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The Guiding Light
Episode 072
Written By: Josh Hawkins & Dan Gobble


And Now "The Guiding Light"

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Hope Bauer sat with her hands wrapped tightly around a mug of coffee.

“Good morning.” Michelle broke the calm silence. “Do you need a refill?”

“No, thank you. How are you feeling?” She replied.

“This little one kept me up all night long kicking.” The women left. “I passed Uncle Mike in the hallway is he leaving this morning?”

“Unfortunately yes. Your father tried to convince him to stay longer and Lord knows that I did as well. He’s only been here a week and barely had any time to visit with Alan-Michael.”

“No don’t you start harping on that girl about your woes.” Mike Bauer announced. “I spent plenty of time here and I’m not the one who needs the quality time with Alan-Michael.”

“I know.” Hope sat her mug down. “Would you just at least reconsider and let me take you to the airport?”

“I’ve already called the taxi.” Mike told her. “You have more important things to do then take care of me. You’ve been doing it long enough and we had an agreement Hope.”


“Daddy…” Hope attempted to reason but was interrupted by Ed.

“He’ll be fine. It’s been over three years since his heart attack Hope.”

“Uncle Ed, not just six months ago you were telling me how he needs to eat healthier and exercise more. Why the sudden change?”

“Hope…” Mike led her by the arm to the corner of the kitchen. “I’m fine, healthier than I’ve ever been in years. You’ve put your life on hold for me far to long.”


“Don’t you daddy me little girl. I appreciate everything you’ve done, everything. But playing nursemaid, that’s over. You have a lot of catching up to do and you’ve put off this meeting with Charles Grant one to many times.”

“I worry about you.”


“And that worry does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I’ll be fine.” He took her in his arms and kissed her cheek. “You have quite a few opportunities here in Springfield, don’t waste them on me.”

“Okay. But you’ll call me once a day and remember to take your pills.” She kissed his cheek. “Scoot…go on get out of here before I change my mind. I love you daddy.”

“I love you too.” Mike told her. “Michelle you take care of those babies. You hear me?”

“You know I will Uncle Mike.” She replied from across the kitchen. “Have a good flight.”

“I don’t want you to be a stranger Mike.” Ed told him once outside. “You need to come home every once in a great while you know.”

Mike shook his head. “Well with Hope here I don’t see how I can stay away. I was gone for far to long and I’ll try not to let it happen again.” The men stood silent for a moment and Mike interjected. “Thanksgiving.”

“I’m sorry?”

“I’ll come in for Thanksgiving and stay right up to New Year’s Day. We could have a dinner like momma used to cook, remember those?”

“Yeah.” Ed kicked the gravel with his foot.

“I always know hen you’re thinking about something so out with it.”

“It’s Holly…”

“She still hasn’t come around to you yet?”

Ed shook his head no. “And I don’t think she will anytime soon. Something’s changed with her Mike. She was so zoned out the other night on those railroad tracks and I honestly believe if I hadn’t been there she would have gone through with whatever she was doing.”

“Something has changed for her, Roger’s dead and whether you or I like it he had this control, this mesmerizing power over her. Give her time brother, she’ll come around soon enough.”

The taxi pulled up and the two men loaded Mike’s bags into the trunk. “You’ll call when you land?”

“Of course.” Mike hugged Ed and opened the backdoor of the cab. “Speaking of Roger, have you read his letter yet?”

Ed shook his head, “No.”

“How come?”


“I don’t know, maybe I’m afraid of what he has to say.”

“He’s dead Ed, remember that, okay. He can’t hurt you anymore.” Mike told him, “Springfield International. Take brother.”


“Tammy. Shayne.” The English teacher announced. “Principal Atwood has requested to see you a few minutes before class ended, why don’t you head down that way.”

Tammy cut her eyes across the room at her cousin. “Is something the matter?”

“I’m not sure what exactly he’s wanting Ms. Winslow.” She handed them a hall pass.

“So she doesn’t have any ideas…what about you?” Shayne asked as they headed down the deserted hallway. “Maybe he has some news about D.C.?”

“You think?” Tammy squinted her eyebrows. “I hope not, not yet anyway. That would mean I have to tell my mother and she’s going to flip out!”

“Are you seriously trying to upstage me?” Shayne laughed. “I’m the only one who is allowed to drop the unforeseen bombshell that will destroy lives this summer. God Tammy, you always try to make things about you.”

“Shut up!” Tammy gave him a nudge. “You don’t think that has anything to do with you…” she looked around, “you know…”

“Being gay?” Shayne whispered. “I really don’t know why it would. It isn’t like I’ve been secretly sneaking peeks at the baseball team.”

“Oh shut up!” Tammy knocked and went on in. “Principal Atwood we were told you wanted to see us?”

“I did in fact. Please both of you sit down.” He offered them a chair, “As you very well know the prom is at the end of the week and that is only to be followed by graduation.” Both of them smiled. “Two weeks left of your high school education how does that feel?”

“Like a weight being lifted off my shoulders.” Shayne answered. “Does this meeting have to do with our college applications?”

“In a way yes. The staff and I have been tabulating and reviewing academic records for all the students in the senior class and I am very pleased to say we’ve come to a academic decision.”

“In…I don’t know, teenage terms.” Tammy replied.

“Congratulations to you both, Tammy your GPA has qualified you as the Salutatorian of the senior class.”

“Oh my God!” Tammy smiled, “Are you sure?”

