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Let Freedom Ring!Episode71



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Pasadena City Court House100_1391.jpg

Lauren, Chris, Bryan, and Sabryn are stunned as Chris is picked up off the floor, passing out after hearing he has been sentenced to die for a crime he did not commit, by officers and carried back to his cell.


"I can't believe he is going to die tonight."


"There has to be another way. I thought you were on death row for some weeks if not months. What is the rush to kill an innocent man tonight? Judge Judy gave him no time for an appeal or hope for new eveidence. Judge Judy really is a Bitch!"


"Probably the severity of the crime."


" Probably because of his lawyer, Lisa. I don't get it. She did a good job for us, with the charges against us regarding Ashley's death. Just so sad. Chris was a good man. I still believe he was innocent."


"The eveidence is pretty overwhelming. We need to get going to see Dr. Whitfield for my check up. I don't want to be late. I have been through many battles" Bryan smiles at her and kisses her as they leave the courtroom.


"Are you ok?"


"I'm just glad that Bastard finally got what he deserved. It's about time. I don't know how I could have loved him. From heart ache and pain with Daniel to jumping into a relationship with Chris to only find out he's a cold blooded killer"

Kevin, holding her

"It's ok. We just got to take it one day at a time. My mother always told me everything happens for a reason.... I'm here for you, don't ever forget that. Let's go grab a drink. I am sure we both need one."


"Sounds good." They leave the courtroom as well.


Ria and Jenn, with Santino in a wheel chair walk into Hopkins National airport in Cleveland, Ohio.


"Damn it's cold here. I am glad I brought my cute scarf and chapstick. Aint no telling what these lips going to do."

Jenn, laughingalicia_silverstone_06.jpg

"Yes it is cold. I couldn't live here."


"Did you get us a nice hotel room?"


"Sure did. Nothing but the best, espically with Ty's money. Were staying at The Sheraton."


"Good, I need some hot cocoa or something."


"Ok, let's get settled in, get Santino together and then we'll go explore the city."

She says as they head toward the hotel.


"Soon Jodie will be a distant memory from Pasadena, especially where Mike and Ty are concerned."


Episode : 71,Let Freedom Ring

Written by: ML Cooks

Westwood Park, Mike's Housenightviewofwestwoodpark.jpg

2119_465369820_gallery_9_lg__H16592.jpgMike, watching ESPN, turns the tv off when Jodie walks into the front door.

Mike, getting up of the sofa

"I'm so glad you're back."


"Why is something the matter?"


"It's Police Chief Williams."




"I was following Ty and his father Karl and they met up with the Chief and I over heard Ty saying something about Abe's daughter and that Abe, faked his daughter's death and tortured and molested her for 15 years."


"Om my gosh. That is sick. Just horrible. I would have never guessed anything like that about Chief Williams."


"It's makes a lot of sense though. Ty is blackmailing Abe with this information and that's why Ty has been able to do what he pleases all this time."


"That does make sense."


"And you haven't been able to find out anything yet from working with him at his Hotel?"


"Not yet. But In a little time, he will trust me. I can tell he is attracted to me. I can use that to lure him in. And it will get under Jenn's skin. She is such a pest. I don't know how you ever got involved with such a self centered Bitch"


"Jodie please be careful. Ty is dangerous. I don't know what I'd do if something happen to you."

Jodie, feeling warm on the inside after hearing that Mike really does care for her

"I already told you, Ty doesn't scare me. He's just a man in a suit with a lot of money. He's nothing compared to the gangster's back in Cleveland. So what are you going to do now about Abe?"


"I really don't know. I can't imagine Abe doing something like this. He was a man I looked up to, respected. He was a man of integrity and that's all blown out the box. He's a fake."


"My question is, if Abe's daughter is alive still, where is she now?"


"That's a good question."

Downtown Pasadena,

Police Station12824943_551f054d6c.jpg

Ty wand Karl walks into Abe's office. Abe sitting at his desk, signing his resignation.


"I'm waiting."


"For what?"


" For you to tell the world you're a child molester. I've already called the news crew to get the latest scoop."

Abe, imagining what it is going to happen to him once his secret is exposed, backs down,

"Alright, I give in."


"Sissy. Always have been."


"Why are you even here?"




"So where do we go from here. I got two innocent people in jail and one is scheduled to die tonight."


"I'll be in touch Williams." Ty leaves and Karl follows. Abe tears up his resignation and sits back down at his desk. He thinks to himself, "This is getting out of control. This madness has to stop." Abe grabs his car keys and leaves the police station.

Some where in the Pacific Ocean, The USS MONA submarine.jpgsubmerges from the water, Mona drives the sub as far inland on an island as she can. The sub comes to a sudden halt as it get's stuck on the sandy beach. The jerking of the sub awakens Sharan. Mona opens the door to the sub and steps out. She looks around and smiles at her tropical paradise that sounds her. Sharan comes out of the sud and looks at her new home.tropical_island_setting.jpg


"Where are we?"


