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Episode 53: Off the Roof

Matt P.


Previously on Point Palace:

-Dylan begins to question Ginny on who her last customer was having Alley to be agitated.

-Lenvy gets a hold of Patrick's cell phone and calls Will but Nan answers his phone.

-Agatha tries helping Carlos who decides to take matters into his own hands and leaves with Jenny by purposely having water spilled on Nick, but did Dr. Quarr see him?

-Vicki woke up and realized that she was in the casket with Jake’s dead body.

-Ike shot blanks and when it started to rain Ava admitted to Ike that Vicki would drown, when the two begin to fight, Ava is knocked out by the gun handle.

-Will gives Nan the deadly items that she needs and they both share their views on morality but Nan still throws out the blackmail.

-London said yes to marrying Blake as the night got more romantic for the two in a candle lit canopy.

-John thought that London was at her door when he was going to pop the question after having a flashback about one of their dates but it turned out to be someone else.

-Alexia tries to have Owen come down safely but he doesn't listen to her as he jumps off his dorm roof.


Episode 53:

Off the Roof

Executive Story Consultant/Creator:

Matt Politylo

Logo Designer:

Mary Zimmerman


(Alexia begins to scream hysterically after watching her brother fall from the three story dormitory roof. Others who were watching were shocked as well.)

Alexia: (in hysterics)

Owen no!

(Alexia runs towards his body as blood seeps out of his nostrils and his eyes are closed.)

Alexia: (screaming)

Somebody call an ambulance!

(Tears stream out of Alexia's eyes and seep onto his dirt covered shirt.)


If I only could have been here sooner then this wouldn't have happened. Owen why did you do it?

(An ambulance comes and takes Owen away on a stretcher.)


Are you coming along?


Of course. I’m family!

(Alexia goes into the ambulance vehicle. She can only keep her eyes on her brother, hoping that he will be okay. The paramedics around her were doing everything that they could.)


Will he be okay?


We'll find out.


(John is shocked to find Carrie instead of London upon opening the door to his dorm room.)


Expecting someone else?


Actually I was.

(Carrie makes her way into John's room.)


I got your note and I had to come back to see if it were true.


You're very hard to try and reach you know.


I'm glad that you came to Lexington. This is a serious problem. Alley has no right to be with Dylan, he was mine. That girl has become nothing but greedy and selfish when it comes to men. I know that I really don’t have room to talk after the whole Will fiasco but that was the past and Dylan is practically my present!


That's right he was yours.


And Alley belonged to you. How the hell did you lose her Johnny Boy?


(Will looks at his cell phone number list as he sits on his bed in his dormitory.)


Lenvy, it's been so long since you've left. Hopefully Gloria knows where you are for real.

(Will calls Lenvy's mother Gloria in Lexington.)




Hi this is Will Pazner.


You can' t take a hint can you!


Have you heard from Lenvy?


Did you have a hearing problem or are you just stupid? I'm not letting you anywhere near my daughter!


Please, just tell me where she is. I know you know something.


You're right I do and that's why you'll know nothing!

(Gloria hangs up on Will.)

Will: (to himself)

I'm beginning to think you disappeared Lenvy.


(John feels caught off guard by Carrie's question. Carrie has since made herself comfortable by sitting on his couch in the common area of his room.)


Maybe if you stayed in town then you would have known why I lost Alley.


You're a sweet guy. You don't seem like the player type who doesn't know how to hold down a relationship.


My name is John Snaldry not Will Pazner.


Thank god for that. Can’t take another crazed obsessed- Too many bad memories, never mind.


I lost Alley because she started seeing Dylan behind my back. She felt sorry for him whenever you left for Lexington. I just wasn't too pleased to have my heart put in a blender.


And that's why you want revenge on both of them.


You're the only thing that can come between them! Welcome back.


(Ike begins to hold Ava's arms behind her back as she begins to come too. The rain has since picked up, making the cemetery grass wet.)


Who are you?


It's Ava. I've come back.


How do I know that you're not trying to play me for a fool?


You're hurting me. Let me go. Please let go of me.


I don't trust you Jake.


Smarter then you look you son of a bitch.


Ava, I know that you're inside some where. How can we fix this problem?


She can't help you!

(Ava turns her head to the side.)


Call James.


James who?


James Vaughne, he's a psychologist professor at the school. He knows what-

(Ava's neck begins to twitch.)


Said too much already, but it doesn't matter. Vicki's probably suffocating, soon to be drowning if I can’t help it. Why are you bothering with me?


You're right I have to save Vicki.


But you can't do that with only one hand!


Oh shut up Jake! Forgive me Ava.

(Ike takes the gun handle from Ava and knocks Ava out again.)


