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Jake comes downstairs while Vicky is in the living room surfing the web. Jake massages her shoulders.

“Are you still shaken about that dream?” he asks.

“Oh you mean the one I had the other night about you being shot by an Irish nanny, and me having the twins in the middle of nowhere. No I’m over that.” replies Vicky.

“Just one big nightmare.”

Vicky comes across Bay City High’s website and unbeknownst to them, Bridget walks in.

“Look at this. Jake…Michele is getting straight A’s.” Vicky marvels.

“That’s our girl..”

“I wish Bridget could be more like her. Less worry for us.”

Bridget interrupts them.

“Wow mom, dad. Tell me how you really feel.”

Bridget runs up to her room in disgust and Jake follows.



Donna sips on her coffee when she is accosted by an unwanted visitor…her father Reginald Love. “Donna, my beautiful daughter.” he says. Donna looks at him, and back down at her coffee. “I was having a good day, and I’d like to keep it that way.” she spits. Reginald asks why Donna doesn’t want to see her father. She answers by rehashing the past about him keeping Mary McKinnon away from her family, and how he passed off Vicky as her sister.

“So what are you doing here? Waiting for a man?” Reginald asks.

“Don’t you have anything else to do?”

“Donna my dear, I’m just looking out for you. I mean let’s face it you haven’t made the best choices in men, especially stable boy.”

Donna jumps up immediately and tells Reginald to shut up.



Rachel and Amanda commiserate about a common interest.

“Mom I have the sales figures.” says Amanda, who gives her papers.

“My goodness. This isn’t good.”

Rachel is not pleased with the numbers from Cory Publishing.

Amanda adds that a lot of people are e-publishing and cutting them out as the middle man. She suggests they get competitive with the times.

“What about our long standing clients?” Rachel asks.

“I’ve placed some calls, but I really need some help at the company. I don’t have time for the marketing.”

Rachel agrees with Amanda and instructs her to look over the job site for resumes and open up a marketing position at the company..


“Can I come in?” asks Jake to his daughter. Jake goes and sits at Bridget’s desk, while Bridget lies on the bed.

“Bridget your mom and I love you…equally.” says Jake.

“Really? Why isn’t mom up here talking to me? She’s the one who said that I should be more like Michele.”

Jake defends his wife saying that she really didn’t mean it that way, but Bridget is defiant and insists that Vicky favors Michele over Bridget.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Michele arrives home, knapsack in tow, and Vicky greets her.

“Hi honey. How was school?” Vicky asks.

“We had debate team today.” Michele replies, “I’m tired. I can’t wait until graduation.”

Vicky playfully pleads with Michele that she’s not ready for her to leave home yet, that she remembers like yesterday when she had her and Bridget.

“You both have grown up so fast. Where did the time go?”

They both start tearing up and hug.

Back upstairs, Jake tries to comfort Bridget.

“That’s not it.” says Jake, “Your mother loves you so much. You and your sister. Like I do.”

“Dad you always know how to make me feel better.”

“That’s what daddies are for.”


“Michael had more class, and dignity than you’ll ever have.” spits Donna.

“And if the stable boy was so upstanding, why did you lie and cheat on him so much?” asks Reginald, “I mean you then chose Matt Cory, and Grant Harrison. The buffoonery just continues.”

Donna says with a father like Reginald no wonder she’s made bad choices in men. Michael was her best choice. Reginald further taunts her by saying he will teach Bridget and Michele how to make better choices than she did. Donna vehemently warns him to stay away from her granddaughters.

-----------------------END OF EPISODE 1-----------------


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I thought Bridget was dead?

I also liked how you incorprated the e book publishing things. Its very real and tech savvy. Are thee girls Jake and Vicky's shildren or what?

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At the end of AW, Vicky was pregnant with twins...they were named Bridget and Michele on ATWT..Molly raised them until Jake was killed by Mary Menihan. Then Donna and Marley came and took the twins back to Bay City. Hogan Sheffer killed Jake and Vicky off...Vicky supposedly died in a plane crash, but gave birth to the twins in the woods (hence the references lol)

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This definitely sounds like Rachel dialogue.

I like how you addressed the ATWT stuff.

So Reginald is still alive? Did the ham make him survive the fall?

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