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EPISODE #99 - Thursday, April 27:



EPISODE #99 - Thursday, April 27:

- Hope, Liam, and Mason arrive in Salem and head right to Alice's to pick-up J.T. and Zach.

- Ivy asks Kate to meet her on the docks later that night.

- Liam tells Hope how happy he is be meeting her children.

- Sami and Austin plan their romantic night.

- Hope tells Liam she needs time to talk with Bo about her past life and figure out what is going to happen to three of them.

- Max grows torn between telling Abby how he really feels and putting her in danger, or staying away from her in order to keep her safe. He also fears that he is really falling for Cassie.

- Jennifer and Jack continue to fight.

- Austin plans on making love to Sami.

- Lucas and Anna find Nicole's apartment.


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