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"THE GUIDING LIGHT" Leads Award Winners



Nominated for seven SONBC Awards including Outstanding Drama Series, "The Guiding Light" walked away leading the pack of winners! Below are the awards won and the material that was submitted for the win.

Everyone at "TGL" thanks the blue ribbon panel for their dedication to seeing the awards through, fellow nominees and winners!





Episode 028

Lizzie’s reflection stared back at her almost mockingly as she just stood there. For the first time in a very long while, the spoiler Spaulding heiress felt completely helpless and alone.

She closed her eyes, took a deep troubled breath and put her other earring in as her cell phone began to ring on her bed.

“Shayne.” She said without any emotion, “Hello.”

“Liz?” His sturdy voice spoke back, “Lizzie is that you?”

“Uh-huh…yeah Shayne, it’s me.”

“You holding up okay?”

She shook her head no but answered something completely different, “Of course…best as can be expected, right?” Her eyes closed quickly and tightly. “Are…um, you guys…are you all going to be at the service?”

“Of course. We wouldn’t be anywhere else.” Shayne replied, “Listen why don’t Marina, Tammy and I come over after school today…”

Lizzie had stopped even listening after his first two words and stared out the window, “Shayne I need to go, I’ll call you later.” She tossed her phone to the foot of the bed, tears streamed down her face, she trembled, sobbed and cursed aloud, “Damnit!”

In the doorway a small yet powerful voice spoke, “Daddy’s going to wash your mouth out if he hears you.”

“James!” Lizzie answered completely caught off guard, “What are you up to buddy? Huh?” She asked as she wiped her face, “Come over here and sit down next to me.”

“Why did you say that bad word?” The toddler asked, “Is it because you’re upset like Mommy too?”

Lizzie shook her head, “Yeah.” She wrapped her arms around her little brother, “Did you see Mommy this morning?”

“No. Lizzie, mommy wouldn’t answer the door.”

“She probably slept with Nana.” Lizzie tried to explain, “You see Mommy hasn’t been feeling good lately and you know when we feel bad how we just want Mom, it’s like that with Nana.”

James shook his head, “But why is Aunt Alex crying?” He paused tears formed in Lizzie’s eyes, “Is it because Daddy’s not home yet?”

Suddenly Lizzie the wind was knocked out of her and she clutched her stomach. Through her own tears now she pulled James close to her. In a hushed whisper she spoke, “Yeah baby, Daddy not being home has a lot to do with it.”

“Well how much longer till he gets here? I want the crying to stop.”

Lizzie picked James up and sat him on her lap. She lightly stroked back his hair on his forehead, much like Phillip used to do. “The things is James…” she spoke softly through tears, “Daddy’s not coming home.”


“Ever.” She answered, “You remember when your dog died last year?” James shook his head, “Yeah? Well you know then Lou went to dog heaven,” she wiped her face and asked for guidance under her breath, “the same thing has happened with Dad. But he’s not in dog heaven…he’s in people heaven.”

“What’s the difference?” James asked with the an emotionless face, “Lizzie??”

“Well…” she searched for the right words, “in dog heaven the dogs get to run around, eat treats and bark whenever they want, they just enjoy life. But you see in people heaven they have jobs. And do you know what Daddy’s job is?”

James shook his head.

“Daddy has an exciting new job and it’s very important. You know you could almost think of him as a superhero of sorts.”

“Really?” James asked, “Like Superman?”

“Kind of yeah. Daddy’s in Heaven and he’s like our own personal superhero angel.” Lizzie’s eyes filled, “And when you start missing him then you just look up and talk, because he’s with us, always.”

James reached up and wiped Lizzie’s cheek, “Like a guardian angel?”

She kissed his hand, “Exactly. Exactly.”





Episode 023

Marah returns home, where she sees Josh sitting on the sofa waiting for her. She walks over and hugs him.

“Marah, you don’t have any bags. Aren’t you ready to move back into the house yet?”

“No I’m not ready yet,” Marah responds.

“When are you going to be ready? Listen, I know that Tony’s death was hard on you. I understand that. But your mother did not mean for him to die. She knew home much you loved him. You need to find it in your heart to forgive her so that we can all move on with our lives just like Danny is trying to do,” Josh reasons.

With this, Marah moves to the defensive.

“Dad, Danny is not moving forward. He is stuck in a rut and can’t get out of it. He feels guilty and angry because mom killed his cousin.”

