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The thunderstorm is intensifying as lightning and thunder continue to make their presence felt. The seas have become a concern as the waves are now up to dangerous heights. The rain is coming down in sheets and visibility couldn't possibly be any worse as we rejoin our beloved Salemites after the explosions that rocked the cruise ship...

-The ship is rocking from left to right due to the aftermath of the explosions set off by Orpheus. Austin has his arms around Carrie, who is holding Evan. Carrie sees the cracked lookout pole beginning to fall and screams as it falls toward them. Austin turns, sees the pole, and pushes Carrie out of the way...resulting in the pole falling on him. Carrie shields Evan as she falls against the wall, recovering before falling to the deck. She turns and sees Austin, lying pinned by the pole on the ship's deck. Carrie lets out a blood curdling scream as a frightened Evan begins to cry.

Meanwhile, Lucas stirs at the bottom of a staircase and finds Sami and Will next to him. Sami slowly recovers and tells Lucas she is fine. They both shake Will and try to get him to wake up, realizing he took the brunt of the fall. Will slowly stirs and asks what happened. Sami says it feels like explosions rocked the ship and they ended up falling down the staircase. Lucas says he dove after them and that is how he ended up at the bottom of the stairs. Sami thanks him for his efforts to save them and then hears Carrie screaming, along with Evan's cries. They race up the stairs and are shocked to see Carrie, holding Evan, knelt down by a pinned Austin's side. Sami is in shock as they race over. Lucas and Will try to lift the pole but fail. Lucas tells Will to go get help. Will races off.

Nicole, who is lying nearby, gets up off the deck and sees Carrie holding Evan. She is stunned to see Austin pinned and asks what happened. Sami tells her to stay out of it as Carrie tells Sami to hold Evan. Nicole says she can hold "her" son but Sami warns her that if she even so much as touches Evan, she will send Nicole flying overboard. Nicole backs off, still distraught over Eric's death.

-In the ballroom, Philip picks himself off the floor and wonders what the hell happened. Hope is with Forest, Abby, Steve, Kayla, Jack, Billie, Chelsea, and Abby. Kayla is tending to Forest, who grabbed on to Abby's rolling wheelchair during the explosions and prevented her from flying out and being injured by putting himself between the wall and her. Abby thanks him for saving his life and says she doesn't know where she would be without him these past few months and now, today, after he saved her life. Jack, Billie, Chelsea, and Max all have uneasy feelings about Fred/Forest. Max asks if the guy is for real. Chelsea says she doubts it. Jack tells Billie he wants to know more about this "Fred Allen" and thinks there is more to him then meets the eye. Abby embraces Fred/Forest as Jack, Billie, Max, and Chelsea suspiciously look on.

Bo returns to the ballroom. Hope races over to him as Roman does the same. Roman says that Marlena, Orpheus. and James are all gone. Bo says they have bigger problems. The explosions all came from the bottom level of the ship and the ship is taking on water pretty quickly. Roman reminds Bo that Marlena changed the position of Orpheus's explosives to give those on board more time but also for them to suffer. Bo says they still have limited time and need to get everyone into the lifeboats, which he found on the far right side of the ship. Bo announces to the crowd in the ballroom that the ship is taking on water and they need to evacuate. Philip hears this and realizes his father is still on board and likely locked in the boiler room. He decides he can't leave without him and goes off after him.

Abe walks up to Bo, Hope, and Roman and says that Lexie and Stefano are missing. Celeste walks up soon after and says she is getting a vibe that Alexandra is in great danger. Roman tells Abe to go after them if he wants. They can start getting people off. Abe thanks them as Hope wishes him luck.. Celeste tells Abe he may need her and her psychic abilities. Abe tells Celeste to think of Theo and to get off the ship. He doesn't want Theo to lose his whole family. Celeste tells Abe she is going to search for her daughter...with or without him. Abe reluctantly agrees. Cassie asks Tony and Anna where grandfather and Lexie went. Tony says he has no clue and then whispers to Anna that he thinks his father is up to something.

