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Episode 80





(EXT: Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office)

---Keith walks up to his wife and attempts to greet her hello with a kiss, but she pulls away.

"Are you crazy?"

"Why so frigid, sugar plum?"

Elizabeth tells him that she just came from CC's office and the two of them, together, figured out exactly what Keith did. Keith plays dumb, but Elizabeth refreshes his memory, detailing how he played CC and learned intimate details of their past through the phone in the office. Keith asks Gina to leave the two of them alone, but Elizabeth insists she stays, as she has a few questions for her as well. Keith wonders why he would bother to do any of what she's saying. Elizabeth outright accuses him of baiting CC into having the argument with her so he could listen to every word of it.

"Again, for what I ask you, FOR WHAT?"

She holds up her hand and shows him the ring. "For this Keith. For this."

"Hold it, hold it, wait a minute. You think I went to all this trouble all to get you to Vegas and MARRY you? Why? WHY? Why would I care to start arguments with you & CC if I intended to marry you?"

"You used it Keith. You used my vulnerability, got me to Vegas, got me drunk and married me. All so CC couldn't have me, so you could take what's his...."

"What's his? Honey, I don't know if you noticed or not, but the rocky, stars in the sky, blinded by a cloud storybook love story is what he's had with your sister for the past 35, 40 years. Not You. Sophia. Why would you think that marrying you would get to CC? How would I be accomplishing that?"

"I....you mean......oh Keith, come on, you know!"

"Know what? Lizzie-bit, I haven't the foggiest what you're talking about- paranoid conspiracy theories to commit marriage? Taking you from your brother-in-law? None of it makes any sense..."

"I.....I.....but you...."

"But I nothing. Sweetheart, love cakes. My Lizzie-bit. I married you for you. And because I'd had about 10 manhattans, but that's beside the point now. I thought we were past all this- you know I love you- what more do I gotta do to prove that?"


"Oh shut up!" he says as he passionately kisses her.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---CC takes a call from Eden in his office. "Princess, how are you what happened?..........I was just about to leave but tell me, I want to know..............................................................Oh my God? When are you leaving?................I'll go with you........Nonsense Eden, there isn't anything here that can't wait................Well I'm coming over there, we'll talk when I get there......."

CC gets up from his desk and prepares to walk out when he sees Pamela standing in the doorway. She asks CC if he minds if she comes in.

"Mind? Of course I mind, not that you give a damn...."

"Oh, CC, it's wonderful to see that you've gotten your spirit back. I've been so worried about you these past months...."

"I don't need you to worry or do anything related to me, Pamela. Now, if you'll excuse me, my daughter needs me...."

CC tries to make his way out but she blocks his path. He asks her just what it is that she wants.

"Aren't you going to comment on my hair? Don't you like it?"

"Has the bleach you used on that head of yours seeped into your brain?"

"I just thought you'd notice is all, seeing as how you always did prefer blondes," she says, staring at a picture of Sophia.

"Pamela, I don't have time to go in circles with you like this. Eden needs me...."

She gently brushes his face with her hand. "What is it? What is it about her? What did she give you that I never could? Even now, with her dead and buried, you still make me feel as though I'm living in her shadow."

"Her shadow? You wouldn't be within fifty feet of her shadow, Pamela."

The phone rings and CC turns to answer it. "Hello........yes.........What? HOW is that possible?..........They were sent in over a month ago.........AJ? Who the hell is he?.........Oh, Mr. Quartermaine no longer is working for us.......Sir, I have a lot going on right now, my son-in-law just died, isn't there someone else who.........Yes, I understand. Have you called Ms. Wayne as well? .......Alright......"

He hangs up the phone. Pamela asks where they were and he says that he was just leaving. Pamela tries to get him to continue the conversation but he pushes her aside and begins walking down the hallway. As he does, he sees another woman approaching him- Augusta Lockridge!

"CC....CC we need to talk."

"Not now Augusta, I have more important matters to tend to."

"But it will only take a few minutes CC, please. This is something you need to know." she says as he continues walking. He hits the elevator button and she gets desperate. "Don't you want to hear what I have to say? For God's sake CC, it's about SOPHIA."

CC's face turns very serious and he stares Augusta down. "I've had enough of you women popping up today, wanting to talk about things that happened years ago. I've already had to contend with her for the past 20 minutes!" he says, motioning to Pamela. "I've had enough, ENOUGH for one day. My wife is dead and buried. Can't you all let her and me and our life together rest in peace?"

