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1/22/08: MEMORIAL



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People file in to the church as Frankie's funeral service is only minutes away. Caroline, who is being comforted by Kimberly, tells Kim that she is going to go over to talk to Alice, Laura, Bill, Doug, and Julie and thank them for coming and their support. Kim nods. As Caroline walks off, Shane comes over to Kim. Kim wasn't aware he had returned from his ISA-related tripe. Shane says he just returned and he knew he had to be there for her. Kim thanks him. They embrace.

We then see Bo and Stephanie come in wheeling Kayla. Caroline sees this and excuses herself from her conversation with Alice to go over and embrace Kayla, saying she didn't have to come so soon. Kayla says she had to...for Frankie. That and she just can't bare to keep sitting in that room, thinking about Frankie and her baby. Stephanie reminds her she needs to go straight back to the hospital after as she isn't ready to be released yet. Kayla nods. Kim and Shane then come over and they both embrace Kayla as Bo's attention seems to be elsewhere as he slowly walks into the vestibule. He seems lost in his own thoughts until Jack walks over and asks if he has seen Billie yet. Bo shakes his head, asking if something is wrong. Jack says he hopes not but the funeral is about to start.

Just then, Billie walks in, wearing black sunglasses to go with the rest of her black ensemble. Jack races over and asks if she is ok. Billie asks Jack why that seems to be the first thing out of everyone's mouth when they talk to her these days. She insists she is fine. She's exhausted and just can't sleep with everything going on. She adds that she is wearing the sunglasses because she has bags under her eyes. Bo joins them and tells Billie he would like to talk to her about the whole Chelsea thing and apologizes for not talking with her sooner after learning she wasn't their daughter. Billie says it's fine. She's dealing with it. She excuses herself as both Bo and Jack look at each other. Bo then says:

Bo: You think something is wrong, don't you?
Jack: She says nothing is but...I can't shake the feeling and she looks like hell.
Bo: Well, I will try to talk to her once things calm down. See what's up.
Jack: Thanks. Maybe you can get something out of her. God knows I've tried.

Abby then walks in with Max. Jack excuses himself and goes over to give his condolences to Max. Max thanks him and says he is going to go over to his mother and sisters. Abby says ok and they kiss as he walks off. Abby asks Jack if Greta has arrived. Jack admits he isn't sure if she is coming since she is still recovering and all. Just then, Victor and Maggie come in, wheeling Greta. Jack and Abby greet her. Caroline, Kim, Bo, Kayla, and Max greet her as well. Caroline wasn't sure she would come. Greta admits she wasn't. Not because of her injuries but because she wasn't sure she could deal with this but she has to. She has come to honor Frankie's memory and it's the least she can do. Caroline nods and embraces her, assuring her that this isn't her fault. Both woman break down in tears as Fr. Jansen enters and signals it's time to begin as the scene shifts to...

Outside the church, where Hope walks up and hesitates, wondering if she should go in. Steve and Adrienne then walk up behind her. Steve says he is having the same problem. Adrienne thinks they both have a right, especially Steve who was close to Frankie. Hope thinks she is right but this is about Frankie and she don't want any trouble, especially since they are partly to blame for what happened. Steve agrees, thinking it may be best to wait outside. Adrienne thinks they are being too hard on themselves and then suggests sneaking in and standing in the vestibule. Steve and Hope look at each other and Hope then says that might be a good idea but they can't be seen or heard. Adrienne leads them in as she opens the door slowly. Steve and Hope follow her in and off to the side of the vestibule as Fr. Jansen invites anyone who would like to share memories or say something about Frankie to come up to the altar. The scene then fades into...

Carrie, who is the first person to speak.

Carrie: I wish I had gotten to spend some more time with Frankie. I speak for me and my sisters, Sami and Belle, when I say we all regret that. When I was little, I remember having this big crush on Frankie. It was embarrassing and I never really spoke of it until now. I think it started around the time I believed my stepmother, Marlena, had died. He drew me a picture to make me smile and...it did. I will never forget that. I wish I had more memories of times with him. I think we all do.

