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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Sami paces in her room as she continues to wait for something to appear on the TV screen to show her that Lucas is ok. The screen is nothing but blank now so she figures Orpheus turned it off. Just then, she hears Orpheus talking to her from outside her room.

Orpheus: I feel so horrible you have no entertainment right now. Unfortunately, I have some errands to run so you will have to use that vivid imagination of yours to keep yourself busy. I promise you that my men and I will personally bring you the latest in quality programming when it becomes available. (smiles)
Sami: Shutup, you bastard!!
Orpheus: Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you think about your beloved Lucas going at it all night long with the very beautiful Joelle. Or...you could think about how lucky you are to be away from him, especially given his current state.
Sami: What the hell are you talking about?
Orpheus: Oh, I'm sorry, dear. You don't know because your TV is blank. I'm sorry. Well, the gist of it is your beloved Lucas was rushed to the hospital last night because his body was filled with drugs and booze. Wonderful combination.
Sami: I don't believe you.
Orpheus: Believe what you want. All I will say is...well, is it that hard to imagine a man who has just lost the woman he loves turning to the bottle? He does have a history, afterall. The man was heartbroken and a broken heart could cause even the sanest person to go over the edge. Believe me, I speak from experience.
Sami: I don't...
Orpheus: I must be going. Enjoy your day.

Orpheus walks off as Sami contemplates his words and realizes it's quite possible for Lucas to have fallen off the wagon. She just can't see him resorting to drugs though. She is desperate to get back to the people she loves, especially Lucas, as time is running out. She knows they are all in danger and that Lucas is falling apart without her. Sami looks up to the heavens and prays that she can find a way out or that someone comes and gets her...and soon!


Victor and Maggie slowly walk down the corridor. Victor thanks her for coming with him to see Greta. Maggie tells him she loves him and that she will always be there for him, just like he has always been there for her. Maggie tells Victor she is happy the doctors saved Greta and hopes she makes progress soon. Victor hopes for the same and adds that he is happy she convinced him to visit tonight as it's important he is at his daughter's bedside. He has had so little time with her and he wants her to feel that he is there and that he does care. Maggie is sure she felt all that. Victor says he thinks she did too.

Maggie remembers that she had to run an errand for Alice at the hospital anyway and was planning on going later in the day. She decides she may as well do it now. She tells Victor she will meet him at the mansion. Victor wonders if Maggie should just move in as she is always at the mansion. Maggie wasn't sure he would want that. Victor says he would love it but was afraid to ask. Maggie tells Victor she will always love Mickey and their house holds special memories but she does need to move on and it's hard being around so much that reminds her of her past with Mickey. She asks Victor if he is sure about her moving in. Victor nods, saying he can have arrangements made to move her in ASAP. Maggie agrees to do it, saying it's time they take the next step and she is always with him anyways. She adds that she will still keep her and Mickey's house.

Victor tells her he is excited. Maggie says she feels the same but must get going. Victor says he should be going to. They kiss and Victor tells her he will see her at home. Maggie and Victor both smile as they part ways. Maggie heads for the nurses station and asks a nurse, who says hi to her, if Dr. Brockfield left an envelope for Alice. The nurse goes to check as Rich arrives. He asks Maggie if she is there for Lucas. Maggie is confused and says she came with Victor to see Greta and is running an errand now. She asks if something is wrong with Lucas. Rich tells her to come with him.

Meanwhile, Lucas is in his room when Maggie walks in with Rich. Lucas is upset that Maggie knows but Maggie tells him she would've learned anyway. She asks what he was thinking falling off the wagon and taking drugs on top of it. Lucas assures he didn't and fills her in on what happened. He remembers there was a mix up at the bar and he drank alcohol by accident. He explains he was at the Cheatin Heart to comfort Joelle. Lucas explains who Joelle is and her history and tells Maggie his belief that she drugged him. Maggie tells Lucas she believes him, especially since Joelle seems to want him. Maggie then asks if Will knows. Lucas shakes his head, saying he doesn't want him to because he shouldn't worry. Maggie says he has a right to and should find out before he learns from someone else. He may take it the wrong way. Lucas realizes Maggie is right and tells her to do him a favor and call will. Maggie agrees as the scene shifts to...


