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As the storm continues to rage on, we revisit our beloved Salemites aboard the cruise ship...

-Victor can’t believe that Greta is really his daughter and demands answers as to why this may be true. Greta wants to explain everything but feels that with them all on a sinking ship, this just may not be the right time and place. Victor tells her that it may end up being their graves so, if it is, he wants to know the truth. At that moment, both of them hear loud crashing against the boiler room door and, moments later, the door bursts open as water rushes in, carrying both Philip and Maggie with it. A chained Greta slogs through the water and goes to help Philip up the best she can. Philip then regains his bearings long enough to unchain Greta and also to go over to Victor and try to remove the chains holding him at bay.

With Greta and Philip’s help and the help of a crowbar that Philip has found, Victor is finally free and all four guests look for another way out as the water rises in the room. Maggie looks past everyone and sees another door and alerts everyone. They all then help each other through the cold, murky water to the door. When they reach the door, Victor tries to open it but it is locked. They all look around for anything to help break the door down as the water continues to rise.

-Caroline is searching for Victor in the bowels of the ship. She is hoping that she didn’t make a mistake sending Maggie after Victor. Just then, she is caught from behind by Frankie, who is telling her that they need to get out of there and fast.

--Worrying that Cal may have died, Katherine starts to check his pulse and places her ear to his chest to see if he is still breathing. She lets out a sigh of relief when she hears his heart beating perfectly. Cal starts to stir and he sits up on the floor. He then stands up as Katherine looks at him and she watches him walk slowly over near the bed that Ernesto is lying next to. Katherine walks up behind him and places her hands on his shoulders as Cal makes a startling announcement.....

Cal: I remember. I remember damn near everything about my life.

Katherine gasps in shock and takes a step back as Cal turns and looks at her. He then tells her that......

Cal: This man knows everything about me. (Looking at Ernesto) Don’t you, old man?

Ernesto (opens his eyes slightly):Yes. Yes, I do.

Cal: Then why didn’t you tell me?! Why didn’t you tell me that you knew my mother?! I remember her crying her eyes out as I left home to join the service. She never knew I went to Vietnam, did she?

Ernesto: Yes, she did. So did your brother and sisters. (Breathing heavily) I tried everything I knew to prevent it from destroying everyone you loved.

Cal: Then why? Why did I leave home?! TELL ME OLD MAN!! WHY DID I WALK OUT ON MY FAMILY?!

Ernesto: Why? I don’t know why. All I know is that it was the greatest regret of my entire life. To have.......

A son of mine.......

Walk away from everyone who loved him. How do you think that made me feel?!

Cal stumbles backwards. He can’t believe what he just heard. One of the men he has hated most has just told him.....

That he is his father.

-On the ship's 2nd level, near a maintenance room, James holds Orpheus at gunpoint as Roman tells him to let Jack and Billie go. Orpheus refuses, of course, saying.....

Orpheus: I see that the years have done nothing for your intellect, Roman. Still as stupid as ever.

Roman: Man, listen to what I’m about to say. My son........is dead........because of you. Not to mention all of the other people you have murdered over the past year. So..........I would drop the smart ass [!@#$%^&*] before James blows your damn brains out!

Orpheus: Temper, temper, old friend. (Pulling a gun) I think this evens things up a bit.

James: Roman, tell them to get the hell out of here. This prick won’t do a thing.

Orpheus: Tell him, Roman. I bet you thought the very same thing.......right before I blew your house to hell.

Roman looks at Orpheus, slowly walks over to the cabin room, opens it, walks forward staring at Orpheus again, and then slowly turns towards Jack and Billie, motioning them to leave. Billie looks at James and, with tears coming down her face, tells him that she is so sorry for what happened to his family. James just shakes his head all the while staring hatred at Orpheus. Jack slowly nods his head at Roman and he takes Billie’s hand as they both walk around the corner and then sprint down the hallway. When Orpheus takes a step forward, James walks right in front of him, standing between Orpheus and Roman.

-Back in the boiler room, Philip sees a blowtorch sitting by some crates next to the wall. He grabs the torch and brings it back over to the group. Greta asks him where he got it from. He says that he happened to see it over by some crates. Maggie remarks that it is really convenient to find a blowtorch that just happens to be sitting around. Victor agrees, saying that stuff like that only happens in soap operas. Philip frowns at them and then lights the blowtorch. After several frightening moments, the door is pushed open and the group is now free. They walk out into the hallway and Philip spots a staircase leading upward. Philip and Victor help Maggie and Greta through the water and up the staircase as another huge rush of water closes in behind them...

Meanwhile, Caroline asks why they need to get off right away. It seems they have some time. Frankie says that water is quickly filling up the lower levels of the ship. After hearing this, Caroline agrees that getting off is best and thinks that Victor and Maggie may have got off too, given the situation. She takes Frankie’s hand and, as they turn to leave the hallway, a huge wave of oncoming water breaks through a wall and takes them both down the long hallway.

-Ernesto continues his discussion with Cal and Katherine in the cabin room, his breathing becoming more and more shallow.....

Ernesto: We fought so badly the day before you left home. You never wanted to be a part of my world. I tried my best to protect you, your brother and your sisters, Marina and Isabella. I tried to protect you......from the horrors of this world. And I failed. You hated me so much when you left.

Cal and Katherine listen intently.......

Ernesto: We never knew.......what happened to you. All we ever heard.......was that you were M.I.A. I spent millions trying to find you.......but nothing. Your mother........she died of a broken heart. She blamed me for what happened to you, which is one of the reasons..........why she had that affair with Victor, which produced your baby sister. And then.......

Stefano found you.

Cal walks over and sits down on the bed, beside his dying father.........

