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-------------Episode 5-------------


Frankie is at her desk when Jake walks in.

Frankie: Well it's about time you came to work.

Jake: Vicky and I had a little situation at home.

Frankie: Everything's good right?

Jake: Yep.

Frankie: Any new developments on Mrs. Jones's case?

Jake: I actually just came for a quick minute. I gotta go back out. I'm tailing Mr. Jones.

Frankie: You're good at this P.I. thing.

Jake: Well I learned from you.

Frankie: We have Ryan to thank for that. We used to run this place.

Jake: Yeah well I'm...I'm gonna get outta here.

Frankie: Good luck!

Jake bumps into Paulina on the way out.

Jake: Hi Paulina. Bye Paulina.

Paulina (closing the door): What's up with Jake?

Frankie: He's working on a case.

Paulina: Thanks for seeing me today.

Frankie: I just want you to know that I'm working feverishly to find the person who killed your husband.

Paulina: I know it must be killing you to have to keep this from Cass and Sharlene.

Frankie: If I tell them that I'm investigating who tried to shoot Grant that day of his acceptance speech, then I would put them and my daughter in danger, and I can't live with myself if I do that.

Paulina: I really appreciate what you're doing. It'll bring Dante and me some closure.

Frankie: You're my friend. We're gonna find out who's behind it.



Michele is walking toward a table and her companion for the day greets her...Reginald.

Reginald: Michele!

Michele: Hey grandpa Reginald.

Reginald: How's my sweet, great-granddaughter?

Michele: I'm okay.

Reginald: Just okay? Well aren't you graduating soon?

Michele: I can't wait.

Reginald: You'll be off to college and starting a whole new life.

Michele: It's so exciting. All these schools are sending me letters and practically begging me to come to their institution.

Reginald: I'm glad that you're happy my dear.

Michele: Thanks Grandpa Reginald.

They hug, and Vicky interrupts the union.

Vicky: You stay the hell away from my daughter!



Allen walks in with a tablet..

Allen: I called a few of your old clients. Some of them have a case of writer's block.

Amanda: I guess what they get when they're older. I keep telling mom that we have to cater to a younger generation, especially with everybody e-publishing.

Allen (giving the tablet to Amanda): This is my business plan. Keeping the current clientele happy, while gaining younger, fresher talent.

Amanda: This is absolutely great Allen. I'll run this by my mom.

Allen: Why?

Amanda: Well my mother owns the company.

Allen: Your mom's not here.

Amanda: I'd like her to take a look at this. I'm sure she'll approve of it.

Allen (walking up to Amanda until he's face to face with her): You know what, sometimes you just have to go with it. You can't always run things by mama for her approval. You think it's a great plan don't you?

Amanda: This is a great strategy.

Allen: Well then, approve it! There's nothing better...than a woman who takes charge.

Amanda continues to find herself drawn to Allen.



Donna opens the door...and gets a surprise.

Donna: Tyrone. Um..Come in. Where's Marley?

Tyrone: She's home.

Donna: What brings you by?

Tyrone: I don't know where else to turn.

Donna: Tyrone what's wrong? Is something wrong with Marley?

Tyrone: I'm afraid there is, and it's affecting our marriage.

Donna: Is there anything I can do to help?

Tyrone: I want to understand what she's thinking. She's becoming a bit despondent and distant.

Donna: Marley has been through a lot.

Tyrone: It's like she's allowing her guilt and shame surface again. She was doing well for a long time. I thought we were past it.

Donna: She still feels guilty about locking Vicky up in the basement, and the situation with Jake before that. I thought she was working through all that. Do you want me to talk to her?

Tyrone: I love your daughter Donna.

Donna: You are the best thing that's ever happened to her. I don't want to see either of you unhappy. I really appreciate you loving her the way you do.

Tyrone: I will do anything for Marley. I wish I could reach inside of her and pull all her pain and guilt out of her.

Donna: Just keep doing what you're doing. Just keep being the great husband that you are to her.

Tyrone: Thanks Donna.

They hug and stare at each other for an extra second.

Tyrone: I...better go.

Donna: Yeah....Marley needs you.


Reginald: Come on Vicky, Michele and I were having a perfectly good time.

Vicky: Michele why don't you go wait in the car for me?

Michele: Mom---

Vicky: Go please.

Reginald: What is wrong with you?

Vicky: I'm gonna stop you right where you are.

Reginald: Michele is my family.

Vicky: You stay away from Michele, Bridget, or anyone I care about. You're poison.

Reginald: Why don't you let Bridget and Michele make that decision?

Vicky: That's why they have Jake and me. By the time they see your toxic ways it'll be too late!

Reginald: The more you try to keep them away, the more they'll come to me, and you and your beloved Jake will look like the bad guys.

Vicky: You're using them to get to Donna, me, and Marley! I will do whatever it takes to protect them from the likes of you!

After Vicky storms off, Reginald receives an email on his Blackberry...and is delighted by what he reads. He then places a phone call.

Reginald: The train has left the station. The plan is in motion.

--------------------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 5------------------------------------------------------------


---Rachel confides in Mitch

---The McKinnons receive good news regarding Michele

---Frankie questions an unlikely suspect in Grant's attempted murder


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Donna just can't stay away from Marley's husbands! I wasn't expecting that twist.

So does Vicky still have all of Reginald's money?

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