Reva walks to the stop of the stairs and eavesdrops on the conversation.

“Marah, didn’t Danny tell you? He’s not pressing charges against your Aunt Roxie for Tony’s death.”

“What?!” Marah exclaims. “So mom walks away clean as a whistle yet again right? She’s a regular Houdini.”

“Marah, your mom didn’t kill Tony…”

“God Dad, open your eyes! When are you going to see mom for what she truly is?”

At this, Reva walks down the stairs and asks, “What do you think I truly am Marah?”

“Reva you should go back upstairs.” Josh warned, “Marah and I are going to have a little talk. She needs to learn some respect when she is in this house.”

“No daddy, she asked.”

“What do I think you are mom? Well, I think Aunt Roxie summed it all up. You’re a slut, a whore that has led us all along for all these years. Unfortunately, dad has suffered the worst under you little spell. Even now, he loves you so much. You are so stuck in that fountain that you couldn’t handle being a mother. Did you ever have a child that you actually raised yourself? Dylan? Me? Shayne? Jonathan? Nope, that’s all of us. Or is it? With you, there’s really no telling what other children you have hiding in the woodwork. Whenever Reva Shayne gets too domestic, she rides off in search of the next drama. You bring chaos wherever you go. This is just the last straw. God knows just how many people have fallen at the altar of Reva: Annie, Richard, Sonni, Olivia… Tony was just your latest victim!”

“Marah enough!” Josh warns.

“No Joshua, let her vent,” Reva says.

“Well, I’m so glad I have your permission,” Marah cracks. “Dad, you are no better than she is. You play the victim whenever mother turns another trick, yet you keep yearning for it. You’re like some masochist and this twisted relationship with mom is just a long mutilation. But you don’t do anything but stand there and take it. Why? Are you so far up her dress that you can’t see straight? That makes you just as bad a parent as she is!”

Reva’s temper grows as Marah berates Josh. At the last comment she puts her hands on Marah’s shoulders and slaps her daughter.

“Listen Marah,” Reva sobs. “I know that you are grieving for Tony and I am so sorry that you have to go through that. And I know that in some small way that I am responsible for that. But I never wanted this. I know that I have made more than my fair share of mistakes over the years, but your dad does not deserve this. He has cared for you and loved you even when I was not there for you. So yell and scream or whatever you have to do to settle your anger at me, but I will not allow your father to be dragged into your rant!”

Marah stands still, stunned that Reva would slap her. As she begins to cry, Reva interjects.

“Oh don’t cry Marah. You only got what you asked for.”

Marah’s anger rises to the breaking point. Marah screams, “Go to Hell,” and storms out of the room.





Reva Shayne Lewis took matters into her own hands when her brother-in-law requested her assistance in helping him die. Reva granted Richard’s wishes and he died, causing an enormous between her sister Cassie, a jail sentence and much later an unidentifiable stalker, this is when “THE GUIDING LIGHT” began.

Reva used her position as a talk show host for WSPR to go on air in an attempt to air out her stalker, but he/she had other plans! Before the live “Reva Shayne” show could begin reformed mobster, Tony Santos found a suspicious bag and tossed it down a stairwell just as it exploded. Shaken up by what had just happened, Josh insisted that Tony take Marah and Shayne away from the studio and back their house. The Lewis children went as instructed even though Marah suspected that Tony could be the stalker after she had a stolen Lewis family picture in the lighthouse where he was living. Meanwhile, a mystery woman arrived at Olivia’s Bar where she and Edmund shared their mutual disdain for Reva. During the show Reva and Cassie’s pleaded for the stalker to come clean and confront Reva, instead they went after her children. The stalker called Marah and Shayne used the opportunity to sneak out of the house. At the Beacon, Shayne snuck in the back way in hopes of not being seen where he was attacked just moments after the stalker called WSPR!

Frank, Harley and the entire Springfield Police Department worked at tracing both the WSPR and Marah’s call. They concluded finally that it came from a phone at the Beacon. Cassie ordered that phone logs and security DVDs be pulled and given to the police, meanwhile at the same time Tammy Winslow has returned from the station and finds her cousin Shayne bleeding by the payphone. While viewing the DVDs Frank and Harley see Edmund leaving the bar within seconds of the first phone call to Marah, then a person dressed in a trench coat at the payphone, suddenly turning and seeing Shayne. As he walked off Frank and Harley witness the mysterious figure attacking Shayne!

