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Episode 79





(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Kirk & Eden arrive at the offices and ask Kathleen if Joann is in. They're told she's in a meeting with CC and instructed her not to disturb them. Eden explains that it's an urgent matter and she's sure that her father won't mind. Eden reluctantly brings Kirk with her and bursts into CC's office.

"Baby, what is this? What the hell is he doing here?"

"I'm sorry daddy but we need to talk to Joann. You too actually- any chance you can get the security tapes from the day the boat exploded? We need them as soon as possible..."

"Of course....what's going on? Has there been any word on the investigation?"

"No, not yet, just trying to rule out some suspects...."

CC wonders how the security tape is going to rule out anyone, since obviously nobody that works there killed Cruz. Kirk chimes in, saying that he was in the building that day and actually spoke with Joann. CC wonders why he would be there in the first place and he explains, but CC doesn't understand how he ended up talking to Joann.

"I happened to come across him, CC. He was acting suspiciously and I'd never seen him in the office before, so I asked him what he was doing here. He explained who he was, but wouldn't really divulge much about what he was doing. I told him Eden wasn't here and sent him on his way- I didn't think much of it until now, when the two of you walked in together."

Eden thanks Joann for her honesty, but to be sure, she still wants to see the security video. CC gets clearance for her to go down and view it for herself. Kirk says he's going with her but CC won't have it.

"If I don't go, what's to stop her from saying I'm not on the tapes at all and burning them? Your daughter is more interested in seeing me fry than finding her husband's killer..."

"How dare you say that to me! You know Kirk, I am sick and tired of you pushing my buttons. Everywhere I go lately, it seems you're right there, questioning me about all of this and how I'm handling it. It only makes you look more suspicious. And if you think that we're going to give you access to Capwell Enterprises security, then you're further gone than even I imagined. Now I'm going down there, alone, to watch the tapes..."

"And I'm supposed to trust you?"

"You can jump out that window over there for all I care. Or you can sit here and wait until I get back. Up to you..."

Eden leaves him in the lobby and CC tells Kathleen to keep her eye on him.

(EXT: The Lair)

---Ashton takes a seat at the bar and orders up a whiskey and coke. Brandon sees him sitting there and tells the bartender he'll drop off Mr. Lavery's drink personally. Ashton finishes up his phone call, ordering the person on the phone to take care of things, wanting them just right.

"Ouch, I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that call."

"Yes, well, at times you have to be stern in business, to get what you want. I'm sorry, Brandon is it?"

"Yes, we were introduced the other day, albeit not under the best circumstances. And believe me, I know what you mean about being stern...."

"I'm sure you do- this place didn't re-open itself after all, did it?"

Ashton offers to pay for the drink but Brandon insists that it's on him. Ashton thanks him. There's an uncomfortable silence, before Ashton breaks the ice, asking how exactly Brandon is related to the Capwells.

"I'm not.....by blood. My father was the late Channing Capwell, Jr."

"Ah, I see. Kelly has told me some about him, but it's a subject she doesn't seem to be all that comfortable with...."

"I can understand why. My father's life and death has always been a sore subject in the Capwell house..."

Before Ashton can further inquire, Warren arrives and takes his seat next to Ashton, apologizing for being late. Ashton tells him it's quite alright, that he was just getting to know Brandon. When he goes to point at him, he sees that Brandon has disappeared. Now alone, Warren orders up his scotch and Ashton asks what exactly this meeting is about.

"I thought we should get to know each other a little better....."

"What if I don't care to know you any better than I already do?"

"A sense of humor- I like it.....No I was just curious about how you and Kelly met, your courtship, how long you got to know one another, you know, those sorts of things...."

"I don't really see how any of that is your business. Kelly is my wife, you're not her father or her brother, and if she considered you enough of a friend, she would have told you all of those things yourself. Or you'd ask her. Don't you have a hobby? Some sort of newspaper you run?"

"Funny you mention it- yes, yes I do. The thing about news reporters, Ashton, is we have access to all kinds of information."

"Most of the best reporters do. Is this all leading somewhere I hope? Because, as you may have guessed, I'm quite a busy man and now that I'm a Capwell, I don't think it would be wise to be seen with the eldest Lockridge child."

