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All the Days of Their Lives Episode 2



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All The Days of Their Lives Part 2:

(Jeremy Horton is being played by Paul Korver)

Sami wakes up at Marleana's penthouse to the sound of Alexis crying.

Sami: Hungry honey?

She picks her up, and brings her downstaires where Eric is sleeping on the couch. She goes into the kitchen where Marleana is preparing pancakes.

Sami: Hey mom, what are you doing?

Marleana doesnt turn around

Sami: Mom? Whats wrong?

Marleana: Nothing honey.

She turns around, and she has been crying.

Sami: Thinking about John?

Marleana: His pancakes were the best.

Sami: Mom, I'll just feed Alexis, and then I'll make them, don't worry about it.

Marleana: It's ok Sami, I should do these little things to help me get through it.

Sami: You also need a break once in a while.

Marleana: So how did you sleep last night?

Sami: the best I've slept since the night before I married EJ

Marleana: Thats good. Your lucky it's a happy occasion when your husband died.

She starts to cry a little.

Sami: Mom, please sit down, I'll finish it.

Carrie comes in the room.

Sami: Good morning Carrie.

Carrie (still upset with Sami over the last time she was in Salem): Hi Sami.

Marleana: How did you sleep?

Carrie: Alright I guess. I can't believe EJ's dead.

Sami: It's a good thing.

Carrie: Marleana, why don't you go watch some TV? I'll finish making tha pancakes. \

Sami: I'm going to go put Alexis back to bed.

She leaves the room.

Sami (talking to Alexis): Yup, your aunt Carrie always does that.

She rolls her eyes.

Eric: Sami, Sami, Sami, Already teaching them to hate their aunt?

Sami: Shut up Eric.

She goes up the staires.

Chole is in Sami's room, holding Johnny.

Chole: Sorry Sami, I heard him crying, and I knew you weren't here, and -

Sami (cutting her off): Chole it's fine, thank you actually.

Chole smiles.

Chole: The are two little angels Sami, really

Sami: Thanks Chole; so have you and Brady talked about kids.

Chole: We always said we wanted kids, but just havent decided when the right time is.

Sami: Well, if you want them now, you should tell Brady.

Chole: I kinda was thinking about it.

Sami: Then tell him, mabye he feels the same way.

Chole: Ok, I will Sami. Is it ok if I go feed Johnny?

Sami: Sure, go ahead.

Sami puts Alexis in her bed, and goes to the wasroom. She sees something sticking out of the garbage. She rubs against it by accident, and it falls out. She picks it up, and it is a pregnancy test!

Sami: Let's hope Brady wants kids!

At The Brady Pub...

Shawn and Belle are in their room, Belle just got out of the shower.

Shawn: Hey baby, how are you?

He goes to kiss her.

Belle (backing away from the kiss): When did you get home?

Shawn: When you were in the shower.

He goes in for another kiss, but she backs away again.

Shawn: What's wrong?

Belle: I'm not feeling that good today.

Shawn: Upset about your dad?

Belle: Ya.

Shawn: Well I heard the good news, about EJ.

Belle: It was great news.


Hope comes out of the kitchen.

Bo: Where's Ciara?

Hope: Your mom's feeding her. so did you, Roman, and Abe find anything out about the killer?

Bo: Not yet. The killer has killed two people now.

Hope: Who will be next?

Bo: Don't talk like that.

Hope: Bo, we can't ignor it! It's going to happen, and we need to plan!

Bo: We need to catch who ever is doing this, and fast.

Hope: Lets hope they aren't planning another murder.

At the Penthouse...

Chole comes back upstaires with Johnny.

Sami: Hey Chole, how was he?

Chole: He was great! I don't think I've ever seen a baby so good!

Sami: Chole look, I hate beating around the bush, so I'm just going to get to it.

Chole: Get to what?

Sami: I found the pregnancy test; I know your pregnant.

Chole: I'm not pregnant! Sami, really I'm not!

Sami: Chole, please tell me the truth.

Chole: Sami, if I was, I'd tell you; I'm not pregnant.

Sami: That witch! Of couse! She probaly planned to get pregnant right after mine were born, just so she could steal-

Chole: Sami, what are you talking about?

Sami: Carrie of course! She got pregnant, just so she can look better!

Carrie walks into the room.

Carrie: Wow Sami, when will you realize that the world doesnt revolve around you?

Sami: Sorry Carrie, I was just-

Carrie: Save it Sami! I'm not pregnant by the way!

Sami: Ok Carrie, you can just admit it now!

Carrie: I'm not pregnant Sami! And even if I was, do you have to know everything!?!?!

Sami looks at Chole.

Chole: Sami, weve been over this already.

Sami: Then who can be pregnant.

Carrie: Shut up Sami! Crap! Why don't you bring it to your little lab, and run your tests, and then you'll find out who's pregnant! It's me Sami! Is that ok with you?

Carrie leaves the room.

Later that night...

Stephanie and Jeremy are at a hotel.

Stephanie: Jeremy, why did you come back to town?

Jeremy: I came for you baby

Stephanie: We are over Jeremy, I think you made that very clear before you left.