Carrie turns around and looks at the coffin.

Carrie: No one's smiling today, Frankie. Too bad you weren't here to fix that. Rest in peace.

As Carrie walks back to her seat, the scene fades into...

Abby, who is now up on the altar, looking at Frankie's coffin.

Abby: I will always regret how awful I was to you at times. All you ever wanted was to protect me and my mom and to be a friend. I'm so sorry. You will never know how much. You should be here right now. You made that promise to my mom to protect all of us but, knowing mom, she won't blame you. You look out for her up there. You look out for all of us. What I am saying...of course you will. You always did. (crying) We'll miss you, Frankie. Your family will. Your friends. JJ. And me. We love you. I love you.

The scene then fades to Jack giving his eulogy.

Jack: Normally, I am never a man of few words but, today, it's hard. Hard to sum up who Frankie was...what he meant to me...to all of us. I think the best way is to tell you what kind of man he wasn't. Any other man would've just went ahead and stole Jennifer. And, I guess it wouldn't be stealing. Not in the situation we were in with me being dead...again.

The crowd laughs as Jack smiles.

Jack: Good, old selfless Francois...oh...I'm sorry. Haven't called him that in awhile and he wouldn't like that. FRANKIE...never once did anything underhanded and, heck, he didn't even have to be underhanded. Jennifer was right there for the taking but he offered to step aside. For Jennifer's sake. For our family's sake. Frankie was not your ordinary person. Sure, you will find people that put others before themself but every one of us has a selfish moment or two. Not this man. Not while I've known him. Never once. He would live the rest of his life alone if he knew it would mean someone he loves or, even a perfect stranger, would be happy because of it. I've never had a better friend. I've never known a better man.

Jack turns to Frankie's coffin and, fighting back tears, says:

Jack: Goodbye, my friend. You will be missed.

Jack walks off and over to Greta. He takes her hand and them embraces her. A tearful Greta nods and thanks Jack. Jack walks back to his seat and is stunned when Billie walks up to give a eulogy.

Billie: I don't have much to say and pardon my glasses. Recent events have taken their toll on me, as I'm sure they have for everyone here. Anyway, I just had to say that, while I didn't know him that long, in the time I knew Frankie it was easy to figure out what kind of guy he was. Kind, selfless, intelligent...as they say, he's what every girl dreams of. The perfect man. I'm sure Frankie would say he's not perfect but I've never seen anyone come as close as he did. The world lost a great man. A man who made a difference. Who did alot of good and would've did a whole lot more.

Billie turns to Frankie's coffin, puts her hand on it, and says:

Billie: Rest in peace.

The scene then fades into Bo, who is standing behind a crying Kim in her wheelchair on the altar.

Kim: I was away alot so my time with Frankie was limited. I regret that. But ever since he came into our lives he has been nothing but a great man, a great friend, and, a great brother. He didn't need the Brady blood in him to make him a Brady (camera pans to Bo). He has and will always be one of us. We love you Frankie.

As Kim breaks down, Bo comforts her and then says:

Bo: Frankie was the kind of guy we all strive to be like. Compassionate, kind, honorable...almost too good to be true. He's the sort of guy that other guys are jealous of because they usually have it all. Well, Frankie didn't have it all and that didn't matter to him. The guy never found the happiness he deserved, mostly because he was more concerned with others. Didn't phase him and that should be admired. It's a lesson we can all learn in selflessness.

Bo turns and says to Frankie's coffin.

Bo: We all wish we could be at least half the man you were Frankie. Goodbye, buddy.

As Bo and Kim step down, Caroline moves to go up and Kayla says she wants to go with her. Caroline says she doesn't have to but Kayla insists. Caroline wheels Kayla up with her and Kayla asks to go first. Caroline tells her to go ahead.

Kayla: I don't know if I have the strength to really do this but we all have suffered great losses recently so...for Frankie.

Kayla then breaks down as Steve and Hope watch from the vestibule. Caroline comforts her and says it's ok. She doesn't have to talk.

Kayla: Why did this happen? So much loss...our family has been through enough. Roman can't even be here mourning with us. My baby...Frankie...it's not right!!