Bo begins to motion the crowd in the ballroom out to the deck to board the lifeboats. Bo tells Roman to go after Marlena if he wants to. Just then, Will races in and says that Uncle Austin is hurt real bad and they need help getting a pole off him. A stunned Kate races off with Belle, who believes Carrie will need her. Roman realizes he should go to for his daughters. Bo tells him to go. Roman races off. Billie tells Jack she needs to go check on her brother. Jack offers to go with her. Hope tells them she will make sure they all board the lifeboats. Will tells Kayla they will need her. Steve says he will go with her but Kayla orders him to stay and help Bo get people off. She will meet up with him as soon as she takes care of Austin. He agrees but urges her to be careful. She smiles before racing off.

Shane, Bo, Hope, and Steve load Forest, Abby, Chelsea, and Max on to the first boat. Nico assists with the loading. Abby and Chelsea don't want to leave their parents but Shane assures them they will be right behind them. Hope tells Doug and Julie to get on. Doug asks if he has a choice of lifeboats. Hope tells Doug she understands he is hurting but this is not the time. Doug gets on with Julie and clearly shows his discomfort with the situation as Julie's eyes well with tears. Doug tells Hope that she better be getting off right behind them. Hope smiles and says she will be. Bo orders Tony, Anna, and Cassie to get on the lifeboat. Cassie is worried about Stefano. Tony says that he will be fine...he always is. Anna can't help but agree. All three board the lifeboat as Bo says it's time to lower the first boat down.

Caroline sees this scene as Frankie races up to her, asking if she has seen Greta. She was supposed to return to the ballroom but he hasn't seen her since before the explosions and she isn't in the ballroom now. Caroline says she hasn't seen her. Frankie can see that she is upset and asks what is wrong. Caroline admits she is worried about Victor. He is locked up somewhere on the ship and she sent Maggie off to find him. She is so worried and, if anything happens to Maggie, it's her fault. Frankie says it's not her fault and it will be ok. Caroline says she can't leave it to chance and takes off to find Victor and Maggie. Bo sees this and asks Frankie where she is going. They need to get her off the ship. Frankie explains that she went after Victor and Maggie and tells Bo he will go get her. He needs to find Greta anyway. Bo says he will go too but Frankie tells him to trust him...he will bring mom back and find Greta. Bo is needed to help with the evacuation. Bo says fine and says he will come after him if he isn't back soon. Frankie races off.

-In the boiler room, Greta asks Victor what the hell just happened. Victor says it sounded like a large number of explosions. Greta wonders what is going on and then sees water filling in through the doors in front of them. She points the water out to Victor, who turns his head and says that the ship must be taking on water. Greta panics and tells Victor no one knows they are down there and they are near the bottom of the ship. Victor tells her not to panic. Greta begins to shake and cries out that they are going to die!!

Meanwhile, an unconscious Maggie lies against a wall a few yards away from the boiler room. Water is filling the area and is now reaching above Maggie's head...

-Back outside on the deck, Roman races over and asks what happened. Carrie says that pole was cracked and the explosions loosened it and forced it to fall. Austin pushed her and Evan out of the way and saved them. Kayla arrives with Belle, Kate, Jack, and Billie and begins to check him out as Roman and Lucas lift the pole off him. Kayla surveys Austin's body as a frantic Carrie asks her if he is ok. Kayla puts her head down and takes a deep breath. She then looks out, trying to prevent Carrie from seeing the tears welling in her eyes. She fights the tears back and tells Carrie that the pole crushed Austin's chest. He has massive internal injuries, among them being a collapsed lung. Carrie asks what she is saying. Kayla shakes her head and says she can't do anything more. There is nothing that can be done. A devastated Billie is in disbelief as Jack comforts her. Lucas comforts a crying Sami while a Kate, with tears streaming down her face, turns away, in shock over what is happening. Nicole looks on, also stunned at what is going on.