"Don't worry. I'm not really a Lockridge......long story."

Ashton finishes his drink and begins to get up. Warren gets up and grabs him by the arm, turning him around. Ashton warns him to get his hand off of his arm.

"Now that sounded almost threatening Ashton, like something that would come out of the mouth of a cold, calculated person. Like someone who might thrive on revenge, who might, say, seek out and marry the daughter of the man who he and his father blame for his mother's death.....Sound like anyone you know?"

"You're way off base Warren, it's not at all like that..."

"No? Then how about you tell me how it is?"

"But that would spoil you fun, now wouldn't it? Something else about reporters- they thrive on the chase, gathering information and from that data, finding the story that translates out of it. So why don't you be a good reporter and go get your story?"

"That's what I'm doing...."

"If you expected to get it from me, then you're grossly mistaken, not to mention obviously desperate because what you have right now amounts to nothing. Zilch. Nada. Now if you don't mind, I'm late to meet my wife....."

Ashton takes off and Brandon asks Warren what all of that was about. Warren tells Brandon he doesn't trust Ashton and tells him if he sees him acting oddly in any way to please not hesitate to call him. Warren heads out, leaving his card with Brandon.

(EXT: Santa Barbara District Attorney's Office)

---Gina bursts into Keith's office and demands answers. She tells him she's sick of being in the dark and wants to know exactly what he's up to with Elizabeth so she can help.

"Cupcake, when are you going to understand that the more you know about what I'm doing with Elizabeth, the lesser the chances of it working?"

"I don't understand that. I can help you. We make a great team, Keith, we always have.....until you up and married Morticia...."

"And I need you to be a part of that team by remaining completely in the dark. The less you know, the more real your reactions will be, which is what I need babe- genuine, raw, animal emotion..."

"One more week of this and I'll give you more raw emotion than you can handle. Sorry, not the way it's going to be. I want to know what you're up to with her and I want to know NOW!"

"Actually, I'd like to know that myself," Elizabeth says, entering.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Kirk sits in the lobby, with Kathleen staring at him eagle-eyed.

"You know, if you lost the glasses, took down your hair, and de-frumped your clothes, you wouldn't be half bad to look at either."

"Save your charms for someone they'll work on, Kirkie. Mr. Capwell has told me all about you and I'm not takin my eyes off ya so you might as well just sit there..."

Joann comes out and pulls Kirk into the break room. She thanks him so much for ambushing her at the office, especially in a meeting with CC. He tells her she covered beautifully and there's no way CC suspects a thing. He tells her if she continues to behave like a good girl, she shouldn't have to worry about him for much longer. Joann says that he'd better make good on his end of the deal. He asks her if she was able to replace the security videos in time and she nods that she has. They hear Eden arriving once again in the hallway, talking to CC. She stops when she sees Kirk and Joann approaching.

"Well...?" Kirk asks.

"Well your story checks out, Kirk- you were there on the tapes, just like you both said..."

"I hate to say I told you so, but maybe now we can focus our energies on finding the real perpetrators..."

"WE won't be doing anything, Kirk. And FYI- you're not off the hook..."

"But you just said..."

"Just because you were here doesn't mean that the people who blow up your yacht weren't following your orders. And you would be just sick enough to show up here, at my family's company, just to provide yourself with an alibi...."

She's interrupted when she gets a phone call. "Hello.....CARla? What is it? What do you want.......They did? When?.....I'll be right over........" she hangs up the phone "I've got to go..."

"Was that about Cruz?" CC asks.

"Have they found out anything new?" Kirk wonders.

"Two men were brought in to custody this morning- they're suspected to be the guys who kidnapped Marta.............. You look a little worried there Kirk...."

"Oh believe me Eden, I have NOTHING to worry about...."

"I guess we'll see about that....won't we?"

THE END..............................for TODAY

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Thank you Greg for the two episodes. They were really interesting - especially the conversations of Warren/Ashton and Kieth/Gina AND at the end Elisabeth! :) "... Morticia...." :lol:

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