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Tyrone and Marley get a visitor. Marley opens the door.

Marley: Donna..Come in.

Tyrone: Hey Donna.

Donna: I'm sorry to call you on such short notice, but...I ran into Reginald at the Center.

Marley: What's my dastardly grandfather up to this time?

Donna: The same thing as he always is....no good I'm sure.


Reginald is on his cell phone on a mysterious phone call.

Reginald: These things take time. I will have everything in place sooner than you think.


Amanda is at her office at Cory Publishing.

Amanda: He's here? Send him in.

A tall, handsome, African-American man, well groomed, dressed in a sharp, crisp suit, shirt and tie walks in.

Amanda: Allen Lovett. Amanda Cory. Nice to meet you. You're here to interview for the marketing position.

Allen: Yes Ms. Cory.

Amanda: No call me Amanda.

Amanda is immediately taken by Allen.



Sharlene is on the phone with John.

Sharlene: You can't come home late tonight. I made your favorite dish.

John: I've been called into surgery last minute. Can you put some in the frig for me?

Sharlene: Okay honey.

John: What are you doing?

Sharlene: Just doing some cleaning while the food's cooking.

John: I just wanted to call you and tell you I love you...right before my consult.

Sharlene: I love you, too honey.

Sharlene wipes down the hall bathroom's medicine cabinet shelves, and a needle falls in the sink.

Sharlene: What the hell?


At Cory Publishing, Allen shakes hands with Rachel and Amanda in Rachel's office, and leaves.

Amanda: Well...what do you think?

Rachel: He's definitely qualified. The most qualified of all the candidates we interviewed today.

Amanda: Well I like him.

Rachel: Oh?

Amanda: I think we've found our new Marketing Director

Rachel: Come to think of it. I actually agree with you. Send his papers down for a background check. If that comes back clean, then he's hired.


Donna converses with Tyrone and Marley.

Tyrone: After all that man (Reginald) has done to you, I see why you're all skeptical.

Marley: You don't even know the half of it.

Donna: And you don't wanna know. So how are you two doing?

Marley rushes to Tyrone's side.

Marley: We're fine. We're doing great.

Tyrone gives a a half smile...

Tyrone: Yeah...never better.

Donna: Good...well I'm gonna get out of your hair. I just wanted to pay you two a visit.

Marley: Anytime.

As Donna walks from the house, someone hiding in the bushes watches her, and then turns his/her attention to Tyrone and Marley whom this person can see through the window.

Tyrone: Let's go upstairs.

Tyrone starts to kiss Marley on her neck, and Marley pulls away slightly.

Marley: Umm let's watch a movie.

Tyrone: Marley the movie can wait. I want to make love to my wife.

Marley: And we will.

Tyrone: We haven't had sex in weeks.

Marley: My therapist said we should do non sexual activities together. That might get me in the mood.

Tyrone: Baby we were doing well, and just in the past few weeks you've gone back.

Marley: Back to what? My old crazy self?

Tyrone: That's not what I meant and you know that.

Marley: Come on. Somewhere in the back of your head, you think I'm a nutcase don't you?

Tyrone: Stop using that to push me away. I love you...too much. I know what you went through. I fell in love with you then. You can't keep letting those memories come back.

Marley: And that's why I'm seeing a therapist, so I can work through my issues.

Tyrone: You're forgetting something Marley. You're my wife. Your issues are my issues, too. You've got to let me help you, too.

Marley: You don't get it do you? I have to work through what Jake did to me, and the fire. I don't feel worthy of you, and it doesn't make me feel sexy, and for us to have a successful marriage, I've got to get past these issues.

Tyrone: I'm goin upstairs. Good night.


Gregory is eating dinner in the kitchen and Sharlene watches from the kitchen door...

Sharlene: Slow down on that plate son.

Gregory: This is good mom.

Sharlene: How was football practice?

Gregory: It was hard. I'm so hungry.

Sharlene: I bet.

Sharlene sits across from him at the dinner table.

Sharlene: Anything on your mind? Anything you want to talk to me about?

Gregory: Me and Elizabeth are good.

Sharlene: That's good. Anything else?

Gregory: Mom what's this about?

She takes out the needle.

Sharlene: This. I found this is the hall bathroom. You're the only one who uses it. Are you abusing drugs?

Gregory: No of course not!

Sharlene: Then what is it for?

Gregory: It doesn't belong to me.

Sharlene: Then how did it get in the hall bathroom.

Gregory: I don't know mom.

Sharlene: Gregory Hudson don't lie to me!

John walks in the kitchen.

John: It's mine.

Sharlene: What are you doing home so early? And what are you doing with this needle?

John: Someone took my place in surgery. I was testing it for a patient of mine. I knew you would react this way if you had found it in our bathroom. I'm sorry honey. You can throw it away.

Sharlene: I intend to.

Sharlene walks out of the back door to discard the needle...

John: Greg...I had the needle tested. You're shooting steroids again aren't you?

Gregory: Come on dad. You know why I do it. So I can get an edge.

John: I've talked to you time and time again about what steroids do to your body. Why do you insist on taking them?

Gregory: Dad the season's almost over. After that I'll stop.

John: Have you had any uncontrollable rages?

Gregory: Dad. I'm fine. I'm not a patient at the hospital.

John: Son I don't want you destroying yourself just so you can be better than the next guy at the football field. It's not worth it!

Gregory: Lecture time right.

John: You're lucky I haven't told your mother yet. She'd make you stop playing football.

Gregory: I appreciate that. You know how important football is to me.

John: If I catch another steroid laced needle in this house, I'm gonna make you stop playing football.

-----------------------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 3------------------------------------------------------------------


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I really continue to love ur series SO good seeing the black folk in here esp Tyroen He always was sexxy. I bet Marly scared of gettingher cakes pouned by my Tyrone.

And it seems Amada wants some chocloate to.

Love the last scene with t he hudson family.

Cant wait for more

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Marley and Reginald rarely spent time together so I wonder how they will interact now. He was very close to Vicky but Vicky was very different then.

Steroids is certainly a pertinent issue, it's good that you're using Sharlene and John to address that story.

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