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Lethal Injection!Episode72



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Huntington Memorial Hospitalbig_hospital_pic.jpg

Sabryn wearing a hospital gown lays on the bed waiting for the doctor. Bryan takes a seat next to her.


"You look nervous."


"I am. I just hope everything is OK with the baby."


"Don't worry. Everything is going to be OK. The storm has passed for us."


"You're right about that."

Dr. Diego Serrano with intern Kiko Whitfield enter the room


"Hello, sorry I am late. This is Dr. Whitfield. He's on an internship. With any luck, hell join the staff here."


"Thank you that means a lot."

Bryan, shaking Kiko's hand

"It's nice to meet you."


"Same here."


"This is a special moment for these two Kiko." Diego says as he sits down and turns on the sonogram machine. Kiko gets some lube ready.


"Why do you say that?"


"Let's just say a few red-headed Bitches tried to take this moment from me. But they didn't win. Thanks to Diego's prescription of leave them Bitches alone."

Everyone laughs.


"This city continues to intrigue me."


"I'm quite sure you haven't seen nothing yet."


"OK are you ready?"

Bryan, holding Sabryn

"Yes we are."

Diego applies the cursor on Sabryn's belly and Sabryn and Bryan feast their eyes on there little bundle of joy.

"Looks like everything is OK. Normal heartbeat. Everything seems to be developing nicely.Appears to be the right size at 20 weeks " Sabryn has tears in her eyes. Bryan does too. "I'm going to be a father. I can't believe it."


"Do you want to know what the sex of the baby is?"


Episode: 72, Lethal Injection

Written by ML Cooks

Westwood Park, Lauren's Housenightviewofwestwoodpark.jpg

jytr.jpgLauren who can barely walk, is helped by Kevin. He walks her to the sofa.


"Do you still feel sick?"


"Yes, feels like I am going to puke."


"I'll make you some coffee and get a cold rag." While Kevin does all that, Lauren relaxes on the couch, trying to think of not vomiting. Kevin walks over to her and sits on the sofa next to her. He applies the cold rag to the back of her neck. Lauren flinches


"Don't move. "


"It's cold"


"It's supposed to be. An old college buddy showed me this trick. I used to come back to my dorm room at Pointe Palace, drunk as a skunk, my roommate told me to put a cold rag on the back of my neck and it will make you feel better. Is it working?"


"I really do think so."


"Told you." Kevin gets up to pour Lauren some coffee

Pasadena City Jail

Karim walks over to Alexis's jail cell. mp05-1.jpg

"What happened?"

Alexis, tears in her eyesalexis-thorpe-15.jpg

"I was the one who killed my sister. I was driving the u-haul truck that ran into Sabryn's car that rammed into Bryan's car therefore running over Ashley."


"This is crazy. "He looks at her in shock. "And all this time you knew you killed your sister?"


"No. It was dark and stormy that night. I couldn't't see nothing. I thought I hit a curb or something."


"You thought!....Did it ever occur to you to get out of the truck to see if it was a small child or something."


"NO!..OK... I was scared. I didn't know where I was going, Lightning was everywhere. I didn't want to get electrocuted!! "


"I really don't know what to say right now. I don't even know what to think of you right now."


"So what are you saying? You're not going to stand by me?"


"I don't know what I'm saying. I don't even know what to feel right now. I just don't understand after all this time, you couldn't't put two and two together. I don't understand why you didn't come forward with the fact you might have hit something that night any sooner. I don't know weather to believe you or not. I told you I have trust issues. You know Ria has cheated on me and it's hard for me to trust. And here I am again, I don't know if I can trust you Alexis." Karim turns and walks away

Alexis, calling out to him

"Please Karim, don't leave me. I need you......I love you!" Karim stops and turns back around to look at her, he wants to look into her eyes as she confesses for the first time she loves him. Karim wonders if she is serious, or is just another act.

"Prove it then" And then he walks out. Alexis wipes tears from her eyes.

The midnight hour is close at had,

jail.jpgcedeno05.jpgChris, in shackles and cuffs is escorted into the lethal injection room by guards. Chris's's heart pounds against his chest as sweat rolls down his face. His life of 25 years flashes before his eyes, all the good memories and the bad, of life, life in which he will have no longer. Chris is seated into a chair and is strapped into place. Chris continues to pray for a some kind of a last minute miracle.lethal-injection-sanquentin21.jpg

Meanwhile, back at Lauren's House,

Kevin sits the coffee on Lauren's table. As she leans forward, keeping the cool rag on the back of her neck, Kevin begins to massage her shoulders

"How do you feel?" He asks her


"Really good. That cold rag trick rally helped me out." She replies, getting comfortable, leaning up against him. She stretches out and lays her head on his lap. With out even thinking of it, Kevin caress her arm as Lauren caresses his knee. As she rubs his knee, it sends chills through Kevin's body, and blood rushes to his dick making it grow in size. Lauren, laying on his lap, feel Kevin's dick getting harder and harder , poking her in the side of her face, she sits up and looks him in the eyes. After all the years they have been friends, they never looked so good to one another than right now. They begin kiss passionately.

mjhv.jpgAbe pulls up to a wooded area on the outskirts of Pasadena.dreamy-surreal-wooded-area.jpg He gets a shovel and gets out of his car and with his flash light, makes his way deep into the wooded area. He comes across a spot that looks familiar to him. A symbol on a tree lets him know he has found the place he was looking for. Abe set's his flashlight down on the ground so he can see what he is about to do to the earth, takes his shovel and begins to dig into the earth.

