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Mitch and Felicia share a romantic evening together. Felicia lies in Mitch's arms as they stare at the fireplace.

Mitch: You know we should have done this sooner.

Felicia: Done what?

Mitch: Gotten back together.

Felicia: I agree. Long overdue.

Mitch: I always loved you. I wonder if I could say the same for you when weren't together.

Felicia lifts her head and looks at Mitch.

Felicia: Oh..and what am I supposed to say to that.

Mitch: I already know the answer.

Felicia: Is that right?

Mitch: After we were married, there was Alexander Nikos, and Sergei.

Felicia laughs out loud and lies back on Mitch's chest.

Felicia: Sergei! That was totally a marriage of convenience.

Mitch: You didn't love them like you love me.

Felicia: You're so sure of that huh?

Mitch: Yep.

Felicia: Prove it to me.

Mitch plants a kiss on Felicia.



Cass is texting on his cell phone, and walking in, and he bumps into a familar person...Frankie.

Cass: Frankie hi.

Frankie: Cass.

Cass: I was just texting back and forth with Charlie.

Frankie: Oh...umm how is she?

Cass: She loves it. You know I didn't want her to go away to school.

Frankie: You and she were always close.

Cass: Hey I'm...going to see to see her this weekend. Wanna come?



Paulina opens the door.

Paulina: Grant. What are you doing here?

Grant: I was in the neighborhood and I decided to stop by.

Paulina: Oh really?

Grant: May I come in?

Paulina (reluctantly): Sure.


Mitch and Felicia lie in bed after having made love.

Felicia: Have you talked to Matt?

Mitch: Matt and Jasmine are having a grand old time in New York.

Felicia: When is he bringing her here?

Mitch: He hasn't mentioned coming to Bay City.

Felicia: We can go visit them.

Mitch: You know I don't wanna push. The relationship between Matt and I is just thawing out. He thinks of Mac as his father.

Felicia: Honey you can't keep kicking yourself for not being there for Matt. I mean look at me and Lorna. We weren't always close.

Mitch: It's not exactly the same. I just take every thing as it comes you know. I don't try to get more than I'm given.

Felicia: He's your son, and Jasmine is your granddaughter. You owe it to yourself to be close to them. Have you checked in on Rachel?

Mitch: Not in the last couple of days.

Felicia: I think it's great that you're there for her and the kids. Especially since Carl passed away.

Mitch: It's the least I can do. We're all friends, and she's Matt's mother.


Paulina greets Grant.

Paulina: Do you want some tea?

Grant: No I...I won't be long...I just wanted to stop by and see how you and Dante were doing.

Paulina: We're fine Grant.

Grant: Paulina...

Paulina: My son and I do not need you checking in on us okay. We're just fine.

Grant: I owe it to you.

Paulina: You don't owe us anything.

Grant: I've treated you so badly over the years. I feel horrible about what happened with Joe.

Paulina: My God Grant, for the last time, it is NOT your fault. Stop blaming yourself for his death.

Grant: If I hadn't been so hell bent on getting that Senate seat...

Paulina: Joe's job was to protect you, and he took a bullet in the process. I understand that it was part of his job. While I appreciate you checking in on me and Dante, it's not necessary okay. We're fine, and I don't blame you for my husband's death....so stop blaming yourself...okay?


Cass and Frankie continue their awkward exchange.

Frankie: I'm...not sure if Charlie wants to see me.

Cass: Frankie you've got to break the ice. Deep down Charlie loves you, and she needs her mother.

Frankie: Charlie blames me for breaking up our family.

Cass takes a deep breath, knowing that Frankie's statement may partly be true.

Cass: If you hadn't stayed away, Fax Newman would've tried to finish you off. We all had to think that you were dead until the police captured him.

Frankie: Matt, Joe and Rachel saved my life. I think Charlie understands that I was in danger. What she doesn't understand is that you and I are not back together.

Cass: Frankie...

Frankie: I found out that Fax was shot to death by Gary, so I did come back to town...under an assumed name.

Cass: Anne O'Donnell. That was you?

Frankie: I had to see for myself how you were doing. You and Charlie had moved on. You fell in love with Lila. You got married. I had no place in your lives anymore.

Cass moves closer to his ex-wife.

Cass: That's simply not true Frankie. You are Charlie's mother. I'm always going to love you.

Frankie: And I'm always going to love you, too Cass, but we're different now. We're not the same people who fell in love all those years ago, and we can't get together because Charlie wants it.

Cass: But we love each other. Why can't we give it a try?

Frankie: I'm not in love with you anymore. In my heart I've moved on.

---------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 2----------------------------------------------------


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I so love Felicia but not too Familiar with with Mitch so he is Matt's father so that mean he and Rachel got down?

Love the back story with Grant adn Paulina. The epiode was fast paced. Looking forward to seeing more

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  • Members

Great to see Felicia and Mitch back together. They were a nice couple, lots of banter and tenderness.

Grant must have really turned over a new leaf for Joe to go work for him.

This is the second wife to go into hiding on Cass. At least now Frankie knows how Kathleen felt. You did a good job dealing with that Anne story.

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  • Members

I checked the AWHP synopses because I wasn't totally sure, and it looks like he died. But Reginald is the type who never stays dead. I hope you will let us see Nicole and Peter too.

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  • Members

The reason Joe went to work security detail for Grant will be explained...Joe's death/Grant's attempted murder will involve a number of characters...it's a very large story..:) thanks for your comments and input

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This was a GREAT episode!

Mitch/Felicia: It is great to see them running smoothly. Can't wait for them to really take off!!!

Cass/Frankie: At least Frankie is kind of taking a stance for some stuff. I absolutely loved how you wrote in this episode.

Paulina/Grant: Still can't believe Grant showed up. Paulina was strong. You go girl!!!

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