Carrie (crying): This can't be happening!! There has to be something...anything...

Roman embraces her. Austin stirs and his eyes open. He smiles at Carrie and those around him.

Roman: It's ok...Carrie...look!!

Carrie: Austin?

Austin (breathing somewhat heavy): It's ok...I'm ok. It doesn't hurt, really. It hurt at first but...now I feel numb.

Carrie: Aus...

Austin: Come on, guys...girls...don't cry. I hate seeing people cry. I think you all know that by now. (looks at Will crying) hey...come on. man. You and I go back a long way. I...thought I was your father at one time. You know I don't want no tears. Your mom and dad don't need that. No one does. Be strong for them and for everyone. Take...care of them.

Will (wiping his tears): I will. I love you, Uncle Austin.

Austin: Love you...too. (looks at Kate) Mom...what's with the sad face and the crying? That isn't the Kate Roberts I know.

Kate (crying): Austin...I'm so sorry. This is all...

Austin: No...it's ok. Mistakes are made. Don't...feel guilty...for my sake...don't blame yourself.

Kate: God...Austin...I do love you!! (comes close to Austin and lovingly touches his face and kisses it) I love you...

Austin: I do too...mom. Even after everything...I do too.

Austin looks around at Belle, Roman, Lucas, and Sami.

Austin: Hey, Roman, tell everyone to stop with the tears.

Roman: I don't think I can.

Austin: Well, then take care of them for me. My family...Carrie...Evan...and Belle, take care of your sisters and...

Belle (wiping a tear from her eye): Done. Don't worry.

Austin: Speaking of sisters and brothers...Sami...I am so...proud of you...what you have become. You...finally turned a corner. I just...wish...

Sami (fighting back tears): Thank you. That means alot coming from you.

Austin: A part of me will always...care...love...love you. I always knew that you would come around...I always saw the good in you. Same goes for you too, Nicole (looks at Nicole, who is standing by the wall a few inches away). Sami lost her...way many times...you have right now. There is still time to find...your way. You and I...were close. I saw the good...I still see it. Don't...give up. Just...know...I forgive you...despite everything...

Nicole is silent as tears well up in her eyes. She turns around, trying to hide the fact that she is breaking down.

Austin (turning back toward Sami): Promise me...you will take care of that son of yours. He's...very special. I should know.

Sami (crying): I will. I'm so sorry for all the pain I caused you. I kept you from Carrie for so...

Austin: It's...ok. Just take care of Carrie for me and Evan. Take care of yourself and...be happy. Please...you earned it. You...deserve it.

Sami: Thank you. I will always remember all the times you supported me and stood by me. I appreciate it all...a part of my heart will always belong to you...my first crush...and obsession.

Everyone laughs. Austin laughs but also cringes in pain.

Sami (crying): I...will miss you.

Austin (breathing heavy): Same here. (looks at Lucas) And...you! We certainly have had our share of sibling rivalry, have we?

Lucas: Sure have.

Austin: You know...what, man? I always respected you and loved you, despite all that. I...hope...you know that.

Lucas: I do and I felt the same way. I am glad we all buried the hatchet a few months ago. I don't know how I would feel...

Austin: I know...I feel...the same.

Lucas: All those issues...the tension...none of it matters...I just want you to know that I love you, bro.

Austin: Right back at you...oh, hey...same goes for you, man. Be happy. You deserve it...both you and Sami. Be...good to each other...and...please, watch...

Lucas: I will watch over Carrie and Evan. No problem.

Austin: Tha...nks. I know he may...be your...son...but...

Belle (pointing to some papers): Actually, we can find that out now, although it's bad timing. All the talk of all the problems between you and Lucas reminded me that I still had the DNA tests that Carrie had done to prove Evan was her son. Carrie had both Lucas and Austin's DNA tested with Evan's so this test also proves who the father is. We all got so caught up and things we never thought about it.

