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Previews and First Airdate Confirmation! Edited 1/17



Edit: The date of the premiere episode for Misguiding Light has been pushed back to January 22. We appoligize for any inconvenience. Stay tuned for weekly spoilers and promos coming soon.

2008 Previews

The past haunts the denizens of Springfield in the New Year with explosive consequences when the new series Misguiding Light begins on January 22. Headwriter/Executive Producer Dan Gobble previews:


Reva’s battle with the stalker escalates into a desperate life-or-death struggle when the stalker kidnaps her. Will Josh be able to find his wife in time? “The stalker’s identity will be revealed in time for February sweeps,” Gobble explains.


Cassie’s burgeoning romance with Danny is halted when a man claiming to be Richard comes to town. “Cassie is floored by this new development. She desperately wants to believe it.” But can she? Is he telling the truth? If he is, then whose heart did Rick get? Meanwhile, Danny’s obsession with the stalker case allows Michelle and Bill to grow closer. However, when the unexpected happens, who will she turn to?


The two sleuths zero in on the truth regarding Gus’ true parentage. However, the truth may be harder to take then Gus realizes.


Ed and Holly’s romance is on again, but the past continues to be an obstacle in the relationship. “Now that Ed is back in Springfield, we can fill in the blanks about Ed’s time in Africa,” Gobble previews. The tortured Bauer left town in 1996 to escape his past. However, “we can tell that whatever Ed was trying to find in Africa, he didn’t find it.” How will Ed cope when the past comes back to haunt him? Will his new relationship with Holly survive? Meanwhile, the New Year finds Blake and Ross blissfully planning their wedding.


Edmund and Alexandra’s professional alliance turns personal when the boardroom meets the bedroom. However, when Edmund finds out the full truth about Gus’ parentage, will he tell his boss Alan?


Although Phillip and Olivia have vowed to raise the baby as their own, Alan continues to be a threat to their happiness. Will Alan find out the truth and who is the true father of Olivia’s baby?


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All of this sounds wonderful. Most excited for the ED/Holly/Blake/Ross sl. I miss them on the show and I'm glad I at least will be able to get my fix here.

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