“Very sure. And congratulations to you Mr. Lewis you’ve qualified to serve as the Valedictorian.”

“You’re sure?” Shayne questioned. “Positive because it wouldn’t be nice to you know yank our chains here.”

The principal laughed under his breath. “We’re very sure. The faculty and I spent many hours combing through your grades since your freshmen year, it was very close.”

Tammy reached out for Shayne’s hand and squeezed it. “You both deserve this, very much. Congratulations again.”

“Thanks.” Tammy replied, “Was there something else you needed?”

“Prom is right around the corner have the two of you purchased your tickets yet?”


They both shook their heads. “No.” Shayne replied. “Actually I’m not sure if I’ll even be going.”


“I can’t believe your dad and Buzz caught you with Ben at the Bauer cabin.” Lizzie laughed.

“Thanks Liz. Go ahead and laugh it up now just remember that karma has a way of paying people back.”

“Right. Listen Shayne and I were talking this morning on the way back from campus and he told me you had a birthday. Both of us were just devastated that we missed your birthday.”

“Not completely your fault. Mother nature played a big part in the ordeal.”


“Still none the less, we missed your birthday and I for one feel terrible.” Lizzie looked in her bag for something. “Why don’t you come with Tammy and me tomorrow night downtown, we have a final dress fitting.”

“You think Shayne will go for that. Dress fittings and all?”

“He can meet us at the restaurant or something. Just not Company and not Towers, I don’t ever want to ride an elevator there again.”

“Bad night huh?”

“You have no idea.” Lizzie laughed. “Is Ben excited about prom?”

“As much as a guy can be. I think he’s just hoping that my dad and grandpa don’t chaperone if you get my drift.” They laughed. “What about you? Braxton got his tux and everything?”

Lizzie shook his head. “Atwood’s won’t let him go, he’s to old.”

“Sucks.” Marina replied. “So what are you going to do? Shayne doesn’t have a date yet.”

“Oh I have a date.” She leaned in. “Austin Hollingsworth.”


“Really?” Marin teased. “Well that’s exciting.”

“I guess so. I just hope that he doesn’t get the wrong idea about the whole night.”


“What was that back there?” Tammy asked as they headed to their next class.

“Um…I’m not sure what you mean.”

“Oh I think you do Shayne, I’m not your sister so how about not playing games with me. Principal Atwood mentioned prom and you said you weren’t sure you were going.”

“I just don’t know if I want to go. Lizzie will be there with some guy, Marina will be with Ben and I am certain that you have a long line of potential date candidates.”

“Hardly, the best offer so far has been from that guy Austin Hollingsworth or something like that, the football jock.”

“He’s cute.” Shayne whispered. “Go with him.”

Tammy rolled her eyes. “If you’re not going then I am for sure not going to go.”

He stopped mid-step. “We are not going to play that game Tammy Nicole.” Shayne lectured. “I didn’t come out to you so that you would have built up sympathy for me and put your own life on hold.”

“And you honestly think that is what I am doing?”

“It seems like it is. So how about you convince me it’s not.”


Tammy led Shayne over to bench in the hallway. “Since Richard died you’ve become my one person to lean on. No matter what ugly words our mother’s hurled at one another you and I stood strong. Shayne you are so much more than just a cousin, you are my best friend. I want to spend as much time together with you before…”

“Before you leave?”

“Let’s not fight about that on top of this. One fight at a time boy!” Tammy lightly punched him in the arm. “So…”


“Will you by my prom date cuz?”

Shayne shook his head and rolled his eyes. “Oh! Yes…I’ll be your prom date.”


“Bill how are you?” Ross sat down in a booth at the back of Company. “I was surprised to see you on my schedule.”

“Sorry about that, it was just a last minute decision.” Bill explained. “How’s Holly and Blake?”

“They’re both doing as well as can be expected.”

“I just want to apologize again for Dad’s actions. It was completely out of line and uncalled for. Would you please pass that along to them?”

Ross shook his head. “Of course. So what’s on your mind?”

“I’m sure Ed’s told you about the situation with Michelle and Danny.” Ross shook his head again. “And Ross I know that you and Ed have been friends for a very long and I respect that so if you don’t want to take this case I’ll understand.”

“Bill you need to back up and tell me what case we’re talking about here.”

“Once Michelle delivers the baby there’s going to be a DNA test done if the baby is mine then I want to immediately sue Michelle for full custody.”

“Bill…” Ross spoke slowly. “Do you really think that is going to be the best idea? I mean have you thought this through completely, rationally. Bill you would be taking a newborn baby from his mother and need I remind you of who his mother is. One of your oldest and dearest friends.”


“I know who Michelle is Ross, trust me. But she is also the woman who lied to both Danny and I, left town when she found out she was pregnant and kept that from the both of us. Had my mother not found out she was having a baby she might not have ever told me.”

“I know how you feel Bill but I don’t think suing Michelle is going to solve any of your problems. I would strongly advice against it.”

“Okay. Ross I respect you and your loyalty to Michelle and Ed. But this is something that I feel strongly about and if you won’t help me then at least point me in the direction of someone who will.”


“So there won’t be any talking you out of this?”

“Afraid not.”

Ross reached in his briefcase and then scribbled down a name. “Tell her I referred you and I’m sure she’ll be more than glad to help you.”

:Fade to Black:


On the Next Episode…
- Phillip makes a stunning confession!
- Derek and Shayne have a heart-to-heart.
- Harley learns the truth about Alexandra!


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