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As the storm continues to rage on, we revisit our beloved Salemites aboard the cruise ship...

-On the main deck of the cruise ship, the aftermath of the explosion has worried everyone. Bo tells Hope that he can't wait any longer. His mother and Frankie are down there along with Jack, Billie, Abe, Celeste, Cal, Katherine, Roman, Marlena, Philip, and Greta. Hope reminds him about Victor too. Bo nods. Hope says she won't let him go. The ship is going under and there has been so many explosions. Plus, someone needs to help get people off the ship. Bo says they can't get anyone off if no one is making their way to them. Kayla notes that Bo has a point.

The ship then rocks yet again and jerks everyone around. Bo says he can't wait anymore and races off. Hope races off after him. Kayla says she has family down there and they may need her. Steve warns her not to go but she runs off anyway, as a frustrated Steve gives chase.

-Orpheus and Roman both recover in the aftermath of the explosion. Orpheus tells Roman he has waited for this moment for so long and even a sinking ship and plethora of explosions won't ruin it. Roman tells Orpheus that he must lead a pretty sad life to be this obsessed with revenge for all these years and to go through all this just to get it. A smirking Orpheus tells Roman that it's not best to insult a man with a gun. Roman tells Orpheus he doesn't scare him. Orpheus comments on Roman's undying bravery and determination. Roman tells him to save the BS.

Orpheus laughs and says that he is so happy to be able to kill Roman himself, rather then him simply drowning or being blown to bits. This way he can watch him cry out in pain and die. He just hopes it's a slow and agonizing death.

Marlena: Like yours is going to be, Orpheus?

Orpheus and Roman are both stunned when Marlena appears, aiming her gun right at Orpheus

-Abe and Celeste are still locked in the cabin room, crying out desperately for help. Celeste tells Abe that she feared that so many of them would lose their lives and it seems that is coming to pass. Abe tells Celeste not to panic. Celeste says it's hard not to when they are on a sinking ship and there is no one around to save them. Plus, they just had another explosion of some sort. Celeste asks Abe what will happen to Theo since they have no clue where Alexandra is. He will be all alone. Abe takes her in his arms and tells her to stay calm. He will do everything in his power to get them off the ship and to find Lexie. He just needs her calm. Celeste takes a deep breath as Abe goes back to trying to open the door.

Meanwhile, an unconscious Lexie lies near a wall as a lost Stefano tries to find a way off the ship. He realizes the danger they are in as the ship is sinking and he can't find a way off. All the passageways look the same and time is running out, especially since they just had another explosion. He then turns to find Lexie gone and is shocked. He turns back around and comes face to face with Lexie, who slaps him.

Lexie: You bastard! I can't believe I ever called you my father!

Stefano: Alexandra...I...

Lexie: Don't even try to lie to me. You know...I wasn't completely unconscious this whole time. I heard your ramblings. You took advantage of the fact that I got hurt so you could take me away from everyone. You want to groom me to be what you want...same goes for Theo.

Stefano: Alexandra...

Lexie: No...I am through with you and this family. I turned my back on the Dimera's once before and came back to the family only to have my father lie to me. You set me up to be seduced by Tek. You ruined my marriage and you used Theo to tear me away from my loved ones. You helped keep my son from me just so you could have me under your thumb! Now, you want to take me away...what? You going to brainwash me? That's your solution for everything!

Stefano: Alexandra...I was only doing what was best for the family. I need you...you are the future. You and Theo. I made mistakes...but I can't lose you, my darling. Come with me...let me show you what life can...

Lexie: No...I already know what life as your daughter is like and I don't want any part of that. I am through with you and this so called family.

Lexie runs off as Stefano calls out after her and then follows behind.

-Cal and Katherine are trying to make their way to the top of the ship. Katherine wonders where the last explosion came from. Cal isn't sure but knows they don't have alot of time. The ship feels like it's sinking. The ship then rocks back and forth, throwing both of them against the passageway wall.

The scene then shifts to Jack and Billie, who are recovering from the effects of the last explosion. Billie holds her head, saying that will be a nasty bump. Jack tells her she will be lucky if that's all she gets. The ship then rocks back and forth again, causing both of them to fall backwards. As they try to pick themselves up, Billie hears a crashing noise. Jack tells her that it sounds like a rush of water closing in. A worried Billie says they need to hurry. They both get up and race off as the scene shifts to...

The second from last level of the ship. Philip and Greta hold on to the staircase banister and watch the water closing in on them. Philip says he can't see Victor or Maggie anywhere. Greta says that the force of the water must have pulled them down the passageway. She wonders how they will ever find them now.

Meanwhile, Victor and Maggie struggle to stay above water as they are pulled down the passageway. Maggie finally grabs hold of a staircase railing and yells for Victor to grab her hand, which he does as he floats by. They walk up the stairs but find themselves trapped as the staircase is closed via a steel gate. Victor frantically bangs on it but the lock won't budge. Maggie tells him the water is rising and it won't be long before it reaches them. Victor turns away and says he knows.