Following the WSPR live show, Holly Reade who up until this point had been a suspect is cleared because she was at the station when the call came in producing the episode thanks her one-time lover and former son-in-law, Ross Marler for not doubting her innocence. The two embrace in a tender hug that is witnessed by Holly’s daughter and Ross’ ex-wife and current love Blake!

After they gathered enough evidence, Harley and Frank arrested Edmund and charged him as Reva’s stalker. As Josh and Reva raced to Cedars to see how Shayne was doing, Reva vowed that they had to protect their children!”

Even though Edmund had a clear-cut agenda and reason for wishing harm upon Reva he continued to insist that he was innocent of the crime. Luckily for Edmund he had a powerful friend with even more powerful connections: Alexandra Spaulding. She called in a favor from Bay City and Cass Winthrop arrived to assist Edmund with his case. Edmund was denied bail and formally charged, as Reva’s eldest son got on a plane to Springfield from Minnesota. Reva, Josh and Cassie breathed a sigh of relief having thought the stalker was caught, but that all soon changed. Reva discovered in Shayne’s hospital room a vase of black roses with the message, “Dial S for Slut…They’ve got the wrong person.” As Reva and Josh worry that everything is not okay, the mystery person dressed in a trench coat makes a phone call from a payphone inside Cedars to Dr. Mel Bauer. The stalker tells Mel, “You’re on my list…bitch!”

Reva decided to do Edmund a favor and demands that Frank release him, against his wishes, but Reva persists. But before Edmund leaves, he comes face-to-face with her and she issues him a very stern, to the point warning about coming after or near her children. Reva reveals that through Alexandra’s help Edmund now has a job awaiting him in San Cristobel. Reva warns him about going near Marissa or Jonathan. Reva says she’ll be in contact with Alonzo and that she can be far more dangerous than he ever was!

With Dylan Lewis’ arrival in Springfield he was brought up to speed on what is going on with his mother. Reva and Josh revealed to Dylan that they want him to take Marah and Shayne away from Springfield and to Minnesota. Dylan agrees, as Cassie reveals to Tammy that she will also be leaving Springfield and going with Dylan. Josh returns home with Shayne to find Billy, Dylan, Cassie, Tammy and Reva awaiting their return. Shortly after Marah and Tony arrive. Reva announces that Edmund was not the person that they were looking for and that her stalker is still out there somewhere and while she appreciates Tony’s help in protecting Marah and Shayne they have decided it would be in the best interest of the children if they left Springfield with Dylan and Billy. Shayne inquires as to where they are going and Josh explains that they will go to Minnesota until the stalker is caught once and for all. Marah is very angry that her mother would just send her away and despite trying to calm her down, she runs out of the house and speeds away. Devastated that she is putting her family through this Reva goes off and breaks down. Shayne goes after her and assures her that everything will be fine and that Marah will come around and see that leaving Springfield right now is for the best. Marah goes to the lighthouse and gets on the computer where she begins looking for plane tickets to Paris. She thinks that this is another ploy her father is using to keep Marah and Tony away from one another, distraught over everything that is going Marah begins to breakdown and realizes that if she wants to protect herself from not only the stalker but Josh and Reva and lead a normal life with Tony then she is going to have to do it her own way, with her own set of rules. She grabs a duffle bag from the closet and begins packing what clothes she has left at the lighthouse and that is when she comes across an envelope with Tony’s name on it. She opens the envelope and out falls pictures, newspaper clippings from the 80s through the present day, one that sticks out in her mind the most is the photograph of Reva and Josh at the country club fountain. The picture was clipped from the society page and the caption reads, “Tulsa bad girl Reva Shayne Lewis baptizes herself the slut of Springfield.” Marah begins to freak out and that is when Tony arrives, which sends her reeling. She asks where he got this information and he is without answers. Marah demands answers and he asks what has her so upset and that is when Marah shows him the note that was left for her at the nurse’s station at Cedars, “The water is warm. Make your mother, the slut proud before it’s too late.” Tony not understanding the connection is confused, Marah tells him that he knew about the Slut of Springfield incident and he sent that letter. Marah becomes uncontrollably angry with him and begin fighting with him. Saying that he’s had access to Reva all this time, he made the calls, broke into the house and probably paid someone to make those other phone calls during the live television show. Marah questions how much Tony had to pay to have Shayne beaten up and put in the hospital. Tony tried to calm Marah down and assure her he is not responsible for any of this, but she will not have any of it and declares that he should leave her alone, she says that he should never come anywhere near her ever again and storms out of the lighthouse. Tony goes after her in an effort to calm her down but Marah, gets ahead of herself and trips down the stairs, bruising herself up, allowing Tony to finally get to her. Scared that he is going to do something to hurt her, Marah tries to get away but is unsuccessful and Tony assures her that he has never seen those articles and knows nothing about the note she received. He tells her he loves her very much and only wants to keep her safe. Reva receives another threatening phone call, clearly a woman’s voice talking about Dylan’s return to Springfield. Unable to trace the call, Frank offers up that Reva should get the children out of Springfield immediately. Josh then calls Marah and reveals another call was made. She tells him she’ll be home soon. Marah tells Tony that Reva received another call and says that she is sorry for doubting him. Marah becomes shaken and unsure of what to do or even say, so she gets up and leaves Tony, without saying another word. Tony is devastated at how the two of them left things. The plane carrying Marah, Tammy and Shayne take off without a problem leaving Reva to wonder what her next move is going to be. Cassie arrives at Reva's and inquires on the kids in Minnesota. Reva tells Cassie that Billy just called and they are settling in all right. Reva tells her that Bridget has taken the girls shopping. Cassie says that they have got to figure a way to lure out Reva's stalker and she thinks she knows exactly how to do it!