Ernesto: He was the one who had your face altered and trained you to become Roman Brady. In fact........you and Roman were on the same island at the same time after Stefano shot and kidnapped him, turning him.........and you as well, my son.........into his Pawns. He knew...........that he would use you to disrupt Roman’s life if Roman.........had failed in his duties as Stefano’s Pawn.

Katherine walks over and hugs a now crying Cal as he looks down at Ernesto..............

Ernesto: So, you see why I did what I did. Orpheus told me that I could have you back as my son if I helped him with all of this........deception. But........he lied to me, son. And now..........I must pay for my crimes.

Cal: No. You have to live. (Leaning down over Ernesto) You can’t let it end like this.

Ernesto: This is not my choice, son. But (Placing his hand on Cal’s hand) I want you to know......that there wasn’t one single day that went by........that I didn’t think about you. And I never, ever.........stopped loving you, my son.

Cal: Well, then, (Wiping away tears) we can all get off this ship and you can make it up to me, ok?

Ernesto: No, my son. Take your beautiful bride and save yourselves. She looks so much like your beautiful mother. (Looking at Katherine) You keep my son happy, dear.

Katherine: I will spend the rest of my life doing just that.

Ernesto: Well, I guess this is it. Go. Go and get out of here.

Cal stands up and both men shake each other’s hand instinctively. Then, Ernesto smiles at Cal, and his hand drops down next to him, as his eyes slowly close. Cal looks down at Ernesto and says out loud....

Cal: Goodbye, Dad. If you see her, tell Mama I said hi, ok?

Katherine takes Cal’s hand and she slowly leads him out of the room. As Cal leaves, he can’t take his eyes off of his now deceased father and, right before he leaves the room, he turns off the light, and closes the door.

-Back on the second level, James raises the gun to Orpheus’s chest, telling him that.....

James: I should destroy the same thing in you that you destroyed in me. What did my family ever have to do with any of this?

Orpheus: They were keeping you off of the mission. All of them had to be eliminated. Don’t you see that, you fool?!


Roman: No, James! I know how you feel. Believe me, I do. We both have lost children to this sick bastard. But.......don’t play his game. Don’t let the pain and hate ruin you forever.

James: (Walking up toward Orpheus) You don’t know what he made me do. To you, Marlena, Cal....everyone. All that crap on New Years’ Eve, the kidnappings......all of it. And I’m supposed to let him walk away from that?!

Roman: Yes, James. You are. It is taking God’s Hand right now not to strangle this !@#$%^&*] for what he has put all of us through.....but then he wins. And where does that leave you?

James: (Pointing the gun at Orpheus’s head) Satisfied.

Orpheus: Well, James. What’s it going to be........being Roman’s puppet........or taking justice into your own hands?

Orpheus looks at James as he turns ever so slightly. When James diverts his gaze, Orpheus grabs James’s hand and the two men struggle for the gun. When they lower the gun between them, a shot rings out, as Orpheus and James look at each other for what seems like an eternity....

And then James slowly slumps to the floor.

Orpheus backs up as Roman rushes over to James, kneels down next to him, and then cradles him in his arms......

Roman: Well, that didn’t go as planned, did it?

James: (Smiling) No, I don’t think so. Do me a favor, man.

Roman: Name it.

James: Tell Billie and Jack that I don’t blame them for what happened. This asswipe played us all. You, me, Marlena......everyone.

Roman: I’ll do that, man. Look.....you’re going to be just fine.

James: I know. I’m going Home. At least.........I hope so.

Roman: Don’t say that, James.

James: Roman, I have been nothing without my family. They saved me. I’m just glad I came clean before the end, you know?

Roman: Yes. Yes I do, my friend.

At that moment, James looks past Roman and sees a bright, beautiful light. He gazes at the light for a moment and then sees a figure emerge from the light. The figure, who is dressed in white......

Is his beautiful wife, Renee.

James smiles and reaches his hand out to her as she reaches her hand out to him. When they take each other’s hand, James’s spirit rises from his body........and he is now dressed in white. He looks at Renee like he did the first time he ever saw her beautiful face, as she says to him.....

Renee: Welcome Home, My Darling.

James looks past her.....and sees the smiling faces of his three children...JJ, Jonathan, and Angel. He slowly walks forward with Renee, as his family finally takes him Home....

And he slumps dead in Roman’s arms.

Roman slowly places James’s head on the ballroom floor and says to Orpheus.....

Roman: Well, !@#$%^&*].......just you and me.

Orpheus: Excellent. I have been waiting for this moment for 20 years.

Just then, another explosion rocks the ship and shakes it to its core once again. Both Roman and Orpheus lose their balance as the scenes shift throughout the ship to the trapped guests. Victor and Maggie fall down the staircase and are pulled away as a wall of water comes down upon them as a horrified Philip and Greta watch. Frankie and Caroline manage to make it to a staircase only to be slammed against the wall and tossed back into a rush of water. Jack and Billie, as well as Cal and Katherine, get tossed around between walls and doorways as the scene shifts to an outside view of the ship as it continues to take on water.......

As the scene slowly fades to black.




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Damn! Did not expect the Ernesto/Cal twist! ut what? No mention of Marina? :P She was, after all, Ernesto's favorite daughter, supposedly.

Roman vs. Orpheus at last.

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Damn! Did not expect the Ernesto/Cal twist! ut what? No mention of Marina? :P She was, after all, Ernesto's favorite daughter, supposedly.

Roman vs. Orpheus at last.

I just added her Keith. She was in the breakdowns but when I transferred the episode over her name got cut off :lol: . No way would we intentionally forget her. Glad you liked it :)

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