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#60 Thursday, June 28




Jill's slip of the lips becomes music to Ji Min's ears

Amanda and JT couldn’t get their bags packed fast enough to make their flight back to Genoa City. Once they got home, JT drove Amanda straight to meet William at Crimson Lights. When they arrived, Amanda anxiously questions William about the surprise witness. William informs them that he had Paul doing some extensive investigation in terms of people that may have had contact with Gloria during the time of the crime. JT wonders if the witness will try to back out of testifying. William states that Tim doesn’t want to go back to jail, therefore, he’ll do whatever to keep from going back. Amanda hugs JT, thrilled that someone will be able to put Gloria away for a while.

At the athletic club, Brad spots Victor dining solo. Not missing an opportunity to rub his latest success in his soon to be ex father-in-law’s face, Brad walks up to him. Victor immediately removes his glasses and stares at Brad, asking him why he’s even stopping at his table. Not phased, Brad immediately takes a seat across from Victor, boasting that he made a grave mistake in buying him out. Victor tells him he knew exactly what he was doing, and makes no apologies for it. Brad tells him he’ll think differently when he helps Jabot sweep Newman under the rug with their latest venture. Before Brad can make an exit, Victor tells him to sit down and listen carefully to what he has to say.

Ji Min who is heading from the bar of the athletic club, casually spots Victor in a heated conversation with Brad. Shaking his head quickly, he proceeds to the lobby to exit, when he bumps into Jill. Jill immediately smiles upon seeing Ji Min, and asks him how things are going for him. Always flattered by Jill’s kindness towards him, Ji Min tells her that things are going well; and hope the same for her. Looking around, Jill gently pulls him into a secluded area, where she once again asks him to come back to Jabot. He tells Jill that he could never return to Jabot as long as Jack is a strong presence there. The two begin talking and in her excitement of his asking how things are going work wise, accidentally lets slip about Jabot’s new line, Genesis. Once she departs, Ji Min decides on what to do with this latest news.

William, Amanda and JT are still talking about the looming trial when Kevin comes from the back office. Eyes locked on the three of them, Kevin is more than curious as to what is going on; as well as to why Amanda is back from her business trip. Trying not to be noticed, Kevin quickly finds a spot where he can’t be seen but can ear hustle every detail of their conversation. He thinks that the conversation is boring until JT questions William about his key witness. He’s stunned when William announces that the witness has enough information that could blow any chances of Michael winning out of the water. The minute all three leave, Kevin quickly makes an exit, determined to tell Michael and Gloria all that he’s heard.

Victor, quite tired of the antics of Brad, tells him that if he as much as tries to make attempts to sabotage Newman in anyway, he’ll make sure Brad’s life is completely destroyed. Knowing that Victor is a man of his word, and knowing exactly what extent Victor would go, prepares his exit. Victor tells Brad to pass that on to Jack as well. Once Brad leaves, Victor spots Ji Min back that the bar, and approaches him. Victor asks him how things are going with Chaos. Ji Min tells him that he looked over the campaign that Nikki and Phyllis have set up for Drucilla to work on. Sensing that Ji Min has something on his mind, Victor asks him if he would like to share what he’s thinking. Looking around, making sure that Jill, as well as Brad, are out of sight, Ji Min tells Victor about his conversation with Jill, and how she unknowingly gave out key information about their new venture, Genesis.

Michael, who is trying to calm his ever stressed nerves, nearly jumps when Kevin comes barreling inside. Gloria, hearing the commotion comes rushing out, demanding to know what’s going on. Michael states he was about to ask his ‘little’ brother the same thing. Kevin quickly fills them in on the conversation he heard between William, Amanda and JT. Michael immediately demands to know if Kevin was able to find out or hear them mention a name of the witness; however, Kevin tells them that a name was mentioned at all. All eyes lock on to Gloria, who immediately goes in ‘dumb’ mode, wondering who the key witness could be.

At Jabot, Brad slams his briefcase down on his desk, as he slumps into his seat. Loosening his tie, he dials Jack and tells him to come see him immediately. Going to the mini refrigerator, he grabs a bottle of water and pours some in a glass. When Jack arrives, Brad fills him in on his exchange with Victor. Jack, worried that Brad’s inflated ego might have gave their latest plans away, asks Brad what the purpose was in talking to Victor to begin with. Brad admits he mainly wanted to rub his new position in Victor’s face, but tells Jack that things got heated when Victor slammed him with a warning. Jack tells Brad that if they want to truly beat Victor, they have to do give Victor the impression that they are doing all thing legit as they possibly can. Guzzling the water down, Brad tells him that he has a few ‘key’ components that will work to their advantage in getting the upper hand on the ‘Moustache.’

Back at the apartment, Michael corners Gloria and asks her if there is anything that she’s not telling him. Gloria quickly feigns hurt, upset that Michael would begin to question her after everything she’s shared with him. In no mood for games, Michael warns Gloria that her ass is the one on the line if she’s keeping information from him. Kevin begins to wonder who would know about the tampering of the skin cream, and immediately wonders if someone on the Jabot staff could have seen Gloria enter the lab. Still keeping his eye on Gloria, Michael begins to wonder the same thing, but quickly dismisses it, saying that a Jabot employee would have busted Gloria in all that time. As Michael and Kevin are wracking their brains on who William’s witness is; a very quiet Gloria worries if her secret scheme to keep a certain somebody quiet has backfired.


COLLEEN: Daniel, you have to tell Lily's parents what's going on. They need to know the truth.

DANIEL: I know. I should have told them the minute I found out she used their money to make that down payment.

BRAD: Sharon, when you were at NVP, did Phyllis and Nikki include you in on any of their upcoming projects?

SHARON: Of course. They included me in on a majority of them; especially with being their spokes model.

GLORIA (seeing Ashley walking into the court house): What the hell is she doing here?

MICHAEL: Did you honestly think that William wouldn't have Ashley Abbott on the list of witnesses?


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