Kayla (taking the papers from Belle): I will look them over.

Carrie (wiping tears): Kayla? Well?

Kayla: Austin was a match...he is Evan's father.

Carrie embraces Austin, takes Evan from Sami and says:

Carrie (crying): Meet your daddy, Evan.

Austin (taking Evan's hand): Good to finally meet you, son.

Lucas: Congrats Austin. Evan is a lucky baby to have you as a father.

Sami: I second that.

Billie (crying): I agree

Austin: Thanks. Hey, sis...how did I almost forget you?

Billie: Your not supposed to leave like this...you have a son now and a wife...you finally got it...

Austin: Well, then, I guess I can be at peace with no...unfinished business (laughs).

Billie: Not funny. What am I going to do without you? It's always been you and me...you were all the family I had for so long...

Austin: Well, we have more then that now. You need to be...strong for them. Take care of them...and my family. Your my best friend, Billie...I love you and I don't...think I could've had a better sister.

Billie (crying): I don't think I could've had a better brother...I love you too. You should be staying her to take care of your family! They don't need me! They need you!

Austin (having trouble breathing): Stubborn, as usual. I...don't...think I have much...time. (looks at Carrie) I know that we've been through...

Carrie (crying): Alot? Yeah...all because of me. I'll never forgive myself...none of this...

Austin: Do you love me?

Carrie: Of course I...

Austin (short of breath): Then...don't bl...ame your...self. I said some...things...but...I never...stopped loving you. All...these years...just like I told you...you were always the one. Too bad...we finally had it right...I...thought...married...we even had... a son...

Carrie: I will tell him all about you. How good of man his daddy was. How he saved him and his mommy by...giving his life...

he will be so proud.

Austin (smiling): I...have...one more...thing to...s...ay...I want...you...to know...I forgive you...know that...be happy...don't be afraid...to love...ag...ain...take care of...Evan...and your...self. I...love...you...always...Ca...rrie.

Carrie (crying): I love you, too. (embraces Austin while holding Evan and then kisses Austin on the lips as his eyes slowly close).

Kayla (checking his pulse): He's gone.

Carrie breaks down on Austin's body while holding Evan, Lucas comforts a crying Sami, Roman and Belle embrace, Kate breaks down in tears and blames herself for her son's death, Nicole fights back tears and can't bear to turn around, and Jack comforts Billie, who blames this on Orpheus and races off to find and kill him. Jack races off after her. Roman sees this and tells Belle he needs to go get Billie and Jack. Roman orders Lucas to get everyone to the lifeboats and to take Austin's body. Lucas agrees as Roman kisses Belle, Sami, and Carrie and says it will all be ok. They will get through this. He also promises to find Marlena. He races off.

Meanwhile, a gun-toting Marlena is on the 3rd level of the ship, determined to find Orpheus so she can get him back for screwing up her plans.

The scene then shifts back on deck to Lucas, who helps load Carrie, who is holding Evan, a silent and stunned Nicole, a devastated Kate, Sami, Will, and Belle on to a life boat. Bo tells Kayla to get on the lifeboat but she refuses, saying they may need her help as a doctor and a good deal of her family is still on board. She isn't going. Bo decides not to argue. Bo appoints Lucas as the captain of that lifeboat and tells him to make sure things go smoothly as Shane is manning the first lifeboat. Lucas agrees and goes down with the second lifeboat as Bo shares with Hope his worry about his mother. Kayla is also worried as Roman is still out there too and Frankie and others.

--The scene shifts to the cabin room where Cal, Katherine, and Ernesto were. Katherine wakes up and checks on Ernesto. She shakes her head and says he is bleeding out and doesn't have much time. She races over to an unconscious Cal and begs him to wake up. Ernesto is dying and this may be his only chance to learn the whole truth about his past. Katherine begins to panic as Cal is not waking up...

