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May Sweeps Previews!



This May, expect a shocking event each week, that kicks of new storylines! Get ready for May!


As we learn more about Yolanda and her past with John and Isabella, she makes it her mission to ruin the lives of everybody close to them. She puts together a shocking plot that unfolds at Brady and Carrie’s wedding. After this, Brady and Carrie will never be the same when the truth hits Brady in the face. Meanwhile, Rebecca’s secrete comes out too at the most undesired of times.


Just when Billie thinks she’s in the clear, Stefano makes it known to her that he will use her to get what he wants, or else Bo will find out about the fake pregnancy. Things get out of control, and Billie does something that shocks everybody, including herself! Kristen tries her best to help Billie, but ends up regretting it.


Much to everybody’s disapproval, John continues to see Kate. Marleana decides to see Harold, not knowing he is in cahoots with Stefano! She finds herself in more danger once Harold reveals a shocking secrete. It’s up to John to rescue her! Will this bring them back together?


After Stefano and Carly get married, EJ disowns Stefano. Stefano sees this as a huge insult, and vows that he will ruin their lives. Carly lets him know that she will help him, and together they formulate a plan to take them down. Meanwhile, EJ decides he will fight fire with fire, and Sami thinks he is just like Stefano. She decides to end things, sending EJ into a very dark place.


After Jennifer’s water breaks, she is brought to the hospital. After a painful delivery, the family receives shocking news that could threaten Jennifer’s life!


As Belle’s mental state continues to worsen, she pushes everybody away from her. Meanwhile, Victor and Philip are hiding a shocking secrete, and take advantage of Belle’s mental state. A shocking secrete is revealed that changes their lives.


Shane and Kim’s wedding day arrives, with many surprises. Shane is revealed as the man investigating many of the criminals. After he is revealed, threats are made against him, and their wedding day is very shocking!


Dora returns home, and informs Yolanda about a dire brain tumour. Yolanda ignores her, and threants her life if she does not leave her alone. Dora tries her best to get her to listen, but Yolanda doesn't. Meanwhile, Yolanda plans big things for Stefano.


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