"I like to call it Mona Island. This is our new home baby."


"You can't be serious. It looks deserted."


"Correct my queen."


"How are we going to survive? "


"Don't worry about all of that. I got everything taken care of."


"Someone will find us. You can't keep me here for ever"


"That's where you're wrong, now if you will step away from the love boat please."


"For what?"

Mona, grabbing Sharan and running away from the sub pushes a button,

"For this" Suddenly The USS MONA explodes.explosion.gif The force from the explosion throws Mona and Sharan into the ground. They stand back up as the fire burns up the diesel fuel. Sharan looks on in sadness, realizing more and more, that she may be stuck with this brainsick freak forever.


"Why didn't you bring Daniel?"


"I left him in my dungeon to die."


"You really are demented. " Sharan then makes a dash for the ocean. She jumps in and makes a and swims for her life

Cleveland, Ohio

Jenn and Ria, driving in a rental car, makes a right onto E.105 off of Euclid Ave.

Ria, looking at The Cleveland Clinic

"I don't understand why they would put a good hospital like this next to the hood."


"Is that where we are at?" Getting nervous upon seeing thugs and gangster on walking on the side walk.


"Yea girl. You not scared are ya?"


"A little bit"


"Girl Please. Now are you sure this is the neighborhood that Jodie used to hang out in?"


"She had an address on Cedar Ave."


"We just passed Cedar. Pull over and let me ask one of these hoodlums about Jodie." Jenn pulls to the side of the street as Ria rolls down her window.thugs.jpg

"Come here shorty" She says to a particular thug, tall, dark skinned, wearing a pink hat and a pink Tee.


"What's your name shorty"

"Soulja boy mama. What you doin' in this part of town?" He says looking up inside the car at Jenn

Ria, pulling out a picture of Jodie

"I'm looking for this chica" Showing him the picture

Soulja Boy

"Fo' what?"


"We have some unfinished business"

Soulja Boy

"Wait here" He walks away.


"We bout to hit the jack pot."


"What if he is going to get a gun?"

Sierra Madre250px-SierraMadreVillaHotel-1884.jpg

Inside Mona's Dungeon, Daniel who hasn't eaten in weeks, has lost so much weight, his wrist and hands are able to slip through the chains the held him in a standing position. Daniel so weak just collapses to the ground. When his face hits the concrete, he awakens.justin_hartley.jpg

As Ty and Karl, who are about 200 ft. away from Mona's resort holds a trigger in his hand.


"I'm an old man for Christ's sake. I can't be out here in this heat slaving away placing bombs like a terrorist"


"Just shut the hell up!"


"I won't have you talking to me like this. I am your father. You will respect me. Now what is bombing this cement block supposed to do?"


" It's obvious Mona is trying to hide something. Why else would she cover her resort with cement. With any luck I hope I find some answers and Mona. When I see her, she's dead on sight." Ty presses the trigger and Mona's Mountain resort explodes with Daniel trapped inside..........explosion.gif


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This was such a super fast paced episode. Two explosions (loved the .gif files) in one episode. There's so much to talk about and let's start out with the obvious...

HOW DUMB HAS LAUREN TURNED INTO? Oh I hate Daniel, now I love Chris, but I still love Daniel while I think I like Chris, Chris killed Daniel, I hate Chris! Chris can die now I like Kevin. I have lost all respect for this character. She had no remorse for Chris and after all they had been through that shows she's a heartless bitch. (I'm heated about this! lol)

Soulja Boy? Really? I don't see him as a thug what so ever but if he's a thug with an STD, then I could see that for sure. I'm crossing my fingers that it's true. Hopefully Ria doesn't pounce on him since he's a man and he has a penis. This storyline with Jenn going after Jodie is very intriguing. In speaking of Jodie and Mike, I think they're the ones who are going to find Sharan. When soap characters snoop and begin to think, the light bulb goes off, and the snooping begins.

Abe needs to man up and go after the problem at hand. Plus if he knows that's Chris is innocent, save him! I loved the ending because I can't wait to see what happens next but here's what I hope will happen...


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THAT'S IT - I LOST ALL RESPECT FOR THE GOOD POLICE CHIEF... Abe is sick, no wonder Mona has no heart... actually, I don't think Mona, is that bad... she is just, miss understood, "but nevertheless still cold....

POOR CHRIS- hopefully, TY and Daddy dearest will get to Daniel soon, and Save both Chris's and Daniels' life- or they might get blow away, and wash up on Mona Island... That would be Hot!!!

Love it, I would hate to see RIA and JENN learn Jodie's HIV status...

Keep it up MAN... GOOD JOB!!!!!

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