Mel is working the ER at Cedars when Judith arrives complaining of chest pains. Mel quickly puts her in an observation room and begins to exam the woman. Judith is very chatty about Mel's life as a doctor and woman, Judith inquires if Mel is married and she says she is to Dr. Rick Bauer. Mel is then called away, leaving Judith alone in the examination room. Lillian comes back and tells Mel that she has both good and bad news, as Judith listens outside the room: Lillian tells Dr. Bauer that she is suffering from fatigue and that it cannot be good for the baby! Mel is shocked to learn that she is pregnant and begs Lillian not to let Rick find out. Lillian agrees! Lillian runs into Mel as she is headed out to lunch and inquires if Mel has had a chance to tell Rick about the baby. Mel tells her that she hasn't and asks Lillian how far along she is. Lillian tells her without looking she believes 6-10 weeks. Mel thanks her and invites her to lunch, Lillian agrees but runs inside to get her purse...leaving Mel alone in the parking garage. Mel goes across the parking garage to bring her car around to meet Lillian when she drops her keys to the ground. From the back of the garage a car comes roaring towards Mel as she is standing up, the car strikes her sending Mel to back to the ground as Lillian returns! Lillian and a team of doctor’s work to stabilize Mel as she drifts into a drug induced coma! Mel has now been in her drug induced coma for two days. Rick is keeping a vigil at her bedside, when Lillian arrives. Out in the waiting room Judith arrives and spies on them. While the Lillian is in with Rick, the nurses station is left unmanned and Judith takes a moment to look through Mel's chart. She quickly learns that Mel was pregnant with Rick's baby and that the hit-and-run caused her to miscarry their baby. A thought that pleases her! Rick steps out of Mel's room for some coffee and Judith quickly steps in. She places what would appear to be a "Get Well" card by Mel's bed and quickly leaves...just as Rick is about to reenter the room. Rick adjusts himself by Mel's bedside and then notices the Get Well card. Rick picks up the Get Well card left by Judith and begins to open it. Rick is opening the "Get Well" card for Mel...Both he and Reva read the same thing at the same time, "“Tonight is the night you both pay for your sins.” Rick begins to worry and calls Lillian into Mel's room...she says she doesn't know what is going on and Rick tells her to call Harley. Back in Springfield...Rick finds himself at Outskirts...where he orders a shot of strong whiskey...the bartender pours him the drink as a woman approaches from behind questioning if Rick really wants to take that drink. Mindy asks Rick again if he really wants to take that drink and he says that it seems like the right thing to do. Mindy tells him to go ahead, drink it...then another, then another and another. Rick asks what she is doing and Mindy says that when Mel wakes up from her coma, she'll want Rick...he has to decide where he wants to be when that happens, by her bedside or slumped over some bar drunk. Rick doesn't say anything and Mindy says that she doesn't want Rick to go down the same path Ed went down...she tells him to make his choice, kisses his cheek and leaves. Rick is left to wonder if he should take the drink or not. Mindy receives a telephone call from her secretary in Paris. She copies the number down and hangs up. Mindy dials the number and Michelle Bauer Santos answers. Rick arrives back at the hospital and goes to see Mel. He tells Mel that he needs her to come back to him, now more than ever because he almost done something that would have sent their lives into a downward spiral...Rick begin to tear up and begs her to come back to him. Rick explains that someone hit her with a car and the doctors put her into a drug related coma so that her body could heal, which apparently it has done. Mel places her hand over her stomach and says she saw the woman who hit her...as Harley arrives with a picture of Roxie Shayne.