Bo comes up and comforts Kayla. He suggests coming back to the pew with him, saying it's too much for her right now. Kayla nods and looks at Frankie's coffin.

Kayla: I really wanted to say something. Steve and I were the ones that found you and Max. There was always a special bond between us. I just can't...do this right now. Please understand. I love you. And, please, take care of my baby up there. Make sure he or she isn't lonely. Please. I love you, Frankie. I love you.

Bo takes a crying Kayla back to the pew as an emotional Caroline speaks.

Caroline: When Frankie and Max came to us, Shawn and I fell in love instantly. The innocence, the love they both had to give...and that has never changed. Both of them grew into fine men. Caring for others, hard working...you couldn't ask for more as a parent. I never thought of them as adopted. Neither did Shawn. They are just as much our children as Roman, Kimberly, Bo, and Kayla. I just hope Frankie knew how much he was loved. And that Max does too (camera pans to Max, who nods). Frankie had so much more love to give. So much more knowledge to share. So much more to do that could make our world so much better. People like him are needed. That is why it hurts more when they are taken, in their prime. He will be missed a great deal by all he crossed paths with. By all who loved him.

Caroline turns and kisses the coffin, wiping away tears and saying:

Caroline: Goodbye, my son. Your mother loves you.

Caroline then walks back as Max walks up and embraces her, saying "thank you." Caroline says she loves him and Max does the same as he goes up to the altar as Abby watches tearfully.

Max: Growing up, my brother was all I had. He always knew what to do, what to say...in many ways, he had to play the role of father and big brother to me. Even when the Brady's adopted us. Him and I had this bond. Every single time I had a problem I would go right to him. I didn't even think about it. See, we may have ended up in a great family but it was still the two of us. We just understood each other. He always strived to get the best out of me. He wanted me to have the best. Great advice, always looking out for me...the perfect big brother. As many times as he gave me advice, I used to give him some too. I used to tell him to go get a life. A girl. Whatever. He would smile and tell me to just worry about myself. That is who Frankie was. That is what we all will miss. That is what I will miss. How I will go on, who knows. He was my anchor. He saved me more times then I can count.

Max turns to the coffin and says:

Max: I will pay you back for all you did for me, bro. I'll make you proud. I won't fail. I will be the best I can be. It will be harder without you but you always said I had to learn the hard way. I'll do my best and remember everything you told me. Everything you taught me. Man, I'll miss you. I love you, bro. I pray that you know that. I pray that you know how much.

Max then steps down and returns to his pew as Abby comforts him. Victor turns to Greta in their pew and asks if she wants to say something. Greta is silent and distraught. Victor decides he wants to say something and gets up and walks up to the altar.

Victor: I didn't know Frankie Brady all too well. Not until recently when he become an important person in my newfound daughter's life. It didn't take long before I noticed the qualities many of you mentioned here today. He was a man of honor, dignity, and respect. His selflessness knew no bounds and his courage and bravery can not be questioned. Especially after what he did for my daughter. Frankie saved her life on New Year's Eve and tragically will never have the chance to receive the amount of praise and thanks he deserves. For all he has done. He will be sorely missed in many ways.

Victor turns to the coffin and says:

Thank you. For saving my daughter. For giving her and me a chance to make some wonderful memories. Something you will never have the chance to do with Greta due to your great sacrifice. I will never forget. I just can't truly express the depth of my appreciation. Rest in peace, Frankie.

Victor walks over to Caroline and gives his condolences. Caroline stands and embraces him, thanking him for his words and comfort. Victor smiles, nods, and walks off and back to his pew. He looks at Greta, who seems to be in her own world. Maggie encourages her to go ahead. Greta, after a few moments, finally snaps out of it, and says she has to do this...for Frankie. She wheels up and, wiping away tears and fighting back more, says:

Greta: I didn't think I could come here today. Nor did I think I could speak up here. It's all so soon and so fast. It's like my mother all over again but, this isn't about me or my pain. It's about Frankie and honoring him. That is why I'm here and now up here in front of all of you. I'm still drawing my strength from him. You all know what kind of man he was. So many of you mentioned that today. I didn't know him long. We started working together with Jack and Billie and just became friends from there. Then, along the way, something happened. It took both of us awhile to realize it. Then it took both of us awhile to admit it to ourselves and to each other. That will always be my regret. Not telling Frankie how I felt when he told me.

