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episode 4


Sharlene and Frankie have lunch...

Sharlene: How's everything? How are you doing?

Frankie: I'm fine. It's great to be back home.

Sharlene: Well we missed you.

Frankie: I missed all of you, too.

Sharlene: Have you talked to Charlie?

Frankie becomes a bit sad.

Frankie: No. Not lately.

Sharlene: Why? She missed you.

Frankie: I know, and she also blames me for leaving her.

Sharlene: Well I'm sure she understands that your life was in danger and you had to stay away.

Frankie: She understands that, but I think she wants me to get back together with Cass.

Sharlene: Well? Do you?

Frankie: No...I don't.

Sharlene: Come on Frankie. You don't believe that any more than I do.



Cass gets a visitor..

Felicia (peeking in): Hello there!

Cass: Felicia!

Felicia: Are ya busy?

Cass: Never for you.

Felicia: I thought I'd surprise my best friend with some take out for lunch.

Cass: You got wonton soup.

Felicia: Yep I got wonton soup.

Cass: I need a break. Got a ton of cases I'm working on.

Felicia: We haven't talked in a while. What's going on with you?

Cass: You haven't returned any of my phone calls because you're too busy shacked up with Mitch.

Felicia: I'm sorry honey...I'll make time for you.

Cass: Suuuure you will. I understand. I can see that he makes you happy.

Felicia: I haven't felt this way since the last time Mitch and I were married. Just like you were when you were with Frankie.



Rachel is on her cell phone with Amanda.

Rachel: Everything came back clean? Great. Call Allen and tell him welcome aboard.

Cory walks in.

Rachel: Hi honey.

Cory: Hi mom.

Rachel: How was school?

Cory: It was what it was.

Rachel: Something's wrong.

Cory: How do you know that?

Rachel: Because you're my son, and I know when something's wrong with you. Is it your girlfriend?

Cory: Michele and I are fine.

Rachel: Well I won't push.

Cory: Maybe I'm just missing dad.

Mitch is let in and hears Rachel and Cory from the foyer.

Rachel: Oh baby. I miss him, too. So much.

Mitch watches Rachel's and Cory's embrace.

Rachel: Now, one more question for you?

Cory: What's that?

Rachel: Where's your sister? She's supposed to come home with you.

Cory: I told her but she wouldn't listen.

Rachel: That's why she's grounded.

Mitch has a suspicion where Elizabeth might be, and heads there.



Frankie: I never said I didn't love Cass, but he moved on when he thought I was dead.

Sharlene: You might not want to hear what I have to say, but what did you expect him to do?

Frankie: Lila made him and Charlie happy, and I didn't want to interrupt their lives.

Sharlene: Honey, Lila could never replace you. You are Charlie's mother. She will always need you.

Frankie; All I would ever want is for Cass and Charlie to be happy, more than even my own.

Sharlene: You stayed away for years, long after Fax was killed.

Frankie: I did come back.

Sharlene: Under an assumed identity.

Frankie: I saw how happy Cass was with Lila. He moved on...and so did I.

Sharlene: So then it begs the question, why did you really come back to Bay City?



Elizabeth looks at five missed calls from Rachel on her cell phone, and walks out of a store with Dante Carlino, and encounters a surprise...Mitch.

Elizabeth (not pleased to see Mitch): Mr. Blake! Hi.

Mitch: Elizabeth, Dante.

Dante: Hi Mr. Blake.

Mitch: May I have a word with Elizabeth in private?

Dante: Umm..I'm gonna head home.

Elizabeth (pecking Dante on the lips): See ya. Text me later.

Mitch: Your mother's worried about you.

Elizabeth: Oh really! So she sent you to drag me home like I'm some neanderthal. Well don't worry. I'll go home on my own.

Mitch: I'll give you a ride.

Elizabeth: What is this with you? Are you trying to take my dad's place because you're not gonna do that!?


Frankie: I miss everyone Aunt Sharlene. I needed to see my family. You, Charlie.

Sharlene: As happy as I am to see you, there's something off about this.

Frankie: It's sweet of you to worry, but there's nothing going on. I'm just trying to reconnect with the things and the people I care about.

Sharlene: You are just like your mother. Trying to be strong.

Frankie: Well I'm heading to the office. I've got work to do.

Sharlene: We have to do this again soon.

Frankie: Yes of course. I love you.

Sharlene: Love you, too.


Felicia: I'm sorry.

Cass: About what?

Felicia: You turned white when I mentioned Frankie.

Cass: Whatever gave you that impression?

Felicia: Because she's the love of your life. Of all the women you've had, nobody made as happy as Frankie did.

Cass: I spoke to her yesterday.

Felicia: And?

Cass: She said she loves me.

Felicia: Well then, you both should try and get back together.

Cass: There's only one problem with that...she doesn't.


Rachel paces in the Cory Living Room when Mitch walks in with Elizabeth, and Rachel confronts her daughter.

Rachel: Where the hell have you been? I've been calling you! You were supposed to be home an hour ago.

Elizabeth: Dante and I went to have a latte and I lost track of time.

Rachel: You are already grounded, and I said I would add a month if you violated the terms.

Elizabeth: Mom I forgot what time it was.

Rachel: I don't know you insist on making things difficult for yourself.

Elizabeth: So what are you gonna do mom? Put me in jail?

Rachel: That's a thought!

Elizabeth: Why are you trying to ruin my life?

Rachel: Your life is my life until you turn eighteen. Until you pick up your grades, you are grounded!

Elizabeth: I can't wait to get out of here!

Rachel: Be careful what you wish for! Now go to your room!

Elizabeth: You're the worst!

Rachel: You'll thank me later.

Elizabeth storms off and upstairs, and Mitch walks closer to Rachel.

Rachel: Thank you Mitch. How did you know where she was?

Mitch: All the kids go to Bay City Center after school. I figured she might be there. I came to check on you.

Rachel: Well I'm going to pull my hair out dealing with that child.

Mitch: I wonder if you gave Ada this much trouble when you were a teen.

Rachel: You know what, you might be onto something. Everything's coming full circle. I was a rebellious teen myself.

Mitch: Ahhh see.

Rachel: I think mom has come back in the form of Elizabeth, to give me as much hell as possible.

Mitch: Well I see you're in rare form. I'm gonna head out then.

Rachel: Mitch wait....don't go.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 4-------------------------------------------------------------


----Tyrone turns to an unlikely source for help with Marley----

----Sparks fly between Allen and Amanda----

----Reginald has a tender moment with a relative-----


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O wee not a big fan of frankie and this ep was alll about her. Damn how is is Rachel now and she still rasing kids. Ur cast is tight knoit and I lvoe that. Cant wait for the enxt one

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