The scene then shifts to Frankie, who pulls Caroline out of a water-filled passageway and embraces her. He says he is so happy she is alright. Caroline says she is just happy she remembered how to swim. She says they need to find Victor and Maggie. She was wrong to even consider leaving. They need help. Frankie asks her how she knows they aren't already off the ship. Caroline says she feels it. A part of her heart will always be Victor's and she feels him still on board. She asks Frankie if he is coming with her or not. Frankie follows.

-Stefano races down a passageway, trying to find Lexie. He turns a corner and is shocked to see Victor and Maggie behind a steel gate. Victor and Maggie are shocked to see him, as well. Victor asks what he is doing. Stefano explains he is looking for Alexandra. Victor asks Stefano for a little help as the water is rising fast. Stefano walks towards them but hesistates. Victor asks what is wrong. Stefano smiles and says:

Stefano: It's nothing personal. You and I go way back. I respect you. This is just good business. I hate that the lovely Maggie must suffer too but, alas, how often does an opportunity like this present itself?

Victor: What opportunity?

Stefano: The chance to rid myself of one of my greatest enemies. The best part is that I don't have to do a thing.

Victor: We had a truce.

Stefano: Yes and I honored that. However, that was when the cloaked one was terrorizing Salem.

Victor: Orpheus still is out there, as far as we all know anyway.

Stefano: Things change, old friend. You would do the same. I know you would. One must always do what is best for one's family...and empire. You perishing...let's remember we are at war. We took a break and partnered to protect those we love. Those days are over...at least for me. I can not let this chance go by. I must seize it.

Victor: You bastard! If I get off this ship, so help me...

Stefano: IF...Victor. The chances of that...well, you know what those are. So sorry you were caught up in this, dear.

Maggie: Your awful.

Stefano: May you both rest in peace. Again, Victor, let me say you were a worthy foe that played the game well. My respect and admiration for you is unmeasured. Until we meet again...in parts unknown...goodbye!

Stefano walks off as Victor screams out to him, saying that he will get what's coming to him for this...somehow. Maggie asks what they are going to do now. Victor looks at the rising water and says all they can do is hope for a miracle.

-Back at the cabin room, the ship rocks back and forth once more. Celeste looks out the porthole and can see the ship taking on more water. A frustrated Abe then punches the door and says he can't do this anymore. Celeste races over to him and tends to his hand. Abe says he is fine but Theo won't be. He may end up losing all of them or, worse, Stefano may have Lexie and then he will go get Theo and groom both of them. Celeste reminds him that he was telling her not to think like that. He tells her that is when there was hope. There is no hope now. No one else is on the ship. Time is running out. They are going to die.

Celeste begins to break down in tears, saying she should've thought about Theo and never came with him but she wanted to help. She could've at least boarded one of the lifeboats like he told her to. Abe says they all have regrets. They just need to hope and pray for the best for Theo. As tears stream down Celeste's face, Abe wipes them and begs her not to cry. Celeste says she is scared. Abe takes her in his arms and comforts her. As they pull away, the ship rocks, throwing them both back against the door. Celeste is pressed against Abe, who is pressed against the door. They lock eyes.

Celeste: It's not going to be long. I can feel it. Death is upon us.

Abe: Celeste...

Celeste: Abraham...I am just glad that I am with you right now. I don't think I could face this...I am grateful. Grateful for you being by my side the past few months and...

Abe: So am I. You've been a godsend and...if this is it, then being with you right now...it helps.

Celeste: Abraham...I...am so...

Abe: I know...it's scary.

Celeste: I...need...

Celeste then moves in as Abe slowly does as well and the two lock lips. At that moment, Lexie races down the passageway and catches a glimpse of something in a cabin room. She peers in to see her mother passionately kissing her husband. She stands in shock. Stefano then comes up from behind and sees this scene. He can't help but smile. Lexie turns around in tears, telling her father not to say a word.

Cal and Katherine turn appear and comment on how good it is to see live people, although he wishes it weren't Stefano. Katherine says they need to get off the ship now. Cal sees Celeste and Abe in the cabin room and asks what is going on. Lexie says she found them and she was about go in and get them. Cal asks if something is wrong. Lexie asks Cal to get them as she feels sick and needs to get to the main deck. She races off as a smiling Stefano follows. Katherine asks what that was about. Cal has no clue.

Celeste tells Abe she is sorry for the kiss. Something just came over her. Abe apologizes too and says he didn't fight it. They are both to blame. Celeste then recalls her vision of kissing Abe and realizing it just came true. Cal then opens the door and asks what is going on. Abe and Celeste are grateful to see him and fill him in on them getting locked in. Katherine says time is running out and they need to get off the ship. Abe agrees and tells Celeste she needs to get off this time...for Theo's sake, even if he needs to stay on board to help anyone still on board. Celeste agrees. Katherine says Lexie and Stefano are on their way up the main deck. They just saw them. Abe and Celeste are relieved and Cal says they need to get going. All four race off.

