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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Victor walks over and stands at Greta’s bedside as Maggie stands near the door. He puts his hands on Frankie’s shoulders as they both pray that she pulls through after flatlining. The doctors and nurses work on Greta and Victor turns slowly and looks at Maggie, who looks at him with dread on her face. Victor then turns back around and leans into Frankie, saying that everything will be just fine. Frankie remains silent as Greta is finally starting to stabilize.

Frankie walks over to Maggie and she hugs him as Victor follows him with a question. How much does Frankie care for his daughter? Frankie says his feelings for her are friendship, he thinks. But, he isn’t sure. Victor says his daughter is very lucky to have such a man of honor in her life. He hopes that whatever happens, when Greta comes out of this, that Frankie will treat her well. Frankie shakes Victor’s hand, saying that he has nothing to worry about.

As Maggie and Frankie go to get something to eat, Victor walks over to Greta’s bed in the now darkened room, and sits down at her bedside. He looks at Greta, lovingly, as he asks for a favor.....

Victor: Oh, my darling Greta. If only your sister were here. Isabella had the same strength you do. She was a wonderful soul and my life has been so empty without her. I hope she is here now, helping you get better. Oh please, my precious girl. Wake up, so we can have a life together.......

Before it’s too late for me.

Victor rests his head on Greta’s arm as his starts crying quietly.

Meanwhile, in the ER, Lucas fights for his life as the doctors work on him with Joelle standing by, watching in horror. Rich then leads her out into the hallway, saying that they will pump his stomach but that his vitals are strong and that he should be fine. But, he tells her she cannot stay in the ER and has to wait out in the hallway. What Joelle doesn’t know is that someone is watching her from the elevators around the corner. She can feel eyes on her but, when she turns around, she sees no one.

After awhile, she is given permission to finally see Lucas. Lucas looks up from his bed and tells Joelle that she is nuts if she thinks she’s going to skate for trying to poison him. When Joelle feigns ignorance, an enraged Lucas tells her to go to the office and get her [!@#$%^&*] out of there. She’s fired as of right now. Joelle starts crying, begging Lucas not to fire her. He yells at her that this is just the beginning of what she will face. As soon as he gets out of the hospital, he is bringing her up on charges for attempted murder. Lucas is so angered that a nurse comes running in trying to get him to calm down but all he can do is scream at Joelle to get out of his eyesight.

Joelle runs form the room in shame and, once she is out in the hallway, she starts to compose herself. She then thinks to herself that she has one other option and then walks briskly to the pay phones. As she picks up the receiver, she now doesn’t realize that the same person who was watching her before is watching her again as she frantically makes her phone call.


At the airport terminal, Abby stops her wheelchair and turns around, looking at Jack and Billie for the last time. Jack walks over and bends down, saying that everything will be ok. Abby smiles, knowing that he will be fine and that Billie will take care of him. It’s the first time she has felt ok about leaving him since her mother died, which makes Billie smile, as she fights back a tear. Abby tells Jack to give JJ a kiss for her and then says that Jack needs to just tell people she’s off visiting family in Europe, to which Jack very reluctantly agrees to. Abby assures him that with Chelsea away, it should be easy to do. Forrest and Dr. Dobbs then walk up, saying that Abby will be just fine, as Forrest goes and stands behind Abby’s wheelchair.

Jack stares at Forrest with anger, saying that nothing better happen to his child or else. Billie asks Forrest if he heard what Jack just said and Forrest smiles, saying that they will have no worries. Jack can’t force her to stay but is worried about what is happening. Abby tells him everything will be ok.

Forrest leads Abby onto the plane as she turns and waves goodbye to them. As she disappears into the private jet, Jack tries to run past security and stop the plane but Billie and more airport security hold him back. Jack can’t take his eyes off the plane as the scene fades back into the plane. Forrest sits next to an apprehensive Abby and takes her hand, telling her everything will be alright. Abby smiles back at Forrest as the scene once again shifts to the airport. Billie holds Jack in her arms and tells him that everything will be just fine.

The plane takes off as Jack silently tells his little girl goodbye and, as he and Billie watch it disappear into the sky and out of sight, the scene slowly fades to black.


Sami paces back and forth, frustrated at not being able to find out if Lucas is ok or not, as Orpheus first knocks and then enters her room. She demands to know what he had that bitch do to Lucas. Orpheus smiles, saying that whatever it is, he is sure that Lucas enjoyed it. Sami goes to slap Orpheus once again but he catches her by the wrist and angrily states.......

Orpheus: No more of that garbage, my dear. The ONLY reason why I haven’t given the order to kill both your lover and your son is that I want to see you suffer first. Only then........will their lives be snuffed out.
Sami: Orpheus, please, listen to me. My father, as you know, still has many connections from the time he thought he was Forrest Alamain. He is also a former member of the I.S.A.
Orpheus: My favorite people........
Sami: I can GUARANTEE your safety as you make your way out of the states if you let me go and don’t hurt my family. Now..........you can’t turn that down, can you?

Orpheus lets Sami’s wrist go, places his hands into his pockets, and walks past her. After a few moments, he turns around, walks over to Sami, gently places his hand on her cheek, smiles at her and says to her, in a soft voice.....

Samantha...........I can already get in and out of the country. What kind of fool do you take me for, WOMAN?!
Sami: You really don’t want me to answer that question.........
Orpheus: SILENCE!!! I’m SICK of saying it so this will be the last time. Roman and your family will pay for everything he’s cost me. Even if it takes me the rest of my natural life. NOW.........why don’t you sit in here and think of that........WHILE I MAKE PLANS TO WIPE OUT YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY!!!!

Orpheus storms out of the room as Sami tries to stop him and pounds on the door as Orpheus slams it shut. And then, a very angry Orpheus orders one of his men to get in contact with their man in the Far East. He tells him that it is time to up the stakes.......

Orpheus: And set a trap for one Roman Brady!!!




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Glad to see that Lucas has his balls back and getting rid of that tramp. She bites. I would love to see her put in a room with Sami for just five minutes.

Great episode, very well written and great drama.

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Great episode guys. I loved Lucas kicking that skank out.

I really hope Abby will be ok. Jack is gonna go crazy worrying about her, but I'm sure Abby will be safe.

Orpheus is gonna get his. [!@#$%^&*] ass.....I hope Roman rips him limb from limb.

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