you make each other happy. The last time anyone made me happy was Cass…but that was a long time ago.

Allen: Amanda I’m sorry that the hearing didn’t turn out the way you wanted.

Amanda: I should have listened to my mother. I thought Iris would put our sisterhood above anything.

Allen: We’re talking about Iris here.

Amanda: You’re right. I should have known that Iris couldn’t be trusted.

Nicole: You can’t beat yourself over that.

A Doctor walks up to them…

Allen: Hey doc what’s going on? How’s my mother?

Doctor: I’m sorry. The cancer’s progressing.

Allen: Well…uh…what can we do?

Doctor: We can try more aggressive treatments.

Nicole: No. I don’t want ANY more chemotherapy.



Marley is in her Dr. Lewis’s office, and he comes in to talk to her.

Dr. Lewis: Everything’s fine Mrs. Montgomery.

Marley: Good.

Dr. Lewis: Just keep the stress level to a minimum. With your age and ramifications of the smoke inhalation and your plastic surgery, you realize that this is a high risk pregnancy.

Marley: I somehow knew that fire would come back to haunt me later in life.

Dr. Lewis: I don’t mean to be a downer, but as your doctor I have to give you proper warning.

Marley: Thank you doctor.


Cass and Frankie sit at a table.

Frankie: You know Charlie and I have gotten closer lately.

Cass: I am so glad that you two patched things up.

Frankie: Kirkland Harrison came into the office and asked if I investigate Grant, and then Charlie burst in and demanded that I not take his case. So I didn’t.

Cass: Why not? It would have paid pretty well.

Frankie: I did it for our daughter. I don’t want anything to ruin our relationship.

Cass: I would agree with that, but you never answered my question.

Frankie: I don’t recall you asking one.

Cass: Alright fair enough. Will you go out with me to the grand re-opening of the Harbor Club?

Frankie (smiling): Yes I will.


Vicky: Nothing. I just wanted to surprise you.

Jake: Are you sure that’s all that’s going on?

Vicky: Yep…that’s it.

Vicky kisses Jake on his lips.

Jake: So Donna finally got the funding she needed to open the Harbor Club back up?

Vicky: Yep…she did, but there’s one little caveat to all of that.

Jake: What is it?

Vicky: Grandfather is the sole investor.

Jake: I thought she would have had other ones lined up.

Vicky: He bought them all out.

Jake: Wow. Donna can’t be happy about that at all. I wish Bridget would see what Reginald really is.

Vicky: Right. He’s been toying with our lives for as long as I can remember, and I think Donna is mad as hell.

Jake: Her and Nicole. Do you think Donna’s gonna do something?

Vicky: I don’t know, but after everything Reginald has done, he’s gonna pay at some point.


Allen: Why?

Nicole: I can’t go through this again. It seems like every five minutes I want to vomit. I feel tired all the time. I don’t wanna go through that again.

Allen: You sound like you wanna give up. We just found each other.

Nicole: I’m not giving up…just letting go.

Allen becomes angry.

Allen: Damn REGINALD! This is all HIS fault!

Amanda: Maybe we should give Nicole a moment to think about it.

Allen: Mom please…do the aggressive chemo. I don’t want to lose you.

Amanda: Come on Allen. Let’s go.

Amanda and Allen walk outside of the waiting area, and Allen continues to express his anger.

Allen: Reginald did this to my mother.

Amanda: I know but you’ve got to calm down.

Allen: Mom doesn’t want to fight Reginald anymore, that’s why she wants to give up. Maybe she’ll want to live if I take him out.

Amanda: Now you STOP it! You cannot threaten to kill Reginald again.

Allen: Again?

Amanda: I heard you the first time you threatened his life. You’ve got to focus on helping Nicole.

Allen: Getting rid of Reginald WILL help her.



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Poor Nicole. I feel for her but even allen more. Love the scene with Marley and Vicky covering that up. Good writing skills in communication that I also enjoyed Frankie and Cass's scene. Cute..

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  • Members

Yeah I've got some decisions to make with Nicole...they may affect the Love family more than I probably know. I got a nice story planned for Cass and Frankie...tests are coming..thanks for reading..

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Poor Nicole :( I hope you might bring Peter back for this.

I'd forgotten about Bridget's bond with Reginald.

Poor Marley too.

Your Frankie/Cass dialogue is true to them.

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