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"Days Of Our Lives" has announced today that Sarah Buxton will be returning to the show this June! She will not, however, be returning to her former role of Crystal Galore whom she played in the summer of 2004. Fans remember Crystal as the ex-friend of Nicole who be-friended Marlena and led Marlena to her "death" in May of 2004. She aired through the summertime. This time around, however, Buxton will be playing ANNIE DOUGLAS, the character she played on the deceased NBC owned and operated soap opera, "Sunset Beach." Annie was a fiery red-head who was always up to no good. She stopped at nothing to get what she wanted, but she did have a relatability and vulnerability about her. The show is very excited to have her join the show.

"This is our second crossover. Our first was with Kim Ulrich (Ivy, PASSIONS.) That has been very successful. Ivy's home is Harmony, though. That was always meant to be temporary. Buxton has inked a long-term contract with us. She's on the show for the long haul."...says the new headwriter. "She'll be popping up in June. Fans will NOT BELIEVE how she'll come into the fold. She's not going to have any connections to anyone in Salem. She's starting anew in Salem. But she is brought to town for a purpose. And that's the beginning of the story. Fans' mouths will drop open when they learn who has brought her to Salem and why. It's the beginning of a whole new story. 'SUN' fans will remember that Annie had some trouble finding love. This time, she will, and you won't believe that either! We're working out the final details of the deal right now, but we're expecting a huge return for July. And he will rock Annie's world! Look for her first airdate in June, either June 2nd or June 9th."

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Aw :( I was hoping she would be Crystal. I

never saw Sunset Beach, but I've heard a lot

of good things about Annie...so I'm sure it will

be great!

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Now, that is just SPOOKY.

I just posted on this DTS thread about bringing back characters from defunct soaps to existing ones, and I suggested that Annie Douglas, Father Antonio, Gabi (because I love Priscilla Garita), Gregory and Olivia get their asses to Salem.

I would LOVE to see this. KR you should send this to Reilly/Corday. You might inspire them. JER said that he *loved* working with Sarah Buxton last time around.

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