The elevator doors shut and he's gone. A frustrated Augusta looks around her and sees the stairway. She pauses for a minute and begins racing toward it, before Pamela grabs her arm and turns her around.

"Oh no, you're not going anywhere Augusta. Not until we've had a little chat."

(EXT: Cruz & Eden's Beach House)

---Eden is frantically packing clothes for her trip in the bedroom. The doorbell rings and she yells for Adriana to answer it. When it rings again, she calls for Carm and Rafael. There's a pause and she goes back to packing, until the doorbell rings for a third time. Annoyed, she stops what she's doing and races down to the door and opens it.

"Mason. What are you doing here?"

"Hello to you too sis."

"I'm sorry. Please, come in."

Mason enters and comments that she's out of breath. He asks her what she's doing. She tells him of the developments in the case- the suspected kidnappers have been detained in Mexico and she, Angel, and Marta are going down there to identify them. Mason asks why she's going, commenting that she's a bit over-involved in all of this.

"He's my husband Mason. His killer is still out there and could still be after Adriana or Chip or me. How can you not understand..."

"Don't misunderstand me Eden- I can empathize with what you're going through. But your children need you, your family and even Cruz's family need you here. Don't you think you ought to let the police and the FBI do their job? Don't you think Cruz would have wanted that?"

"Of course he would Mason! If he were here, he'd be telling me I'm nuts for running back and forth from there, for going after the kidnappers and going head on with Kirk. But he isn't here, Mason. Cruz isn't here- He's been taken away from me, from all of us! And whoever is responsible for that is going to be head accountable. I don't care if I have to travel the world to find them, I'll do it, just as he would have done for me. I will find whoever did this and make sure that they are held responsible for what they did to him and that justice is served."

She begins to cry and Mason takes her in his arms, telling her that it's alright and apologizing to her. "I'm just worried about you Eden, we all are. You've been through so much in your life-it makes me scared. You were away for so long and fought so hard to come back to all of us. Now I loved Cruz, and I miss him terribly. But Eden.....I don't want this tragedy to overtake your life and cause you to lose control again. Or worse."

He continues to embrace her until they finally come apart.

"So what are you doing in the neighborhood anyway Mason? Just dropping by out of nowhere? You know, Julia's right next door. Now that things have settled down, maybe you should go over there and talk to her."

"What gave you that idea? I came here to see you."

"You came here to stall Mason, which is what you always do when it comes to conversations that you don't want to have. Why don't you just go over there and talk to her?" He gives her a look. "I'll be fine, really, I'm fine. Now go over there. Go on. I'll see you when I get back..."

Eden leads a reluctant Mason to the door. He pleads with her to talk a few more minutes and keeps asking if she's alright. She says she'll be fine and insist he go to Julia. She locks him outside and heads back to her room.

(EXT: Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office)

---Gina is disgusted by the site of Keith and Elizabeth going at it and rolls her eyes at both of them. When they continue to kiss, she gets further agitated.

"Will you two get OFF one another?" she says, pulling them apart. "Do you not need air to survived like the rest of us? I'm talking to you VELDA!?"

Elizabeth gets a call and starts to panic over the phone as Gina and Keith look on. She nervously tells the person that what they're saying can't be right. She asks them if CC has been informed and gets an affirmative. She hangs up and abruptly tells Gina and Keith that she needs to leave. Gina asks if it's something with the company but Elizabeth brushes her off, telling her it's not of her concern. Keith asks if he'll be seeing her at home. She thinks for a moment about it as he smiles at her. She cracks and says "all right" telling him she'll probably be late at the office and not to wait up for her. She leaves and Keith flashes Gina his winning smile.

"What?" she says, as he rolls his eyes around and begins to whistle. "What is it? What are you DOING Keith? I have a right to know!" he ignores her and continues walking out of the room... "Keith....Keith.......KEITH for GOD'S Sake what is it?" he continues exiting down the hall as she stands in the doorway of his office "Fine....FINE just go....but don't expect me to BE here waiting for you to come back!"

THE END..............for the week!

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HEHEHEHE love the shout out about AJ working at Capwell. Makes me laugh because recently I named two cops Officer Cruz and Officer Castillo. In honor of his alledged passing. Because he will be back

Can I tell you how much I love Keith? I could see the expression on Gina's face when they were going at it. Loved it! Excellent episode my friend

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