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Allen walks in. He has great news...

Amanda: You look happy!

Allen: I think the news I have is gonna make you happy, too.

Amanda: Well spill it!

Allen: Our people are out there making deals. We've signed ten writers today!

Amanda: Ten! Wow! Hmm I don't believe you. Let me see it!

Allen (showing Amanda his tablet): Believe it baby.

Amanda: Oh my goodness! Ten people!

Allen: The contracts should be finalized in the next twenty four hours.

Amanda: And only three of them are new writers. You know what, I think this calls for a celebration!

Allen: Where?

Amanda: Have you heard of Topps?



Marley waits a table and Donna walks up to her.

Marley: Thanks for coming.

Donna: Is something wrong?

Marley: Yeah...very.



Grant opens the door, and it's not welcome company.

Reginald (walking in) Hello Senator Harrison.

Grant: I didn't invite you in.

Reginald: Oh Grant, I think you should be more gracious to your visitors.

Reginald walks to the bar and helps himself to a drink.

Grant: Yeah because sheep let wolves into their stables all the time.

Reginald: Come on Grant. We could have a great friendship. I mean, I think it would be in your best interests.

Grant: I only keep enemies close.

Reginald: We don't have to be that. I mean you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

Grant: I helped bring you back from the dead.

Reginald: And for that I am grateful...but now it's time for you to put your Senator skills to work.

Grant: For what?

Reginald: I need you to make a few phone calls.

Grant: Why?

Reginald: Because you adore your son.

Grant: You keep Kirkland out of this!

Reginald: You make those phone calls...or your offspring will be smack dab in the middle of this!


Donna: Is there anything I can do?

Marley: Is there a pacemaker for emotions? Mine need a jump start.

Donna (putting her hand on Marley's): What are you talking about honey?

Marley: We made love, but I felt....

Donna: Felt what?

Marley: What's wrong with me Donna? I want to give myself to Tyrone, but something is not allowing me to. Why?

Donna: Oh honey. I wish I knew. Have you talked to your therapist?

Marley: I'm on my way there. I just wanted to get your perspective.

Donna: I...I don't know what to say. I don't think you need a jolt of emotions. You love Tyrone don't you?

Marley: Of course I do...

Donna: Well then that's all that matters. You two will get through this. Don't worry about it so much.



Allen and Amanda are at the bar.

Amanda: I don't think we've had that kind of day in a long time. You haven't even been here a week yet and you've signed ten writers. I think we've made quite a find.

Allen: I do not intend to disappoint boss...I mean....

Amanda: Amandaaaa...

Allen: Amanda.

They both chuckle as Allen's cell phone rings. He tells Amanda not to go anywhere; that he's got to take the call. He goes off to a private corner.

Allen: I've signed them. Yes I know what to do.

On the other line, REGINALD continues to give Allen directions.

Reginald: Good. Your payoff is coming. Just keep me posted. I've got things going on my end.

Allen: I don't want anybody to get hurt.

Reginald: You'll soon learn that collateral damage is always the necessary evil when trying to reach a goal.

Allen hangs up the phone and returns to Amanda.

Allen (grabbing his drink): Sorry that was one of the marketers. They had a question.

Amanda: Sure.

Allen: Let's make a toast...to success.

Amanda: To success.

As they clink their glasses, Rachel steps out of the elevator and sees Allen and Amanda...and becomes a bit suspicious.


Reginald hangs up his phone from in front of a door that with a name plate that reads Dr. Ben Taylor. Before he can walk away, he bumps into Marley.

Reginald: Marley. What are you doing here?

Marley: I probably could ask you the same thing.

Reginald: I'm...looking for office space.

Marley: Oh. Are you sure that's all you're looking for.

Reginald: Of course. What brings you in this building?

Marley: I have a session with Dr. Taylor.

Reginald: Well I'm glad you are getting the help you need. Have a good one.

Marley is suspicious of Reginald's reason for being in the building, but brushes it off.

-----------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 8----------------------------------------------------


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Reginald is controlling everything! I was surprised about Reginald and Allen. I enjoy Reginald here more than on the show (I guess it's down to less ham on the paper).

The restaurant is TOPS. Great to see it again.

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