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EPISODE #98 - Wednesday, April 26, 2006:



EPISODE #98 - Wednesday, April 26, 2006:

- Jennifer and Jack have a horrible fight.

- Bonnie and Mickey grow closer than ever.

- Melissa Horton and Mimi bond again over their parent's unhappiness. They realize that Bonnie and Mickey are falling in love again.

- Rex tells Cassie that he loves Mimi again...and says he never stopped.

- Amnesiac John and Marlena try to jog each other's memories.

- Bo and Billie arrive in Salem.

- Mason, Hope, and Liam make their way back to Salem.

- Mimi tells Melissa about her disaster wedding to Shawn...and her newfound feelings for Rex.

- Max continues to deny his feelings for Abby.

- Celeste fears Ivy will expose her secret.

- Kate and Ivy exchange words as Ivy swears to ruin Kate's life.

- Shawn Sr. and Caroline plan their vow-renewal ceremony.


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