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Paulina is having lunch with Dante...

Paulina (checking her phone): Your prom tux arrived.

Dante: The one I picked.

Paulina: Yep of course. Nothing but the best for my boy.

Dante: Thanks mom. Can't wait to see it.

Paulina: So....do you have a date?

Dante: No...not yet.

Paulina: Anyone in mind?

Dante: I was gonna ask Lizzie to go with me.

Paulina: Oh that would be nice.

Dante: If Mrs. Hutchins doesn't keep her on punishment. She says she and her mom fight a lot.

Paulina: That's what happens when you get two strong willed personalities clashing.

Dante: Yeah Lizzie is pretty strong.

Paulina: She gets it from her mother.



A man walks in with a tuxedo and a dress. Rachel signs for them, and instructs him where to hang them up. Cory and Elizabeth enter the living room.

Rachel: Cory get your tux, and Elizabeth, your dress.

Cory: This is so cool. Thanks mom.

Rachel: Of course.

Elizabeth: Wow mom you're letting me go to the prom?

Rachel: Yes.



Vicky sits on the couch in the living room, sifting through the mail, and Michele walks in and sits next to her.

Vicky: Hi honey.

Michele: Hey mom.

Vicky: Prom is coming up soon isn't it?

Michele: Next week.

Bridget steps unheard and unseen halfway down the stairs and decides to listen to Vicky and Michele's conversation.

Vicky: I ordered you and your sisters' dresses. They'll probably come tomorrow.

Michele: Been waiting for it.

Vicky: Are you going with Cory?

Michele: That's the plan.

Vicky: You like him don't you?

Michele (smiling): Yeah. A lot.

Vicky: So cute. You and Cory Hutchins, childhood sweethearts.

Michele: We're gonna have lunch down at the center.

Vicky: Well that's wonderful. He's a good kid.

Vicky sifts through the mail...

Vicky gives her two letters): These came for you.

Michele (opening and reading the letters): Oh my God mom.

Vicky: What is it?

Michele: I got accepted to Columbia, and Harvard.

Vicky: Are you serious? Congratulations honey!

Michele: The one from Harvard says it was the second letter. Guess the first one didn't get here.

Vicky knows that Bridget attempted to hide the first letter from Michele.


Paulina: So why haven't you asked Lizzie out yet?

Dante: What do you think she's gonna say?

Paulina: I don't know. You won't either until you ask her.

Dante: If dad was here he would tell me how to make moves.

Paulina: Yes he sure had game.

Dante: He'd tell me how to get all the ladies.

Paulina: Now now Dante, a lady doesn't like to be toyed with. Just be honest and straight forward. They'll respect you.

Paulina gets a text that Dante's prom tuxedo was signed for.

Paulina: Your tux arrived.

Dante: Cool! But nobody's home. Who possibly could've signed for it?

Grant walks up to them with Dante's prom tuxedo and shoes, and they both look up at Grant with a smile.

Dante: Hi Mr. Harrison.

Paulina: Dante can you go get a bottled water for me?

Grant: Sorry. I didn't tell you I was going to have the delivery intercepted. I wanted it to be a surprise.

Paulina: You're not gonna stop are you?

Grant: What's wrong with me wanting to make Dante's prom special for him?

Paulina: Because I told you we didn't need your help! You're not listening!

Grant: Look I'm sorry okay.

Paulina: Joe should never have worked for you! I told him not to take the job.

Grant: I wish he hadn't either, but let's face it Paulina, you both were struggling financially, and he needed a job.

Paulina: So you just gave him a job to protect you and he gets shot when you make your acceptance speech! What's your real angle Grant?

Grant: How can you suggest that I have some ulterior motive for hiring Joe?

Paulina: Do you really want me to rehash your history?

Grant: I told...Before Joe took his last breath, I promised him that I would take care of you and Dante.

Paulina: Why? Because you're a man of your word?

Grant: Because ever since you that day, I saw a chance...to be with you. I'm falling in love with you Paulina.



Elizabeth: Cory I think mom's kind of sick right now.

Rachel: Cory may I have a word with your sister alone please?

Elizabeth: Mom what did I do this time?

Rachel: Being my daughter...growing up to be such a strong willed young lady.

Elizabeth: Look mom I...I'm sorry for what I said the other day...about calling you a slut.

Rachel: Honey...I don't hold that against you. I'm hard on you because I don't want you to repeat the mistakes that I made.

Elizabeth: I thought you weren't gonna let me go to the prom.

Rachel: Now why would I deprive you of that? It is gonna be an evening that you'll always remember. I would never take that from you or your brother.

Elizabeth: I'm just surprised.

Rachel: I know it's been hard since your father passed away. You miss him. Your brother misses him. I miss him, but we've got each other, and I love you more than anything else. You'll be on your own pretty soon. I remember when Carl was rocking you, and I was holding Cory. Cory was sleeping, and you were screaming your pretty little head off. You're always gonna be my little girl, and I'm always gonna want what's best for you.

Elizabeth (a tear rolling down her cheek): I know I can be a handful, but I just want to be a good daughter. I don't want to let you down.

Rachel: Oh honey, you don't. You're not a failure. You're a seventeen year old. You're my seventeen year old, and I love you. I wish your father was here to see how strong, and beautiful you and your brother have become.


Vicky: Your sister opened it.

Michele: Why would she do that?

Vicky: I think she might have thought it was hers from some reason.

Michele: Oh. Well I'm gonna go get ready for lunch with Cory.

Vicky: I'll talk to your father. We're gonna take you to Tops to celebrate.



Bridget is looking at two letters she received. One was a rejection letter from a university, and an acceptance letter from Bay City University...and she begins to cry.

----------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 9----------------------------------------------------


--Bridget uses Reginald to fuel her plans--

--Rachel gives a warning to Amanda--

--John and Sharlene make a shocking discovery--


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Sad moment for Bridget. She should just skip college and go straight into big business, like Amanda and Rachel and whoever else did.

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