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#57 Monday, June 25




Adrian's teasing rubs Colleen the wrong way

Neil is bringing in the mail, when he spots Dru coming out of the bedroom. Looking through it, he spots a letter from Devon from Los Angeles. An excited Dru is thrilled to hear that Devon is doing well. As they continue to read, Dru makes mention that she’ll need to pass the letter on over to Lily. Neil comments that he stopped by their home and was surprised that Daniel wasn’t in the ‘know’ of her summer school plans. Sniffing a little, Dru tells Neil that if Daniel would have dedicated more of his time to her, rather than mess with unsavory habits, then he would know more about what Lily does in her spare time.

At Newman Enterprises, Ji Min steps on the elevator, in hopes of finding Victor. As he’s waiting to reach his destination, the elevator doors open and Victor, the very person he’s in search for, steps on. Victor asks Ji Min how things are going for him now that he is at Newman. Ji Min tells Victor that he’s formulating a new cosmetics line that is not only more edgier, but also would draw in top notch fashion consumers. Interested in the idea, Victor leads Ji Min into his office. As he’s being shown the project, Victor questions Ji Min if he came up with a name for the possible new line. Smiling, pleased that Victor is amped for the idea, Ji Min announces that the new line will be called Chaos .

Michael, still trying to get Lauren and Gloria from tearing each other apart, decides that he needs to spend time alone with Lauren. Gloria grows upset when Michael tells her that it would be best if she stepped out for a few minutes. Once alone, Michael tries to apologize for Gloria’s attack against her. A frustrated Lauren tells Michael he can save his apology; no matter what Gloria does; good or bad, Michael will always put her above everything and everyone else. Michael argues that she is wrong; that he does have her first. Not standing to hear anymore empty words, Lauren tells Michael that once the trial is over with; the same will go for their marriage.

At the athletic club, Colleen and Adrian are having supper together. Adrian comments that he’s never seen Colleen with such a ravenous appetite. Dismissing his comment, she tells him that she’s been so busy that she hadn’t a chance to eat. Adrian tells Colleen that she needs to eat better. Colleen tries to dismiss his comments to her, but when Adrian makes a comment about her eating too much, she becomes frustrated. When the waiter comes by, asking if they would like to order dessert, Colleen, feeling Adrian’s eyes on her, she quickly tells him no. Once he’s gone, Colleen tells Adrian she’s never been so embarrassed by his comments.

In South Dakota, Amanda and JT return to their hotel suite. On cloud nine, Amanda raves about how well the press conference to discuss the new possible changes to Newman took place. JT kisses Amanda lightly on the lips, telling her that Nick would definitely be proud of her. Amanda makes mention of how Victoria was really pushing for her to go, despite Nick’s reservations. Walking over to the phone, JT calls room service and requests a bottle of their best champagne and a fine cuisine. Returning towards her, JT takes Amanda in his arms and tells her that they have a lot of celebrating to do tonight.

Colleen opts to go to Lily’s after her disappointing evening with Adrian. When she arrives, she finds Lily sitting on the couch looking at fashion magazines. Lily can tell something is wrong and asks Colleen what happened on her date with Adrian. Colleen talks about how Adrian has been making comments about her eating habits and constantly teasing her about it. Lily tells Colleen that Adrian just cares about her so much that he wants her to be attractive to him. Narrowing her eyes, Colleen asks Lily what she means by that comment. Lily points out that if she did things to improve her body image, maybe Adrian would give her more positive comments. Colleen snaps that Lily is so weak minded that she’s willing to change who she is to please a man.


KEVIN: I can't believe you are going to give up on my brother. Don't you want your marriage to work?"

LAUREN: Michael stopped caring about our marriage the minute he helped cover up Gloria's crimes.

JACK: I don't think that Sharon Newman is the right woman for our new cosmetics line.

BRAD: Oh come on Jack. She's the best for the job and you know it.

DANIEL: Look at those images and tell me if it's really worth it, Lily.


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