Will is in his bed, tossing and turning in his sleep. He is thinking about that infamous night that he learned the truth about who Alan was and the tragedy that followed...Alan molesting him. In the middle of another nightmare about Alan, Will jumps up and begins to hear Alan call out to him. Will frantically looks around the dark room and clutches his head, screaming for Alan to just leave him alone. Just then, the sound of a phone ringing wakes Will from his sleep. He realizes it was all one big nightmare and that they just don't seem to stop. He wonders who could be calling and gets up, puts his robe on, goes out into the living room, and answers the phone. It's Maggie, who tells him his father is in the hospital and he needs to get down there. She adds that Lucas is ok but he should be there. Will wondered where his father was, thinking he was pulling an all-nighter again. He says he will be right there and hangs up. He goes back into his room to get dressed.


Kate is on a park bench when Philip walks past her, with guards following close behind him for protection. Kate yells out that it must be nice to have guards as she has none. Philip tells her that it's because no one cares. Kate tells him to watch his tongue. She is his mother. Philip says he doesn't feel that way and hasn't in months. Kate asks if he is still angry about the Belle situation. Philip nods and says he wants her nowhere near his life. That is why he just ignored her and only acknowledged her when she called out to him about the guards. He doesn't want her in his life or else she will interfere and mess everything up again. That is all she ever does is do things because she feels they are right for her children and then ends up hurting her children and doing more harm then good. Kate begs Philip to just give her another chance
to prove herself. She knows she doesn't deserve it but she loves him and all her children are her life. Philip tells her he doesn't think he can do that, at least not right now.

Kate reminds him that she is his mother but Philip counters by saying he is her son and she has hurt him deeply too, more then he has ever hurt her. Philip tells Kate she won't get any sympathy from him. He then looks at his watch and says he has to go. He has to get back to Titan and get some things before finding his dad. Kate begs him to at least set up a meeting with her to talk. Philip just shakes his head and wishes her good luck and a good day. Philip walks off as tears stream down Kate's faces, wondering if her family is completely destroyed.


Jack is driving him and Billie back to his place. She tells him she knows he is upset and worried but tells him there isn't anything they can do until they have something on "Fred." Jack says he knows but he is just so worried about Abby and then the whole thing with Alex on top of it is really stressing him out. Jack tells Billie it may be better if they call off their date later. Billie reminds Jack of what made him feel better after Jennifer's death. Jack says it was going out but he isn't in a good frame of mind. Billie notes he wasn't then either and that sitting at home or just worrying about work is not the answer. He needs to socialize and to keep busy by having fun and just relaxing. Jack says that is hard to do right now, just like it was a year ago. Billie says she will help him, just like the last time. Jack smiles and thanks her for doesn't think much will help.

Jack's cell then rings. Jack asks Billie to answer it since he is driving. Billie does and it's a nurse, who asks for Jack. Billie says he is driving but she can give him the message. The nurse tells Billie that his DNA test results are in and he can come down anytime to have them picked up and/or read to him. Billie thanks the nurse and tells Jack the DNA tests on him and Alex are in. Jack is glad the time has come to know the truth and tells Billie to call Elizabeth and Alex to have them meet them at the hospital. Billie asks about their date since they were going out around the middle part of the day. Jack says they will have to cancel. He apologizes but there is just too much going on and his heart isn't in it today. A deflated Billie says she understands and begins to dial Elizabeth.


Forrest and Abby are sitting together on their flight. He looks at her and can tell she is nervous. He takes her hand and tells her she will be fine. Abby tells him she always believes that when he says that to her. Forrest smiles. A stewardess comes by offering drinks. Abby asks for a soda while Forrest asks if they have any scotch. The stewardess says they do but there is a fee for liquor. Forrest agrees to the fee and the stewardess begins to fix the drink as Forrest pulls his wallet out. Just then, the plane hits turbulence and the stewardess spills scotch all over Forrest. Forrest jumps up in anger, sending his wallet to the floor, as the stewardess apologizes. Forrest then calms himself, saying it was an accident but he needs to go to the bathroom and clean himself up. Abby says she will watch everything. Forrest thanks her as the stewardess apologizes again.