Jeremy: I was an idiot back then.

Stephanie: It wasn't that long ago, Jeremy.

Jeremy: I know, but I'm diffrent now! I swear

Stephanie: A lot has happened since you were gone Jeremy.

Stephanie flashes back to Ford raping her. Jeremy comes closer to her, and she pushes him away.

Stephanie: Stay away from me!

Jeremy backs away, and Stephanie starts crying. She leaves the hotel room.

At The Brady Pub...

Shawn gets out of the shower only in a towel.

Belle: You look great Shawn.

He kisses her, and her phone rings.

Belle(answering her phone): Hello?

Philip: I just got to the loft, when are you leaving?

Belle: Ok, I'll be right there Mr. Smith.

Shawn: Who was that?

Belle: It was work, sorry I have to go in.

Shawn: We were supposed to spend the night together.

Belle: I know, I'm sorry. We'll do it another night.

Shawn: Ok

She gets her purse, and her phone falls out onto the table. She grabs Shawn's phone by mistake. They kiss, and she leaves.

At the Penthouse...

Sami, Carrie, Austin, Brady, Eric, and Chole are at the Penthouse with Marleana.

Marleana: So how was everyone's day today?

Eric: It was great. I had lunch with Steve, Kayla, grandma and grandpa, and then I went to Bo and Hope's house. Wow Ciara is so cute!

Marleana: So are you going to stay here for a while honey?

Eric: I was actually thinking of moving back home!

Sami: Thats great!

Eric: So Sami, did you call Lucas yet?

Sami: I'll call him when he gets back.

Marleana: Sami, you have no idea when that's going to be! Call Kate, and ask her where he is!

Sami: Ok, I'll call her tomorrow!

Carrie: Why didn't Belle come tonight?

Marleana: She had to work tonight at the clinic.

Carrie: Oh.

There is a knock on the door. Marleana goes to answer it. She opens it to see Stefano!

Marleana: What the hell are you doing here Stefano?

Stefano: I'm here to get my grandson.

Eric gets up.

Eric: Get the hell out of here you old goat!

Stefano: Stay out of matters that don't concern you!

Eric: This does concern me, and if you don't leave, I will throw you out myself!

Sami :Leave Stefano! You are not going to see Johnny!

Stefano: Oh, my dear how very wrong you are! I will see my grandson! You will all be sorry for what you have done!

Marleana: Shut up Stefano, and leave!

Stefano: Make sure to watch the news tonight!

He laughs, and he leaves.

Carrie: What the hell was he talking about?

Brady: Who the hell knows?

Stefano(in the elevator): Go ahead with the plan. It must happen tonight

At the loft...

Belle opens the door, and walks inside. There are flowers and candels everywhere. Philip comes downstairs.

Belle: Philip, I want you so much!

Philip: Come here.

They start to kiss, and they make love near the fireplace.

At the Brady Pub...

Shawn grabs Belle's phone, thiniking it's his own, and heads downstairs.

Caroline: Shawn, theres a phone call for you.

Shawn: Who is it?

Caroline: She said her name was Cathy Adams.

Shawn gets the phone: Hello, this is Shawn Brady.

Cathy: Hi, I'm Cathy Adams, I heard about you selling your apartment, and I would like to see it. Do you know when we can book a date to see it?

Shawn: Actually, I'm free tonight, so would you like to go tonight?

Cathy: Sure

Shawn: Ok, meet me there at 8:00. Oh, and before we hang up, are you looking for the loft or the apartment?

Cathy: I was thinking the apartment, but I would like to see both.

Shawn: Ok, I'll see you at 8:00. Bye.

Cathy: Bye.

At Marleana's penthouse garage....

Chelsea gets out of her car. Her phone rings.

Chelsea (answering her phone): Hello?

Shawn: Hey Chels, I'm meeting somebody tonight about the apartment, so do you still want to room with somebody?

Chelsea: Ya, sure. Just make sure she is a woman though.

Shawn: She is don't worry.

Chelsea: Ok, I'll call you later, and then mabye I'll stop by.

Shawn: Ok, thats great bye.

Chelsea: Bye.

She hangs up, and goes to her trunk. She opens it, and takes out two bags with toys for the babies. She closes her trunk, and somebody comes behind her, and chrloforms her! She tries to yell, but goes unconcious. The person leaves her bags, and her phone falls out of her hand. The person throws her in a black van, and they drive off. Her phone rings. The caller ID says Sami on it. It freezes on Chelsea's phone...

Next on All the Days of Their Lives...

Marleana: Is Chelsea comming?

Sami: Ya, I don't know whats taking her so long, and she's not answering her phone.

Shawn: Hi, I'm Shawn Brady.

Cathy: Cathy Adams.

They shake hands.

Cathy: So you guys still live in the loft?

Shawn: No, why do you think that?

Cathy: I heard some music

Shawn unclocks the door.

A woman walks into the Brady Pub, and goes to talk to Caroline.

Woman: Hi, I'm Carly Colson, and I'm looking for Kimberly Brady.

Caroline: O my God, Carly.

Tears start to form in Caroline's eyes.


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