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Tyrone walks in with his briefcase, and Marley greets him.

Marley: Hi.

Tyrone: Hey.

Marley: So...did you have a good day?

Tyrone: Pretty good. How about yours?

Marley: Good but not great.

Tyrone: Did you see your therapist?

Marley: I don't want to talk about doctors. I don't want to talk about issues. I just want you to make love to me.

Marley begins kissing Tyrone's neck.

Tyrone: Marley.

Marley: Want me to stop?

Tyrone (smiling): No.

Marley: Good, because I don't intend to.



Michele is in the kitchen and Bridget walks in.

Bridget: What are you doing today?

Michele: I don't know. I got some studying to do.

Bridget: Michele nobody's studying right now. It's almost graduation time.

Michele: Well I don't want to lose focus. I'm waiting for Harvard to contact me.

Bridget flashes back to Michele's acceptance letter, and grabs an apple out of the refrigerator. Bridget tries to feel out whether Michele knows or not.

Bridget: I thought they would have contacted you by now.

Michele: Yeah you'd think but, I guess these things take time.

Bridget: They sure do.

Michele: Well I'm headed to the library. I'll catch ya later.

Bridget notices that Michele left her cell phone on the kitchen table. She uses the opportunity to send a text to Cory, but before she can put it back down, Vicky catches her.

Vicky: Isn't that Michele's phone?

Bridget: Yeah, I was just gonna go after her. She left it here.

Bridget races out the door to avoid any more questions from Vicky, but Vicky knows better, and Jake walks in.

Jake: Why is Bridget running out of here like a bat out of hell?

Vicky: Michele left her cell phone.

Jake: Where did she go? Did you show her the letter?

Vicky: Haven't had a chance.

Jake: You look worried.

Vicky: I am worried....worried about Bridget.



Bridget waits a table drinking a latte when Reginald notices her and walks up to her, and Bridget perks up.

Reginald: Bridget. What's going on?

Bridget: Hi Grandpa Reginald.

Reginald: Are you waiting for someone?

Bridget: Not at the moment. Please sit.

Reginald: So what's going on with you?

Bridget: Same old thing. You know...mom favors Michele over me.

Reginald: Is that so?

Bridget: She says I'm becoming more like you.

Reginald: I'm sure Vicky didn't mean it in a complimentary way.

Bridget: I don't see what all she has against you. I mean everybody makes mistakes right?

Reginald: You're right. You're more mature than you give yourself credit for.

Bridget: That's what I try to show them, but it's 'Michele' this, and 'Michele' that. When are they gonna notice me?

Reginald: I notice you honey. Your great grandfather is always here for you.



Sharlene is washing the dishes while John sits at the table drinking coffee.

John: What do you wanna do today?

Sharlene: Not sure.

John: Let's drive to Chicago.

Sharlene (smiling): Hmmm not a bad idea. I just want to make sure Gregory is okay.

John: Gregory will be fine. He's not a baby anymore.

Sharlene drops a frying pan onto the floor, screams, and becomes terrified. John rushes to his wife and holds her.


Tyrone and Marley are in bed. Tyrone is kissing on Marley's shoulders, but Marley's back is turned to him...and her stare is blank.


Vicky: I'm concerned about her behavior.

Jake: Why?

Vicky (becoming more dumbfounded, shaking her head): She lied...so effortlessly.

Jake: Vick. Spit it out. What's going on with Bridget?

Vicky: I caught her texting on Michele's phone, and she lied about that, too.

Jake: Does this have something to do with what you said in her room?

Vicky: About being like my grandfather? Absolutely.

Jake: You need to get that out of your head. Our daughter is nothing like him.

Vicky: Makes me think of how I got with Jamie.

Jake: You're not that kind of person anymore.

Vicky: Felicia told me one time that I was a chip off the old Reginald Love block...

Jake: I don't see the point behind your worrying. Bridget is not gonna be like Reginald.

Vicky: Don't you see, Jake! Bridget opened Michele's acceptance letter, and lied about it when I confronted her!

Jake: You don't know if she opened it, and why would she keep something like that from her own sister?

Vicky: Bridget was the first one home that day. You were working and I dropped Michele off at the library.

Jake: Maybe she was just curious.

Vicky: Bridget is reminding me of me. I schemed and manipulated to take Jamie from Lisa Grady. Bridget is traveling down that same road, and it pains me to watch it.

Jake: I think your concern is unfounded! She'll grow out of it.

Vicky: Will she? Bridget is jealous of her sister, and it's growing every day. I'm scared Jake.


Bridget: Thanks Grandpa Reginald.

Reginald: Anytime, my dear, but I do want you to understand something.

Bridget: What's that?

Reginald: That you and your sister are equally as special. You are not more special than she, and she is not more special than you.

Bridget: Blah blah blah.

Reginald: Your parents love you. Your mother is fiercely protective of both of you.

Bridget: I came home the other day from school. All mom could talk about was how she wished I would be more like Michele.

Reginald: I don't think she meant anything bad by that. She just wants you to do better in school that's all.

Bridget: How do you know how I'm doing in school?

Reginald: Let's just say I keep my eye on you. I could hire a tutor for you.

Bridget: No that won't be necessary.

Bridget sees Cory and signals for him to come over to their table.

Reginald: Cory Hutchins.

Cory: Hi Mr. Love.

Bridget jumps up. "Thanks for everything Grandpa Reginald. Love you." she says.

Cory: Have you seen Michele?

Bridget: No why?

Cory: She texted me to meet her here.

Bridget: Oh, maybe she got busy. Guess you might as well hang out with me.


John: Sharlene what's wrong?

Sharlene: I'm...I'm sorry....I was just a little startled.

John: Startled? Your scream was blood curdling.

Sharlene: I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you like that.

Sharlene has to think of something to throw John off at this point because she's not even sure why she had such a reaction to a frying pan hitting the floor.

Sharlene: I guess I had a Kate Baker flashback.

John: Kate and Sharly are not coming back.

Sharlene: Doesn't mean that they don't try every now and then.

John: You're too strong for them. I'm gonna go upstairs and pack us some clothes.

Sharlene: I think a getaway to Chicago sounds great right about now.

John leaves the kitchen and Sharlene has another flashback, but not of Kate or Sharly. It was of a gloved hand, and a crowd of people, and someone standing at a podium at Bay City Center.

------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 6------------------------------


---Allen and Amanda celebrate their achievement---

---Reginald tries to call in a favor from Grant---

---Marley seeks help from Donna---


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Each episode gets better adn better So glad Marley got some of Tyone's magic stick. But the after stare..

Loved the staory where Jake and Vicky and the girls are cocnerned. Also like your use of history with Lisa Grady.

I was going to say why is Sharlene tripping but now I see why and this new flash back very mysterious.

Seems to be a lot og unstable womens in BAy City.

Ur Aw is so fast paces and so interesting. Keep up the great job.

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  • Members

Great to see Bridget following in the messy footsteps of her mother. I like the setup at home with Bridget and her perfect sister. And Sharlene's mental problems returning. I hope Donna can have a talk with Bridget soon.

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