At The Williams House,Raw00052.jpg

05_320x240-1.jpgSister Patterson is wrapping up some foil over some dishes of food. She looks at her watch and the time says 11:52 pm.

"Miss Jenkins is going to kill me for being so late with her food." Sister Pat turns the light out in her kitchen, and walks into the darkened living room. She looks out the window to see if she sees anyone outside. The coast is clear, and Sister Patterson, discretely walks across the street with the food she's wrapped in foil, but it's the manner in how Sister Pat is doing this, so secretive. Sister Pat enters a house across the street, several houses down from her own home.. She turn's on the light inside the house and closes the door behind her....

In the Heat of Passion. With the Kissing getting more intense, Lauren and Kevin begin ripping their clothes off as fast as they can. Both haven't had sexual stimulation in weeks, both give into Passion. Kevin lays Lauren on the couch and he slides inside of her and she lets out a moan. Feeling good inside of Lauren, Kevin increase his workout, by speeding up the movement in her and he puts some force to it. They both enjoy there stress relieving, sex session, being now, lovers and friends....SEX-1.gif


In Sierra Madre,250px-SierraMadreVillaHotel-1884.jpg

Karl and Ty both stand back up after be thrown to the ground from the force of the explosion.


"Now what do you suggest? How in the hell are you going to find anything in all that rubble?"


"With your help. Now let's go"

They walk over to what was once Mona's infamous Mountain Resort. Karl and Ty now sort through the steaming debris. Ty hears someone coughing.


"Did you hear that?"


"Sounds like a man coughing"

Ty and Karl move debris and rubble even faster to locate this person.


"Keep making sounds so we can find you." Then Ty ,moves the million dollar piece of debris, when he moves it he sees Daniel's face. justin_hartley.jpgSo shocked is Ty that the American Gangster gets' weak in the knees and faints like a woman.


"Get up you sissy. I didn't raise no punk Bitches."

As Chris is strapped into place, in the lethal injection room, Chris is slowly realizing that hope and time are running out for him. This is, do or die and it looks like it's die for Chris.


"Are you ready?"


"Do I have a choice?"


"Burn in hell smart ass" The officer start's the procedure and the lethal toxin's are injected into Chris's veins, slowly paralyzing him. Chris's eyes shut for the very last time. His last sights are of police officers standing all around him waiting of him to die. Chris never thought he would die like this, And with that, Chris expresses his last thought he has. Chris's heart monitor tells the story of a dead heart. Chris is dead, for a crime he did not commit………..flatline.jpg


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SAD BUT REAL - My heart goes out to Chris, not because he dead for a crime which he didn't commit, its not the first time an innocent man put to death just because our justice system make a mistake or simply didn't care... Its a real shame.

But the sad part was just the fact he was only 25 years old, too young cause we made a mistake - how can Judy sits with his family around the dinner knowing what she did - How can anyone deal / live with something like that.

Not a family member, not single friend, no one came to say goodbye... It just damn shame, shame... I really hope that Chris is truly die because it would very interesting to see how Lauren, Judy, and everyone else deal with the aftermath, when Daniel makes his returns...

OMG - YOU BEAT ME IT.... "THE POINTE PALACE" reference.... Couple members of the HHD will be receiving acceptance from PP.... the question is will they go...

Nice Episode... Well done...

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Oh my god that was an amazing cliffhanger ending. I'm seriously on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next. I'm really and truly hoping that Chris is saved now that Daniel's alive. WAKE UP CHRIS, JUST OPEN YOUR EYES AND FIGHT THE INJECTION! Hopefully Ty speaks up and does something about it. The one person who I'm absolutely hating is Lauren. I used to love her character but now I lost all respect for her. So maybe the tent that Kevin was pitching should be used to smack her brains back into place!

Poor Alexis, starts out all high and mighty, and before you know she winds up with nothing. I'm hoping the same happens to Snooper Patterson. That situation was just halarious.

Very nice episode with an awesome reference to Point Palace. Which alcoholic roommate did Kevin have? Blake, Alley, Dylan, Carlos or Alchy Ava? (All of which have been involved with some sort of alcoholic binge.)

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Thanks Guys, really appreciate the feed back. You know Matt I was going to put Blake in but I didn't know how you would feel about that, and yadda yadda yah. But I think it's an avenue we should explore.

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