The stewardess begins to fix Forrest's drink again as Abby notices his wallet on the floor and picks it up. She sees the stewardess fixing the drink and figures she should pay for the drink for Forrest so he can just relax upon returning. She asks how much the drink is and says she thinks she hears change in the wallet. The stewardess says the drink is on the house because of the spill. She sets the drink down and tells Abby to tell the man with her she is sorry again. Abby smiles and says she will and that it's fine. The stewardess leaves. Abby is about to put the wallet away when she notices something that shocks her. As she was looking through the wallet for money, she came across Forrest's picture of Sylvia. Abby notices the resemblance to herself and wonders who the women is. She sees Forrest coming back and closes the wallet, putting it on the floor. She wonders if she should ask Forrest but can see he appears upset over the spill still.

Abby asks if he is ok. Forrest says he is a little annoyed but understands it wasn't the women's fault. He also says he is a bit nervous and worried about her therapy. He just wants her to do well. Abby thanks him for that and then tells him his wallet is on the floor. Forrest picks it up and thanks her, saying he has to much important stuff in there to lose. Abby nods and wonders if she should bring it up but, ultimately, decides it may be better to discuss in private after they land. Forrest looks over at her and asks if she is ok as she seems a bit unnerved. Abby smiles and says she is fine and then whispers:

Abby: For now...


Jack and Billie are in a waiting area when Elizabeth and Alex show up. Alex says it will be good to finally know the truth. Now, he will know who he truly is. Jack agrees that it will be good to finally resolved the issue of whether he is his father or not. Meanwhile, Elizabeth walks over to Billie and asks if they can talk alone. They go off to a corner as Elizabeth tells Billie there is something she wanted to say for a long time to her and adds that it's more like a warning.

Elizabeth: I know your the one that pushed for the DNA test and I know you probably doubt my intentions are honorable. No doubt, your assuming I am after Jack. Well, I can assure you the joke is on you and, a little word of warning, if you try to come between my son bonding with his father and us bonding as a family...well, then, this is war.
Billie: Eliza...
Elizabeth: No! I was nice to you but it's clear you don't trust me. Honestly, I never liked you either but I'm not going to push you out of Jack's life. I just want you to stay out of the way of us being a family and of Jack bonding with Alex.
Billie: We don't even know if he is his son and I have no clue where all this is coming from. I suggested the DNA test because any rational person would. I do wonder if you are after Jack but I don't hate you nor do I see a target on your back. I just don't want Jack to get hurt and some things were off about your situation.
Elizabeth: Like what?

Just then, a lab tech comes in with an envelope.

Elizabeth (interrupts Billie): Well, we will have to finish this later.

Elizabeth races over to Jack and Alex's side as Billie watches. Jack then tells the doctor to lay it on him. The tech tells Jack he isn't a doctor but lab tech. Jack apologizes, saying he is just nervous and excited. The lab tech begins to open the envelope and pulls out the paperwork. He looks through them. Jack asks what the news is. The tech says with 99.9% certainty, it has been proven that he IS Alex's father. Jack is stunned now that it's indeed true as Alex reacts the same way. Elizabeth approaches both of them and says it looks like they are a family now. They will always be connected and will always have a strong bond between them. She kisses both of them and puts her arms around them as Billie watches, her eyes looking sadder by the second.


Philip returns home, looking for Victor. He eventually finds him in the study, looking over some layouts with Nico. Philip walks up and tells Victor he took care of all the new accounts and sealed all the deals. Victor is impressed and tells Philip he is really doing a good job. Philip tells Victor he just wants to prove he is worthy and wants to make it up to him for his behavior. Victor tells him it's forgotten and that he probably will be giving him more power and control at Titan now that he has proven he can handle it. Philip says he would love to do more and will do whatever is asked of him. Victor is impressed by Philip's turnaround and tells him he has never been more proud of him. Philip thanks him and says that means alot. He then tells his father to call if he needs anything and excuses himself as he has some things to do upstairs.

