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Episode #97 -Tuesday, April 25th:



Episode #97 -Tuesday, April 25th:

- Sami panics when her blackmail material on Nicole is missing. Meanwhile, Anna arrives with the material in Chicago.

- Hope, Liam, and Mason decide to return to Salem.

- Shawn and Caroline plan their wedding vow renewal ceremony.

- Lexie tells Tek to stay away from her. She says he ruined her marriage and that she'll never forgive him for that OR sleeping with her mother! An eavesdropping Celeste recalls how she got Tek drunk and convinced him they slept together in order to ruin Tek in Lexie's eyes, but she explains how it blew up in her face.

- Jack refuses to tell Jennifer his secret - that he is working for Stefano in exchange for his curing Jack's disease.

- Amnesiac John and amnesiac Marlena bond more.

- Sami realizes that Carrie is pregnant with Austin's baby.

- Jennifer refuses to forgive Jack.

- John and Marlena wonder if they were enemies or lovers.

- Abe refuses to forgive Lexie for sleeping with Tek - ever. He takes Theo away from her and tells her his lawyer will be in touch.

- Sami convinces Austin to take their relationship to the next level A.S.A.P.

- John and Marlena can't deny their attraction - even if they can't remember one another. They almost kiss as they build a fire in the abandoned farmhouse.

- Anna fears how exposing Sami will affect her relationship with Roman.

- Stefano gathers Tek and Cassie and explains to them that his biggest plan will unfold in May. He explains that this May...he wants Shawn Sr. murdered....and nothing will stop him this time.


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