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#59 Wednesday, June 27




William's key witness could tear this happy family apart

Michael, on the verge of pulling out his hair, looks over all of his notes and documentation; in hopes that he is well prepared for Gloria’s upcoming trial. Gloria, walking out of the kitchen with a small plate of fruit, asks Michael if things are working towards their favor. Glaring at Gloria, Michael tells her that she better be praying that no surprises come to bite them un-expectantly. Gloria, immediately waves off Michael’s concern, pointing out that the only witnesses to knowing her crimes are Kevin and he; and they aren’t talking. Michael tells Gloria that William’s over determination could be their downfall.

Lily and Colleen are returning back from a day of shopping, when they decide to unwind at Lily’s house. Upon their arrival, Lily gushes about how she can’t wait to try on all her tops once she’s ‘filled out’ some. Colleen tries to hold in her annoyance, but Lily immediately picks up on her friend’s attitude. Lily quickly asks her what her problem is. Colleen tells Lily that she’s growing tired of her constant talk about ‘perfecting’ her body; knowing full well she’s fine the ways she is. Things turn ugly when Lily makes a cutting comment about Colleen needing some ‘improvements’ herself if she wants to keep Adrian’s attention. Just before Colleen can say anything, Neil, coming to pay a visit, walks in asking what all the shouting is about.

William, coming back from a short lunch, arrives at his office. It would only be a few days before the upcoming trial and he definitely wanted to have all his ducks in a row. Grabbing his case file, he opened it up to view his list of witnesses. As he’s looking over his notes, someone knocks on his door. Instructing them to come in, he looks on as Paul walks in. William immediately asks him if he had any luck in finding someone that may shed light on Gloria. Paul tells him that he has, and instructs the man who’s with him to come in. William is more than ready to begin finding out what connection he has with Gloria.

An upset Colleen quickly excuses herself from the apartment. Once she is gone, Neil immediately asks Lily what is going on between the two of them. Waving it off as mere bickering, Lily tells her father that things will be okay; they simply had a misunderstanding about something that happened while they were shopping. A skeptical Neil points out that it didn’t sound like a mere misunderstanding and again asks if there is something more that’s going on. Not wanting to delve into it, Lily tells her father that everything between Colleen and her will be fine.

Back at William’s office, William is face-to-face with Tim, the man that helped set Gloria’s plan in motion. When William begins to question him about that fateful day, Tim tries to pull a tough guy routine, refusing to talk. Paul tells William that he managed to get his confession on tape and that he can present it to him if needed. Not in the mood for games, William tells Tim that if he wants any type of deal, his best bet is to start telling him everything that he knows; if not, be ready to face serious jail time. Not wanting to go back to jail, Tim tells William what Gloria wanted and exactly how much money he was paid for not only the chemical but also how he was paid to stay out of Genoa City. William smiles, pleased that he finally has what he needs to put Gloria away.

Daniel is heading out of Crimson Lights when he nearly runs into a frustrated Colleen. Immediately putting his departure on hold, he asks her what’s troubling her. She tells Daniel that he has to do something about his wife; that she’s become so fixated on wanting the perfect body. Daniel tells Colleen about how he showed her images of the bad side of plastic surgery, but points out that Lily is too determined to do what she wants. Colleen tells Daniel that he needs to tell Lily’s parents. Maybe if they knew, they could get her to not go through with the procedure. Daniel isn’t too sure he should get them involved.

Once William has instruction to keep Tim in a location where he’s close by for the trial, he tells Paul to make the call to Amanda. Paul tells William that she’s away on business in South Dakota. William, not caring where she is, tells Paul to get her back to Genoa City immediately. Paul, stepping outside of his office, calls Amanda’s cell phone. When he gets through, he is surprised to hear JT on the other end. Not having time to ask questions, Paul tells JT that Amanda is needed back in Genoa City immediately. When JT asks what for; Paul says that they have a key witness that will help bring Amanda justice for her family. Paul hears JT telling Amanda the news.

After ending his talk with Colleen, Daniel prepares once again to head home. Unfortunately, Neil walks into Crimson Lights and zooms in on Daniel, telling him about walking in on an argument between Colleen and Lily. Daniel tells him that things have a been a bit tense between them since Colleen transferred college. Shaking his head, Neil says he believes it’s more than that; and he wants to know if Daniel has any ideas as to what’s going on. Shrugging his shoulders, he tells Neil that he can’t assume what’s going on if he wasn’t there. Trying a different tactic, Neil asks Daniel if anything is going on that Lily’s trying to keep quiet. Daniel is left speechless, wondering if he should take Colleen’s advice and tell the truth.


BRAD (smirking): Well, Victor, it must suck doesn't it? You shouldn't have gotten rid of me. Now I'm making Jabot

bigger and better.

VICTOR: I wouldn't be too confident in that, Bradley. After all, I know all of your weaknesses; and I intend on using them.

KEVIN: You don't understand, Michael. William has a key witness for the trial.

MICHAEL: What?!? Are you serious? I don't care how you found this out, just tell me everything you know; NOW!

JI MIN: I think you will be glad by the news I have to share with you. It's concerning Jabot.

VICTOR: I'm all for good news, especially if it will give me the upperhand against Brad and Jack.

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I always love your stuff, but this was really great nad meaty. Loved it.

Loved the Michael fretting and William landing his key witness and how it kind of fit together.

Nice to see Colleen concerned about Lily, and Neil's sudden involvement. Love how he cornered Daniel. Out your wife!

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