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Rachel has just asked Mitch to stay.

Mitch: Are you alright Rachel?

Rachel: I don't know.

Mitch: Is there anything I can do to help?

Rachel: My children need their father. He's gone. It can be hell sometimes trying to raise them alone.

Mitch: You're doing a great job. Carl is probably pleased with how you're raising them.

Rachel: Amanda tries to help, but she's busy at the office. I guess what I'm trying to say is...I need help.

Mitch: I'll be here for you.

Rachel: Mitch you don't have to do that. I mean you and Felicia are getting closer, and you should be focusing on that. I can take care of myself and my kids.

Mitch: You're always gonna have a place in my heart Rachel. You're Matt's mother.

Elizabeth is at the bottom of the stairs listening.



Bridget walks in and calls out for her mother, father, and Michele, and nobody is home. She picks up the mail off of the table and notices a letter addressed to Michele McKinnon...from Harvard University. She decides to open it, and notices that Michele has been accepted to the school. She then flashes back to overhearing Vicky tell Jake that Vicky wishes Bridget could be more like Michele. Bridget puts the letter in her knapsack, and go upstairs to her room, but the opened letter falls out in front of her bedroom.



Frankie greets her visitor.

Frankie: Thanks for coming. I'm just gonna cut to the chase. Do you know who might have wanted you dead?

Grant sits down across from Frankie.

Grant: I have no clue.


Elizabeth confronts Rachel while Rachel is on her laptop.

Rachel: Have you finished your homework?

Elizabeth: Of course mom why wouldn't I? Can I get my phone back?

Rachel: Have you put it online yet?

Elizabeth: Yes mom I have.

Rachel: I'll return your phone after I check it.

Elizabeth: Why do you treat me like this?

Rachel: Because I love you, and I want you to live a full life.

Elizabeth: Do you think you would go easier on me if you had a male figure in the house?

Rachel: I beg your pardon?

Elizabeth: I mean, you told Mitch that you needed his help, that it's hard raising Cory and me by yourself.

Rachel: I can take care of both of you just fine.

Elizabeth: I heard you talking to Mitch.

Rachel: You were eavesdropping.

Elizabeth: You're looking for a replacement for dad aren't you?

Rachel: You couldn't be any more wrong.


Frankie: Come on Grant. Nobody at all? I'm trying to help you. I mean let's face it. You had a lot of enemies.

Grant: That was a long time ago Frankie.

Frankie: I'm trying to get Paulina some closure. She needs some justice. The person who killed her husband could have been the same person who tried to kill you.

Grant: I know Joe took the bullet for me. I promised him before he took his last breath that I would take care of Paulina and Dante. I would make sure that they had everything they needed.

Frankie: You want to help Paulina don't you?

Grant: Of course I do.

Frankie: Well then try to remember. Who would have wanted you dead?

Grant: Frankie I'll need to think about that, since I have so many enemies, as you say.

Frankie: It's important. It's important to Paulina. Do it for her.


Bridget is in her bedroom, and she goes through her knapsack, and notices Michele's acceptance letter is gone, but as she tries to leave her bedroom, Vicky is at the door, holding the opened letter.

Vicky: You wanna explain this to me Bridget?

Bridget: Explain what?

Vicky: You opened this didn't you? Why?

Bridget: How do you know I did it?

Vicky: Because nobody's been home since the mail came.

Bridget: Michele was here.

Vicky: I was with Michele at the Center, and I dropped her off at the library on the way here.

Bridget: What about dad?

Vicky: Your father is working. Bridget why are you trying to weasel your way out of this?

Bridget: Why is this so important to you? Because it's Michele's letter.

Vicky: I don't have favorites! I love you just as much as I love any of my children.

Bridget: Yeah right mom!

Vicky: Is this what it's about? You're jealous of Michele? She's been accepted to Harvard.

Bridget: What about me? Do you marvel over the things that I do like you do Michele?

Vicky: If I hadn't found this letter, you never would have told us. My God, you're scaring me. You're reminding me of your great grandfather.

Jake interrupts and admonishes Vicky never to compare their daughter to Reginald Love.


Grant makes a mysterious phone call. "Someone's asking questions. You better lay low." he says.


Amanda enters the Cory living room unnoticed.

Elizabeth: Am I mom?

Rachel: Is there a point you're trying to make?

Elizabeth: Sure there is mom. Every time things get tough, you turn to a man.

Rachel: That's not true.

Elizabeth: Sure it is. The funny thing is that every man you've been with you've had a child. You had Jamie with Steve Frame, Matt with Mitch Blake, Amanda with Mac, and Cory and I with dad.

Amanda: That's enough Elizabeth!

Rachel: It's alright Amanda. She needs to watch her mouth!

Elizabeth: Why? Does the truth hurt? Face it, mom, you're a total slut!

Rachel slaps Elizabeth across her left cheek. "Get out of my sight!" Rachel exclaims in quiet anger.

-----------------------------------END OF EPISODE 6--------------------------


---Vicky expressed her concerns to Jake about Bridget---

---Bridget schemes to get what Michele has---

---Tyrone and Marley have two different takes---


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Oh and I meant to say on the last ep I know Allen is up to know good telling Amanda what to do.

Wonder who grant is talking to. Im so used to him being the bad guy. I wish he had more to do.

Liz needed that slap talkign to her old ass mom like that.

Where are Vicky's boys at?

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