(Jenny and Carlos spend time in Carlos's room. The rain is breaking the silence but Jenny’s non-verbal anger is glowing.)


Carlos you have some explaining to do!

(Carlos begins to kiss Jenny's shoulder.)


I'm not in the mood. Start talking.


Fine, I was late because of Doctor Nick Quarr. He purposely made me stay later in the hospital because he knew all about our date.


The man I met seemed to be very nice.


It's all a cover up. He's pure evil and what worries me most is that he's a doctor. Tons of people put their lives in his hands.


Let me guess he kills all of them because he's an evil doctor. Is he taking a page from jack Kevorkian? This isn't making any sense. Your excuses are lame.


I'm telling you the truth. Nick is out to get me. I guess that he's trying to go through what matters most to me, you.

Jenny: (giving into him)

You Latin heart throbs always know what to say to smooth out the toughest situations.


We talk fast for a reason you know.

(Carlos begins to kiss Jenny's neck. He then slides the strap of Jenny’s dress off of her shoulders. Before he goes further he stops.)


This means that you believe me, right?


You also know how to serenade the ladies.

(Jenny jumps on Carlos and kisses him fierecely. Jenny tears off his shirt revealing his chest. He slides down the rest of the dress. Jenny undoes his belt and throws it against the wall. The two begin to kiss even heavier. Carlos takes Jenny’s firm body into both of his hands and tosses her so that he can be on top.)

Carlos: (continuing to kiss her neck)

I'll take that as a yes.


(Alley sits on Dylan's couch in the common area of his room. She's studying for a test but stops when she sees Dylan deep in thought looking out at the rain.)

Alley: (joking)

You know if you open your mouth and go outside that you could drown?

(Dylan isn't paying attention to her.)




What's going on?


Nothing. I was just-

Alley: (sarcastic)

What? Admiring the rain? It's water that falls from the sky, big whoop.


No I was just thinking that's all.

(Alley rolls her eyes.)


Obviously about Carrie.


Should I admit that to you?


You shouldn't lie to me and you pretty much already did.


I'm sorry. I know how you feel about her but I can't shake this feeling off that she's come back.


I have to study. See I can focus on things other than a played out damzel in distress who's had way too many chances of forgiveness.


Wait! Alley where are you going?

(In a huff, Alley places her books into her book bag and heads for the door until Dylan stops her.)


Don't go anywhere.

Alley: (upset)

Why should I listen to wha-

(Dylan pulls her in and kisses her to shut her up.)


(Patrick comes down to the basement of his place and brings Lenvy some warm food. It wasn’t much but it was enough to satisfy her he thinks to himself after handing it to her on the floor.)


I hope that you’re enjoying your stay here. None of the DiMarcos have budged yet.


I guess that being a dungeon slave is first class royalty for Carrie Slondsbid, even though I'm not her!


You're getting better at that whole "I'm not Carrie" thing.


Please let me go. I did nothing wrong.


We're not going to hurt you but we're not letting you go either.

(Lenvy takes the food and shoves it in Patrick's face and makes a run for it. He screams because it slightly burns him.)

(In the hallway near the locked room a bigger thug stops her by picking her up.)


Boss she didn't go far.

(Patrick returns with food all over his face. He quickly begins to wipe it up with the napkin he had already placed for her.)


Just whenever I thought that I was warming up to you, you have to go and shove food in my face.

(Patrick throws the plate against the wall shattering it into numerous pieces.)


You can finish that mess and we're going to keep a closer eye on you.

(Lenvy is thrown back into the cell)


Won't anyone get me out of here?


(Blake shields London's vision with his hands back at the lakeside canopy.)


I have one more romantic surprise for you.


It can't be any better then what you have already given me.

(Blake opens his hands to have her see a small private yaught.)


This boat is ours for the whole night. I thought that we could spend some more alone time.

(Blake and London enter the boat and make their way towards the bed room quarters.)


We have nothing to worry about. The captain of the ship or whoever is driving won't bother us at all.

(Blake shuts the door behind the captain's quarters.)

Blake: (to the captain)

We’re going to need our privacy.

(The captain turns out to be Nan.)

Nan: (to herself)

Welcome to UssNan! A round trip to revenge.

(Nan begins to laugh evilly.)


Join us next time for another exciting episode of


Next on Point Palace:

- John tries contacting London to tell her how he feels.

- Carlos learns about Owen's accident and is not pleased to find Dr. Quarr taking care of his friend.

- Carrie makes her presence known to Dylan and Alley.

- Alexia finds out that Blake and London are in danger but can't leave Owen's side.

- Nan puts her revenge into action!

© 2000-2003, 2007


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