Frank arrives at Josh and Reva's house to hear the idea Cassie has had about luring the stalker out of hiding! Cassie reveals that she wants to host a masquerade ball. Frank tells her it is going to be risky and that they will need a cover for the ball! The women struggle with an idea and Josh suggest that they hold a benefit in Richard's name for the library that Prince Alonzo is building in San Cristobel in Richard's memory. Frank says that he likes that idea and they will have to work make sure Cassie and Reva are the hostess, since the stalker has an agenda against Reva for her role in Richard's death. Cassie says that will not be a problem, that her and Reva are now a united front! Harley spots Josh at Company and she tells him Frank informed her about the ball at The Beacon. The two talk about what will happen at the ball. Harley promises that she will keep a personal eye on Reva all night long. Josh thinks back to when he lost Reva the first time and says that Harley has away of lending a helping hand when he needs it the most!

Reva and Josh are dressing for the masquerade ball and he tells her to be very careful tonight up there that he does not want to lose her again. Reva assures him that Frank and Harley are taking every precaution to protect her. Josh is sorting the mail Harley brought in as Reva is finishing her make-up. He comes across the mysterious note and opens it. "You always did like to be the center of attention didn’t you? Even when you killed him it was all about you. You shall pay once and for all." He immediately calls Frank in and shows the note to Reva! The ball seems to be going off successfully so far. Frank however tells Josh that he is keeping Cassie and Reva secluded away so they can make their grand entrance together, in hopes of luring Reva's stalker out. Josh says that is if the stalker is even really here...as Frank goes to check on the women, Josh grabs Tony and pulls him aside. Before Frank arrives, Cassie and Reva are alone. Cassie reassures her sister that everything is going to be all right and that nothing bad is going to happen. Just then a knock is heard and an usher from the party delivers a note to Cassie, addressed to Reva. Reva is shaken by the note and feels uneasy about going through with the ball, but Cassie convinces her that it has to be done, just as Frank arrives. Cassie shows Frank the note and he says that most likely Reva's stalker is here, just as Harley enters with news about Rick's note...both are shocked to learn they are the same and Harley races off to Cedars, questioning where Gus is at. Against her better judgment Reva prepares to take the stage and Rick questions what in the hell is going on. Having been asked by Josh to keep an eye on Cassie and Reva...Tony offers his arm to escort Reva on the stage, which she gladly takes. Cassie introduces the Chairwoman of Prince Richard Winslow Foundation, her sister, Mrs. Reva Shayne Lewis...as Judith takes a place in the back of the room. Reva addresses the crowd about what a truly wonderful man Richard and that along with his widow and her husband, Joshua a scholarship foundation shall be sat up in conjunction with the building of "The Prince Richard Winslow Memorial Library" in San Cristobel...as the crowd applauses, Judith reaches into her hand bag, clutches a gun and whispers, "This is for you Johnny.” The applause at The Beacon dies down and suddenly everyone hears from the back of the room, "I baptize myself the slut of Springfield. Nothing but a common whore, a slut, a gold digging murdering jezebel. Isn’t that right Reva? Joshua? Cassie?" The entire party turns toward the woman as she pulls out a gun...Reva is frozen in the moment and whispers, "Roxanne", Cassie is pushed to the ground by an officer, Josh rushes towards Reva...as the gun is fired...police officers take Roxanne down, as Reva is also pushed to the ground, by someone other than a Springfield officer! Reva screams out as she sees Tony bleeding and calls out for a doctor and paramedics rushes towards his body! Reva is sobbing at Tony's side and begs him to fight this...she is weeping when the paramedics pushes her aside to see his son, Reva is crying beyond control as Josh takes her in his arms, she finally composes herself and then locks eyes with Roxie and charges after, "What have you done? Why?" Reva asks. Reva and Josh arrive at Cedars where they tell Danny and Cassie that Frank has Roxie in custody and that they will question her tomorrow. Reva says that Roxie is her sister and was responsible for stalking her, just as Harley shows the picture to Mel and she identifies her as the woman who ran her over. Rick is stunned to see Roxie after all these years, but does not tell Mel his connection to her. Reva apologizes to Danny and he says that it wasn't her fault and is almost ready to forgive her when a doctor comes out and breaks the news to Danny, that TONY HAS DIED! Tammy, Shayne and Marah return from Minnesota, the news of Tony’s death is kept from Marah as Reva prepares to confront Roxanne!

