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Tuesday April 28 2009



All the Days of Our Lives

Carrie is in the washroom of the Penthouse Grill. She holds her stomach, and then washes her hands. She leaves the washroom, and then sits at a table across from Anna.

Anna: Are you feeling ok, sweetie?

Carrie: Ya, I’m just a little anxious, I guess.

Anna: That’s normal.

Carrie: I guess so.

Anna: Carrie, is something wrong?

Carrie: Mom, the weddings tomorrow, and I don’t know if I’m ready.

Nicole and Rebecca are in the Java Café.

Nicole: So, you have any plans for tomorrow?

Nicole sips some of her coffee.

Rebecca: You are so very funny, Nicole.

Nicole: What? You’re going to the wedding?

Rebecca: Of course I’m not going to the wedding.

Nicole: Well, I think the wedding will be fun.

Victor is behind her.

Victor: You stay the hell away from my grandson’s wedding.

Nicole: Nice to know you’re still grumpy in the morning, Victor.

Victor: Oh shut up, you little twit. If your anywhere near the church, I’ll make sure you are thrown out!

Nicole: You would throw out your favorite wife?

Brady goes outside the Brady Pub, and sees John outside.

John: Brady!

Brady: Hey dad.

John: You ready for tomorrow?

Brady: More than I’ll ever be.

John: That’s good.

Brady: So, are you going to the wedding with Marleana?

John: Why would you ask that?

Brady: I don’t know, maybe because it seems like the right thing to do.

John: I don’t want to talk about this.

Brady: Why do you keep ignoring your past?

John: Marleana is better off without me! All I have done is hurt her, and put her in danger!

Marleana hears them from around the corner.

Anna and Carrie are sitting in the Penthouse Grill. The waiter brings them pancakes.

Anna: Honey, what do you mean you’re not ready for tomorrow?

Carrie: I don’t know if getting married is the right thing.

Anna: Carrie, this is what you want. You are just nervous about it. Everybody is.

Yolanda bumps into Victor in the Java café.

Yolanda: I’m so sorry- oh, Mr. Kirikas, it’s so good to see you again.

Victor: The pleasure is all mine. And please, call me Victor.

Nicole notices them talking.

Yolanda: Ok, Victor. I was wondering if you would like to enjoy a dinner tomorrow.

Victor: I would love to but I have my grandson’s wedding.

Yolanda: Oh, yes I read about that. It slipped my mind.

Victor: Well, we could still have dinner. Would you like to come with me?

Yolanda: I would love that! But are you sure?

Victor: Of course!

Yolanda: Ok, I’ll see you there.

Brady is outside the Brady Pub. Marleana walks to him.

Brady: You heard our conversation, didn’t you?

Marleana: I did.

Brady: I’m sorry. But at least now you know that he doesn’t want to be with you because it will put you in danger.

Marleana: I really don’t think that’s the reason, Brady.

Brady: What do you mean?

Marleana: If that was the reason, then he wouldn’t be with Kate, because it would be putting her in danger too, right?

Brady: Come on, Marleana. You know that it’s different.

Marleana: Brady, why don’t we stop talking about this and get something to eat?

Brady: That sounds like a good idea.

Anna gets out of the elevator at the Penthouse Grill. She goes to the hostess.

Anna: Hi, sorry to bother you, but I forgot my cell phone at my table.

Hostess: Oh, it’s right here.

She hands it to her.

Anna: Thank you so much!

Anna turns around, and walks as she is putting her cell phone in her purse. She bumps into someone. She doesn’t see his face.

Anna: Well, sorry!

He walks away, and she looks at him, strangely.

Anna: That was familiar.

She goes back into the elevator.

Yolanda is ordering a coffee at the Java Café. Nicole goes to talk to her.

Nicole: Hello, I’m Nicole Walker.

She extends her hand. They shake hands.

Yolanda: Yolanda DiMera. Is there something I can help you with?

Nicole: DiMera? Wow, how many of you are there running around?

Yolanda: Is this why you came to talk to me?

Nicole: No, actually. I saw you talking to Victor Kirikas.

Yolanda: This conversation just keeps getting more exciting by the minute.

Nicole: Well, I was going to warn you, but now I know you’re a DiMera, and you probably know what you’re doing.

Yolanda: I do.

Nicole: Well, maybe you need help?

Yolanda: Now, how would your help be beneficial to me?

Nicole: I know everything about him, from his business dealings to how he likes it in bed. We were married.

Yolanda scans her.

Yolanda: Victor married you?

Nicole: Long story; the point is, that if you want to bring him down, I’m here to help.

Yolanda: I think I might like you; and I might need you. Give me your number.

Nicole writes her number down on a napkin.

Yolanda: I’ll call you when you’re needed.

Yolanda takes her coffee, and leaves the Java Café.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

EJ and Stefano are in the DiMera mansion living room.

EJ: I have a wedding to attend, so make it quick.

Stefano: You’ll have another wedding to attend; my wedding to Carly.

Nicole and Yolanda are in the cemetery of St. Luke’s church.

Yolanda: I suggest you stick around for the wedding; it’s going to be lots of fun.

Anna, Marleana, Sami, Hope, Kimberly, Carrie and Caroline are in the bridal room of St. Luke’s.

Anna: We all have some gifts for you, sweetie.


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