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#58 Tuesday, June 26




Sharon unknowingly hits a nerve with Drucilla

Daniel and Lily are having a tense lunch the following day. He asks Lily if she thought about what he said in regards to the breast implant surgery. Lily, not in the mood to have another fight with someone about her decision, tells Daniel that she will make her decision based on what she feels; not based on how someone else reacts to her. Daniel walks over to the desk to retrieve a folder to give to her. He tells her that if he won’t listen to her about the downside of plastic surgery, at least look at true live testimonies from young women that had terrible repercussions from getting the surgery. Lily looks at the images and comments of the other women but quickly closes the folder, dismissing it as pure ‘rare case’ side effects.

At Jabot, Jack is looking over Brad’s ideas for the campaign to launch Genesis. As they are talking, Jack tells him that they need to seriously think about finding someone fresh and new to represent their product. Brad, seeing where the conversation is headed, firmly tells Jack that Sharon is the person that will be their new spokes model. Jack huffily disagrees and tells Brad that if he has to, he’ll search for a spokes model on his own. It is then that Jill walks in hearing their bickering. Jill, taking sides with Brad, tells Jack that regardless of his personal feelings towards Sharon, they need someone that can really sell the product; someone that people recognize. Jack prepares to say something but Jill snaps that the decisions is made; Sharon Newman will be the Genesis spokes model.

Over at Newman Enterprises, Phyllis and Nikki are hard at work with coming up with ideas to make a huge launch of Chaos, the new line for Newman/NVP. Phyllis raves to Nikki about how awesome it is to have Ji Min on staff, heading up the project. Nikki states that their goal is to get Chaos products in the spa regions; targeting consumers looking for not only product but products to enhance pampering. Jotting down ideas, Phyllis asks how they should feature Dru in the new line. Nikki tells Phyllis since Ji Min is launching a line that has a edgier side, they could feature Dru in ads that focus on the ‘chaos’ in everyday life, and show how their products still offer a glamorous look. Both women smile, knowing that Dru would definitely like it.

Dru is all smiles when she sees her good friend, Sharon awaiting her at Crimson Lights. The two women hug and immediately begin to talk about their week-end. Dru lets Sharon know that the family received a letter from Devon, telling them of how wonderful it is in Los Angeles. Sharon is thrilled that Devon has found a career that he loves. When Dru asks her about her week-end, Sharon immediately informs her of the job opportunity she received. Curiosity getting the better of her, Dru insists on Sharon spilling the beans. Sharon tells of how Brad offered her a job at Jabot as their spokes model. Dru, not trying to be mean, asks Sharon if she’s sure Brad offered her the job in good faith. Sharon, not liking the implication, tells Dru that it would be best if they just not talk about their work.

Kevin, not liking how things are going between Michael and Lauren, pays an impromptu visit to her at Fenmore’s . The minute she sees him, she shakes her head, telling him that she will not talk to him about her choices in her marriage to his brother. Despite her objections to talk, Kevin tries to get her to understand how much Michael loves her and their son. Lauren tells Kevin that love isn’t always enough, especially when someone constantly lets other people test that love. Understanding how she feels, Kevin points out that once the trial is over Michael and she can focus on working on their marriage. Lauren tells Kevin that the day Michael decided to help cover up his mother’s crimes was the day he chose not to focus on their marriage.


NEIL: What were you and Colleen arguing about Lily?

LILY: It was nothing dad, it was just a mis-understanding.

WILLIAM: I wanted to call you to tell you we have someone that may have damaging evidence against Gloria.

AMANDA: Is this person definitely going to testify?

MICHAEL (looking at Gloria): I hope to God nothing will come at us unexpectantly during this case.

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Reeeeeeeoow, Lauren, reow! Love it. Lauren and Michael were never well-suited to begin with, but I do like her sisterly relationship with Kevin.

Freakingly Lily. This storyline is so great, but she annoys the crap out of me. I supposed that's meant to be, since it's Christel :lol:

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