After Philip leaves, Nico asks Victor:

Nico: When are you going to tell him?
Victor: About me knowing he kidnapped me and handed me over to Orpheus a few months back? Not for a long time. He deserves everything he is getting. He delivered me right into Orpheus's clutches. I nearly died on that ship because of his greed and disloyalty. His betrayal will not go unpunished. I will teach him a lesson he will never forget.

Victor shows a devilish smile as the scene fades to...


Maggie, who is by Lucas's bedside when Will races in and embraces his dad. Will tells Lucas he thought he was at work like he had been previous nights but was still worried. He asks if he is ok. Lucas fills him in. Will tells his father he thinks it wasn't his fault either. Lucas thanks him for the support. Just then, Joelle comes in. Will approaches her and asks if she drugged his father. Joelle denies doing anything of the sort. Maggie then gets up and demands to know what she did to Lucas and what she is up to. Joelle says she did nothing to Lucas. It's about what Lucas did to her. Just then, Salem D.A. Patricia Cromwell walks in the room behind Joelle. Maggie asks what she is doing there.

Patricia: Well, Joelle called my office. She told me she had an interesting case for me. I don't usually take on cases when they are provided in the way Joelle approached me with this one but it intrigued me. I like the idea of bringing down the head of a successful company, especially one that used to be run by the ever so infamous Kate Roberts.
Lucas: What are you getting at?
Patricia: Mr. Horton, Joelle here has made some startling claims against you.
Patricia: You see, Joelle has claimed you sexually harassed her, Mr. Horton. She is suing you and your company for all you and it's worth.

Lucas, Will, and Maggie all look on stunned as Joelle and Patricia both smile, while a mysterious person watches from outside Lucas' room.


A devastated Kate walks through the park, drying her tears. She looks up to the heavens and asks if she has paid enough for her mistakes. She loves her children and needs them in her life. She says she needs help getting back into their good graces because she doesn't know what she can do to accomplish that. Just then, Kate walks around a corner and catches a glimpse of Orpheus sneaking off into a wooded area. Kate notices the person she just saw looked familiar and her curiosity is piqued. She decides to try to catch up to the person as it could very well be Philip. She decides to walk around and catch the person so that, if it is Philip, he doesn't run away from her.

Kate is about to walk when she hears something in the bushes. She realizes the person is still nearby and slowly sneaks into the wooded area. She walks around searching for a bit and hears some moving branches nearby. She thinks she hears someone coming and hides in some shrubbery. After hiding, Kate sees a man emerge from an area of some trees and shrubbery. It's ORPHEUS!! Kate is shocked and wonders what he may be up to being in the park in broad daylight. Kate then jumps up in shock when someone touches her on her shoulder. She turns to see Orpheus standing right in front of her.

Hello, Katie. Nice to see you again.
Kate: Orpheus.
Orpheus: Never could mind your own business, could you? Just had to follow me. Did you think I didn't notice you getting a look at me?
Kate: I...
Orpheus: I slipped up in letting you see me but I sure as hell wasn't going to let you bust me. Well, in that case, come with me.

Orpheus grabs Kate's arm violently.

Kate: Ow! What are you...where are you taking me?
Orpheus: Some place where we can talk...for old times sake!

Orpheus drags Kate off as she screams, resulting in him covering her mouth with his hand as he takes her with him into the night. The scene then fades to black.




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That was a very good episode. I loved the editing from scene to scene. Joelle needs to die like NOW! Crazy bitch. I hope Sami beats her down...if she ever gets out.

Billie needs to grow a backbone and beat Elizabeth's ass. I'd pay to see that.

As usual, Orpheus does something unpredictable. That's the best story you guys have going right now. Keep up the good work.

I really LOVE the Victor/Phillip storyline. Phillip thought he learned enough to try and pull one over on Victor. When will he learn that the pupil NEVER surpasses the teacher. Victor is a student of the game. Phillip's ass is grass, and Victor's gonna smoke it.

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