At the police station, Reva and Josh arrive to find Rick waiting on them there. Reva hugs Rick and asks how Mel is doing. Rick says that she's getting better, that Michelle is with her now and Reva apologizes for Roxie's actions. Rick assures Reva that what Roxie has done is not her fault, just as Frank is arriving, he tells them that Roxie's about to be questioned. Reva, Josh and Rick settle in to listen as Roxie explains why she came to Springfield and stalked both Reva and Mel. Roxie begins that the love of her life, Johnny Bauer…Rick tells Josh and Reva that is his second cousin. Roxie goes on to explain that she and Johnny married in 1998, but in September 2001 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer…and that he died July 11th. Reva suddenly realizes that is the same day that she withdrew Richard’s life support as Roxie makes a stunning claim: “She killed him. That slut, she was jealous of what Johnny and I had…she murdered him and got away with it.” Roxanne continues to say that Johnny was in perfect health until Reva came in and pulled his life support. Rick is stunned and says that he has to talk to Frank… Frank leaves Roxie alone in the interrogation room and Rick reveals to him that Roxie’s story does not add up…that Johnny isn’t dead, he never had cancer…Rick says that he does still live in Tulsa and that he did marry Roxie…but the rest is all made up. Frank orders a deputy to put the call into the sanitarium and then goes back into question Roxie. In the interrogation room Roxanne explains no matter what she did growing up that Reva always had the attention of her mother Sarah and men. Roxie says that Reva knew how much she loved Johnny and Reva took him away from her. Frank questions why Roxanne would go after Mel and Roxanne explains that after she lost Johnny she realized the only other man she would love was her second love, Rick Bauer and she never thought Mel deserved to be with him. Frank leaves Roxanne and encourages Reva not to see her sister and makes a few phone calls. He soon learns that Roxanne escaped her sanitarium home, leaving Tulsa and in fact a very much alive Johnny back in Tulsa. Reva says she is glad that this is over and she does not want to press charges against Roxanne. Frank agrees, but says that it will be up to Doris Wolfe if charges are pressed against Roxanne for her role in Tony’s death. Frank explains that Roxie will be transported back to Tulsa, after the holiday. Rick returns to the hospital, where Mel is being released...he sets her down and tells her that Frank knows who was responsible for stalking her. Rick tells his wife about his past with Roxie Bauer and how his cousin is now married to her and how she came to get revenge on Reva and her...Mel is devastated and asks Rick where she is now. Rick tells her that Roxie is going back to Oklahoma, Rick says that he's just glad that she didn't do anymore damage than she did and takes Mel in his arms, as Mel has a flashback to learning she was pregnant and Lillian revealing that she miscarried the baby. Reva and Josh arrive home to find Cassie, Billy, Marah, Shayne and Tammy waiting on them. Marah says she knows that something is going on, because Billy wouldn't let her read the paper or watch TV, Marah demands to know what happened: Reva breaks the news to Marah and everyone that her stalker was in fact, their aunt Roxie...Reva's sister. Cassie says that her and Reva hosted a benefit in Richard's memory and Roxie showed up. Reva then tells Marah that Tony...protected her in more ways than she ever imagined. Reva tells Marah that Roxie shot at her and Tony took the bullet and died. Marah is devastated and storms off...as Shayne rushes after her. Shayne stops Marah before she drives off, he grabs her and she breaks down in his arms. Marah says this isn't fair, that she and Tony fought before she left for Minnesota. Shayne tells her that no one, but Roxie is to blame for Tony's death. Marah says she refuses to believe that, she says that Reva brought this upon herself...Marah says that she blames Reva for this...and she'll find it very hard to forgive her. Shayne holds Marah as she mourns Tony.

The story at this point wraps and begins to tell other stories. Rick and Mel’s marriage struggles as she keeps the pregnancy from him. Reva, Josh and Cassie worked to put their family back together. Devastated over Tony’s death Marah pushed her family away and blamed Reva for his murder!


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