Greta turns toward Frankie's coffin, as tears stream down her face, saying:

Greta: There you were...telling me the words I always wanted to hear from a man. I love you. You were pouring your heart out. My dream was coming true. I finally found love. We both finally knew. It was our moment and I said nothing. You will never know how sorry I am. You saved my life and while we are falling to the ground you tell me you love me. What do I do? Nothing. I wait and tell you on your deathbed. I am so sorry, Frankie. I never deserved you or your love. Just know that I love you. I do. With everything that I am. I just hope you can forgive me for not saying it sooner. I...love you. I LOVE YOU FRANKIE!!

Greta breaks down on the coffin as Victor and Jack rush up and comfort her as she yells out she loves Frankie hysterically. We then see a montage set to
FAITH HILL'S "THERE YOU'LL BE"-CLICK HERE TO PLAY FOR THE REST OF THE EPISODE'S MONTAGE SCENES!!!of Fr. Jansen blessing the coffin as a grief stricken Greta is comforted by Victor while Kim, Caroline, Bo, and Kayla console each other and Abby consoles Max. We then see the congregation follow as the pall bearers (Bo, Shane, Max, Jack, Victor, and Doug) carry the coffin out. The scene then shifts to the Brady Pub. Night has fallen and the funeral guests are now sitting around, conversing about all that has happened, sharing memories of Frankie. Tony and Anna embrace Caroline, Kayla and Kim, expressing condolences. Alice embraces Greta, who thanks her for coming. Alice tells her she has always been like family to her. Greta thanks her and embraces her. Celeste, Abe, and Lexie are talking to Max and Bo, expressing how sorry they are.

Meanwhile, Jack wonders where Billie is and asks if Abby has seen her. Abby shakes her head as the scene fades to...an alley outside the Pub, where Billie is drinking out of a flask. She hears someone coming and bolts. Jack walks out in the alley, looks around, and then wonders out loud where Billie has gone to. The scene shifts back into the Pub as Jack walks backs in. Greta wheels up to him and says she needs him to take her somewhere. Victor and Maggie walk up and remind her she needs to go back to the hospital. Greta says she knows but needs to go somewhere first. Jack agrees to take her, saying he will bring her back. Victor is reluctant but agrees. The scene then shifts to...

The cemetery, where Frankie's grave is fresh and Hope and Steve look down upon it. Hope tells Steve it's all their fault and then breaks down. Steve tries to console her but she falls to the ground, telling Frankie how sorry she is for what happened and how she will never forgive herself. Steve then kneels down and comforts her, admitting he is sorry too. So sorry. Steve begins to break down as well as Adrienne appears and looks on at this scene as the scene fades back to the Pub, where Caroline is looking at a picture of Frankie with the family. Bo comes up behind her and embraces her. Kim, Kayla, and Max also come over and then family comes together in an embrace as funeral guests look on, including Maggie and Victor, who can't help but be touched by the scene. The scene then fades to...


Jack wheels Greta near a gazebo. He tells Greta it's too cold to be out but she says she had to come there. Frankie took her there many times...for dinner, dancing, looking at the stars...it's their special place. Greta begins to break down as she remembers good times with Frankie. She then looks to the heavens and says:

Greta: I love you. Please know that. Please never forget.

Jack then kneels down, takes Greta in his arms, and says:

Jack: He knows and he won't. He won't forget. Just like you'll never forget.

Greta looks at Jack and smiles as tears stream down her face. The scene then pans up on an overhead shot of Jack holding Greta in his arms as they look to the skies above while the Faith Hill "There You'll Be" Montage ends and the scene slowly faces to black.




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Lot of detail in this episode and in some places it was kind of hard to follow. However the eulogies were great, especially Victor's. It was well done

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