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Episode 10 "Friday"




Reginald is berating someone about his broken ice machine, and opens the door.

Reginald: Bridget my dear!

Bridget (walking in with her book bag): Hi Grandpa Reginald.

Reginald: How nice of you to come visit? Come on in. Have a seat.

Bridget: It's been a while since I've been up here.

Bridget looks around, and fixes her sights on Reginald's liquor cabinet.

Reginald: It's great to have you. Are you hungry? Thirsty?

Bridget: Yes I am.



Rachel is at a table near the back glass door when Amanda walks in.

Amanda: Mom. Sculpting again?

Rachel: Yes. Helps to relieve stress.

Amanda: Uh oh. You and Elizabeth fighting again. I can talk to her if you want.

Rachel: No...as a matter of fact, Lizzie and I have patched things up.

Amanda: I know you told me you wanted to sculpt full time. Is this is a career change or something?

Rachel: Of course not Amanda, you know this is a hobby.

Amanda: Have you seen the number of people who signed with us?

Rachel: I saw them online. Ten people signed in one day.

Amanda: Yes. It's the best day Cory Publishing has ever had. All thanks to Allen.

Rachel: I saw you two at Topps last night.

Amanda: We were celebrating.

Rachel: Amanda be careful. Oil and water mix better than business and pleasure.



Gregory arrives home, in his Bay City University football gear. He's breathing heavily. He looks at a letter from the university. It states that he has been declared academically ineligible to play football because of his GPA, and he starts to trash the living room. Before he can finish ransacking the living room, John and Sharlene walk in, and John rushes to grab his son, and admonishes him to stop. Sharlene seems unable to move because of what she sees.



Reginald: I've called room service. Food will be up soon. Oh you're gonna want your soda to be cold when it gets here.

Bridget: Your ice making machine is awesome.

Reginald: It's broken. I'm gonna go and get some ice.

Reginald walks out the door with the bucket, and Bridget heads right to the liquor cabinet, and puts a bottle of vodka in her book bag.


Amanda: Mom it was a drink, not the third date.

Rachel: That's how they usually start.

Amanda: I think you would have a little bit more faith in me than that.

Rachel: I'm just looking out for you that's all. You've been a little lonely since you and Cameron broke up. Alli's in California.

Amanda: I have you, Cory, Elizabeth.

Rachel: But you don't have a man, and Allen is quite handsome.

Amanda: You make it seem like I'm desperate or something,

Rachel: No. Of course not honey. I just want you to be careful.

Amanda: You're worried for no reason.

Rachel: I saw the way you looked at him. You're drawn to him aren't you?

Amanda: I can't lie to you mom...he's very appealing.

Rachel: I'd be lying if I said he wasn't, but be careful of mixing business and pleasure. You'll end up in a world of hurt.


Reginald and Bridget are eating their food.

Reginald: How does it taste?

Bridget: Great.

Reginald: I can't believe I'm having lunch with my great granddaughter. Your parents would kill me if they found out you were here.

Bridget: My parents don't care about me.

Reginald: Oh but of course they do.

Bridget: Michele just got accepted to Harvard and Columbia.

Reginald: Well that's wonderful isn't it?

Bridget: And I didn't. I got accepted to BCU.

Reginald: Well I could make a few phone calls...

Bridget: No I want to earn it. Michele's smart, beautiful. She's studies all the time, and she going out with Cory Hutchins.

Reginald: And what about you? You're just as smart, and equally as beautiful.

Bridget: Apparently not...mom always comes down on me, and she's thinks I'm liar.

Reginald: She says that because she sees herself in you. Don't worry about that. You can only be Bridget. You can't be Michele, and you can't be your mother.

Bridget: They love Michele more than they love me.

Reginald: Well if it's attention that you're seeking from them, then you're going to have to do something to get it. Demand that they notice you.


John grabs Gregory by his shoulders.

John: Gregory! Get a hold of yourself! Calm down!

Gregory finally falls on the couch, and John picks up the letter that Gregory had from BCU.

John: They said you can't play football. You're a having a rage attack aren't you? .

John notices Sharlene who is seemingly in a state of shock.

Gregory: What's wrong with mom?

John: Go in the kitchen and get some water.

Sharlene flashes back to people running around in chaos.

John: Sharlene! Are you alright?

Sharlene: He was there...I saw him John.

John: Saw who? Tell me.

Sharlene: Somebody shot Grant.

--------------------------------------------------------------end of episode 10------------------------------


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  • Members

I so love ur series. Its much better than the show last few years

The stories are so tight knit. I loove Bridget. I love how u r developing this sister rivarly nice and slow.

i could hear Rachel's old ass sayint the things she sis. You got Rachel down good.

Funny how Greg asked if momma was ok afteer he was just trippng. Some one need to beat his ass.

Great job!!

I am really enjoying Reggie!!!

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There's drama in every scene. I'm liking the relationship between Reginald/Bridget. Gregory's meltdowns are frightening to read.

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