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Promo "EJ's killer, and how the Brady's pay!"



Announcer: On All the Days of Their Lives, who killed EJ?

Marleana( talking to a physcriast): I grabbed a vase and hit him over the head with it!

Flashbacks of that night:

Stephanie takes a gun out of her purse, and aims.

The lights come back on, and Roman has a broken wine bottel in his hand.

The lights come back on, and Bo lifts his gun, with blood all over it.

Announcer: And could somebody who supposedly wasn't at the party killed EJ?

Somebody lifts a bloody bat, and puts it in their trunk. Lucas' face is revealed!

Announcer: And what will a father do to avenge his sons death?

Chelsea is in a room with gas comming out of the vents, and she is yelling.

Stefano: Oh this is just the beggining! The Brady's better watch their backs!

There are flashes of:

Shawn in bed with somebody, and somebody with a gun watching outside the window

Hope on the floor, and a man taking Claire from her

Anouncer: And the worst one yet;

Austin is in his car when a truck smashes into him!

Announcer: What happens next is anybodys guess!

There are fast flashes of Stephanie, Steve, Caroline, Shawn, Kayla, Carrie, Will, and Max.

All this and more on All the Days of Their Lives, only on SONBC


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