The scene then shifts to Abe and Celeste, who continue to search for Lexie. Abe wants her to turn back but she refuses. The ship then rocks back heavily. They both fall backward into a cabin room. Abe asks Celeste if she is alright. She says she is and he helps her up just as someone closes the cabin door, locking them in. Abe and Celeste scream for help. Meanwhile, the camera pans around the corner to reveal...STEFANO. He picks up an unconscious Lexie and says that a Dimera must use whatever means necessary to complete a mission...and his mission is to keep her devoted to the Dimera's. She is the future and Abe and Celeste are in the way. This will rectify that and he says he will take her away where he can groom her and Theo to follow in his footsteps...as it should be...with no one standing in his way. He then carries her unconscious body off.

-The scene then shifts to Jack, who is chasing Billie. He finally catches up and tells her to calm down. She says that Orpheus is to blame for Austin's death and she wants him dead. He did all of this. They are both shocked when Orpheus comes out of a maintenance room. He is shocked to see them and comments on how they are two real big pain in the asses. They keep putting their noses and his business. Billie says that her brother's blood is on his hands. Orpheus laughs and says they all will be dead soon enough. He asks Billie if she would like to join her brother sooner. He aims his gun at them and orders them into the cabin room behind them. Jack and Billie refuse but Orpheus insists they will be dying anyway so why wait? Plus, he can't take any chances of them foiling his escape. He points the gun and and walks closer and closer to them, forcing them into the cabin room. He closes the door and locks it as Billie panics inside the room, asking Jack what they are going to do.

Orpheus walks away from the cabin room and is stopped by Roman. Orpheus laughs and says they meet again. He admits being pleased because he wants the honor of killing Roman all by himself. James then appears and tells Orpheus not so fast, aiming his gun right at Orpheus. James tells Orpheus that his reign of terror ends here as Roman finds himself caught in the middle while Jack and Billie watch from the cabin room.

The scene the shifts to Caroline, who is searching for Maggie and Victor frantically and is on the 2nd level of the ship. Meanwhile, Philip nears the boiler room and realizes he has to swim to get to it as the water is filling the bottom levels fast. He sees a body floating and swims over. It's Maggie!! Philip gives her mouth to mouth and she recovers. She asks what he is doing there. He says he knows his father is locked up in the boiler room and he needs to get him out. The ship is sinking. Maggie panics as swims over with Philip to the door. He tries to open it, to no avail.

In the boiler room, Victor tells Greta to calm down. Greta says she can't. The room is filling with water and it's over their waist now. They are going to die. Victor is silent and tells Greta she should've never came after him. He is nothing to her. Greta says she had to come after him. Victor says he knows he helped save Eric's life back at Christmas but he can't think of any other reason why she feels so strongly about risking her life to save his. Greta says she had to do it. Victor doesn't understand and asks what he is missing as she seems to be holding something back. Greta, realizing their lives could be coming to an end, says she is holding something back. Something has kept to herself for over a year. Victor asks what that is.

Greta: I don't want to die until I tell you...your...

Victor: Go ahead...

Greta (as tears well up in her eyes): Victor...YOUR MY FATHER!!!

The scene then freezes on a stunned Victor and then fades to black.







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Eee to the Victor/Greta scenes!

Loved how Austin felt like Patrick Muldoon in his goodbye dialogue. So sad.

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Eee to the Victor/Greta scenes!

Loved how Austin felt like Patrick Muldoon in his goodbye dialogue. So sad.

Thanks Keith. We were worried about the length since the last 3 episodes have been lengthy but we wanted to do the stories justice. Hope we did.

I really wanted it to be in character but not be over the top. The idea was to have him try to avoid the issue of dying and then slowly except it as his goodbyes went on. Glad you liked it. Hope others do too.

It felt good to finally reach the Victor/Greta reveal. We have put so much buildup into that and it really sets up alot of story for us.

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