The scene then shifts to Caroline and Frankie, who are searching for Victor and Maggie. Frankie tells Caroline that it may be time to give up and get to the lifeboats. Just then, Philip and Greta appear. Frankie embraces Greta, expressing how good it is to see her. Greta and Philip fill them in on what happened with them, Victor, and Maggie. Caroline says they can't leave them. They need to find them...and fast. Greta agrees and her and Caroline race off as a worried Frankie and Philip follow.

Meanwhile, the water has risen past Victor and Maggie's waists.

Maggie: It's hopeless, isn't it? Honestly...?

Victor: Yes. Afraid so. There is always a really small...

Maggie: No, this is it. It's payback for my sins.

Victor: We all make mistakes in life, Maggie. Some of us learn...some of us don't. I have made many that I never learned from.

Maggie: Same here. My drinking...it led to all this. It's all my fault. Mickey died because of me and then I screwed up your life and Doug and Julie's. The Horton name is going to be dragged through the mud because of me. Now, here you are with me and you are going to die because of me.

Victor: Maggie...STOP IT!! You need to stop blaming yourself. That helped lead to all this.

Maggie (fighting back tears): I know...but I messed up so many times. I even messed up what we had. There you were...there for me through Mickey's death, my drinking...I had to ruin it...so many times. The biggest being my lack of faith in you. If I cared about you as much as you did me, I would've never believed that you slept with Nicole.

Victor: Maggie...it's fine. I understand and that is what I wanted you to think. I listened to Julie and I let myself believe that pushing you away was the best thing but it wasn't. I love you, Maggie. Pushing you away wasn't right. All it did was hurt the both of us in so many ways. We both made mistakes and I regret mine so much. We missed so much time together.

Maggie: I hurt you so bad. I said such terrible things...

Victor: We both hurt each other but I always felt that you loved me. Did you feel that I loved you?

Maggie: You know...yes. I did. A part of me always did.

Victor: Let's end all this talk about regrets right now. Maggie, can you forgive me for all my mistakes? For pushing you away?


Victor (with tears in his eyes): Now, just know that I forgive you and if, by some miracle, we do get out of here, I want us to be together. No matter what. I will support you. We will face all the charges you face together. I will do what I have to...we will be together. No more will I allow us to be kept apart. You own my heart now, Maggie. Let's leave the past in the past. You do love me, don't you?

Maggie (crying): For so long I wanted to say this but...yes! With all of my heart...yes! I never thought I could love again but...Victor...if we do get off this ship...I want to be with you! I just wish...

Victor: We will face the charges. I won't let you go! I will help you. I promise.

Maggie: I know you will but...

Victor: Trust me.

Maggie: This time...I will. Oh...it feels so good to finally tell you how I feel. Hold me!

Victor takes Maggie in his arms. They then break apart and look into each other's eyes.

Victor (fighting back tears): If we don't make it, no regrets. We know we love each other. That's all that matters.

Maggie (crying): I love you, Victor Kiriakis.

Victor: I love you, Maggie Horton.

They then share a passionate kiss as the water is now reaching their necks.

The scene then shifts to Jack and Billie. Billie tells Jack she can hear the water closing in. He says they have to hurry. Just then, a flood of water breaks through the ship's walls, overcoming Jack and Billie as the scene shifts to...

Kayla, who is caught up to by Steve. Steve says this is a bad idea. Kayla says her family and friends may need her. She is a doctor and she took an oath. Steve says they lost Bo and Hope a long time ago so now that means more people are missing and separated. Kayla tells him to calm down. Everything will be fine. They will all make it off the ship. Water then comes bursting through a door in the passageway, throwing Steve and Kayla against a wall and pulling them away as the scene shifts to...

Bo and Hope. Bo asks why she always has to follow him into dangerous situations. Hope smiles and says it's the way things have always been. Bo says that may be true but this is dangerous and all he needs is her getting into trouble. They need to find the others so they can all get off. Hope says she is fine and the others will be too. They just to have faith. Just then, water bursts through a door in front of them. Bo flies against a wall and looks around for Hope. He screams out to her and sees her hanging on to a steer bar for dear life. She calls out to Bo as the water continues to flood in,trying to pull Hope with it as Bo watches, terrified.

Meanwhile, Marlena asks Orpheus and Roman if they liked that little explosion. That was her masterful work as she wanted to shake things up a bit. She hints that more surprises are to come. Orpheus tells Marlena not to be stupid. He tells her to leave and let him kill Roman. She will likely die if she stays on board much longer. Marlena asks why he cares and says that he will die if he stays too. She adds that she doesn't care if she dies, just as long as he and everyone else goes down with her. She then aims her gun at Orpheus and says that she would like very much to kill him by her own hand and then asks why not do that now?

A nervous Roman looks on at a worried Orpheus and a deranged Marlena as the scene fades to black.



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