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Episode 78





(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Elizabeth walks into CC's office, telling him she has some things she needs his signature on. He asks why she didn't just leave the papers with Kathleen, and she says that she wanted to deliver them personally.

"I heard about your son-in-law CC and I just wanted to offer my condolences. This is an awful time for you and your family, what with Sophia gone and now Cruz.... If there's anything you need, whether it be at the office or just a friendly ear to talk to....I just wanted you to know that I'm always available."

"Thank you Elizabeth, but I have my daughters and Rosa to help me through it. I'll look these over and get them back to you as soon as possible. If there's nothing else...."

"Actually, there is...."

Elizabeth questions him about what Keith told him, asking if he flat out said that he got a copy of the will from her. CC smiles.

"Trouble in paradise?"

"I'm just trying to get my facts straight CC, that's all."

"If you're listening to Keith Timmons, you're going to have quite a problem doing that...."

CC tells her that though Keith didn't come out and say anything, it was quite obvious that he wanted CC to think Elizabeth was his source. He tells her how Keith taunted him and how angry he got, causing him to explode at her that night at the party. He stops himself.

"My God, he played me like a fiddle," CC realizes, "He wanted me to have it out with you that night....but why? What's in it for Keith?"

"That's what I'm going to find out. Thanks for your help, CC, I'll let you get back to work...."

She begins to walk to the door but CC calls out to her. "You know Elizabeth, I don't know why you married him in the first place, but if I were you, I'd seriously consider ending that marriage. I've known Keith Timmons a long time and no matter what he tells you or how he charms you, he's a predator. He's always after something and once he gets it, he'll toss you aside without a second thought...."

She stands there with her back to him for another moment before leaving the office.

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

---Eden stops in to see how Kelly is doing. Kelly spots her sister and directs her to a table on the outer edge of the attached restaurant. Kelly finishes her work and sits down with Eden. She tells Eden she wishes she could sit and have lunch with her but she's got a convention at the hotel that's left her completely swamped. Eden tells her it's alright, that Mason is actually coming down to meet her.

"Has there been any word from Mexico?" Kelly asks.

"Not yet and frankly I'm sick and tired of waiting. I can't just sit around and not do anything, especially if my family could still be in danger. I can't even sleep right, knowing this person is still out there whoever he is...."

Eden is distracted when she sees Kirk Cranston making a fuss with one of the girls at the hotel counter. Kelly turns around to see what she's looking at and witnesses the commotion herself. Eden starts to get up, but Kelly stops her.

"Just stay there....Let me handle this...."

"Why is he even staying here?"

"He's a part of the convention that I was just talking about....Let me take care of Kirk..."

Kelly walks up to the desk and asks Kirk what exactly the problem is.

"So nice to see you too Kelly. I was just explaining to this nice young woman here that there was a problem with my key and that I needed a new one, but it seems some sort of flag has been put on my account..."

"Yes I put it there- I didn't want you having any time of keys made or anything that gave you access to the hotel without my approval. Do you have the old key Kirk?"

He pulls it out of his pocket and hands it to her and she heads to the back to make him a new one. Seeing that he's alone, Eden seizes the opportunity.

"What is it about you and places that you're not wanted Kirk? You're like a moth to a flame..."

"I guess the friendliness runs in the family.....I think I've had enough humiliation and accusations from you for one week, Eden. It's not 1985- you're not the center of my universe anymore. So why don't you save it."

"I'll save nothing- and I'll stop at nothing until you're behind bars for what you did to my husband..."

"I've already told you, I had nothing to do with that! I wasn't even in Mexico at the time, as if you don't already know..."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I was at Capwell Enterprises that day, trying to warn you about your precious Cruz and what he had gotten himself mixed up in...."


"That's right- you're precious long-lost Erik Estrada? I tried to HELP him once I got wind of what the underground syndicate that I've been trying to tell you about was up to..."

"Right- you came to Capwell Enterprises to try to save Cruz? What kind of fool do you take me for?"

"Don't believe me? Why don't we take a drive down there then and you can see for yourself..."

Kelly comes back out and sees what's going on. She tells Kirk to stop harassing her sister, but Eden stops her, telling her it's actually alright. She tells Kelly to let Mason know she had to run, that something came up. Before Kelly has a chance to stop them, Eden and Kirk are off.

(EXT: Capwell Hotel, Room 308)

---Mason waits at Mary's door, armed with a dozen roses. She opens it and invites him in.

"The flowers are beautiful Mason, but I'm not sure what they're for...."

"Can't I get flowers for a beautiful woman without their having to be some alterior motive behind it?"

Mary places them in a vase, but tells Mason he should be getting flowers for his wife and working on repairing their relationship. Mason asks how she can expect him to do that, when he hasn't yet fully gotten a grip on his feelings for her and what they mean, not to mention they're still searching for answers. Mary asks if he's heard from Pearl and he says he has, that he checked local newspapers in Sacramento and found the articles about Jim McCormick's death, all of which seem to point to Maureen telling the truth. Mason thinks they should be a bit more weary of her, considering she is Mark's mother and wonders why she's come forward with all of this information suddenly, when it seems she's been holding on to it for years. Mary doesn't pretend to know what could be behind Maureen's decision to open up to her, but either way, they don't have many other options besides trusting what she says is the truth. Mary asks if there was any news on Mark and Sherri's wherabouts, but nothing has been found out about their location.

"Then there really isn't much we can do right now. If there's nothing else Mason, I have some things to do today..."

Mason notices the luggage in the living area. "You're moving out?"

"I'm moving into an apartment actually, not far from here. My landlord had already rented mine out but put me in touch with an agent who had something closer to here. I move in today. I'm also going back to work at the clinic. I need to get my life back Mason and so do you...."

"What if the life I want is with you?"

"Mason.....you and I both know that's not what you really want. You love Julia and you always will, which is what got me through all of these years apart from you. It's not good for us to be living in the past, living in this fantasy..."

"What about what happened in Florida? Was that just a fantasy too?"

"No....it wasn't. It was special for me too Mason.....but it just can't be like that. We were both vulnerable, frustrated and we needed each other, so we reached out. But, honestly Mason, if I had to do it all over again.......I wouldn't. All it's doing is making things more complicated, making them harder. You know I love you and I probably always will....but.....our time is passed and it's not good for me to keep thinking there's some kind of chance...."

"But there could be..."

"No there can't Mason, aren't you listening to me? I couldn't have you, not like this, not at Julia's and your daughter's expense. Not after all I've gone through to prevent any of this from happening in the first place. You love her. You need her. You've been without me for the past 20 years and you've gotten along just fine. You can continue to do that. I'm sorry if none of this is what you want to hear, but it's the way it's gotta be. Now I want you to go..."

"Mary..." he reaches his hand out to her face but she pulls it away.

"Mason, please, please, just.....go...."

Mason gives her one last look and sadly walks out of her room. Mary chokes back her tears and continues packing up her things.

In the hallway, Mason bumps into Pamela.

"Mason, darling, are you alright? I heard about Cruz- I'm so sorry...."

"I'm fine, mother- when did you get back in town anyway?"

"I could ask you the same question.....was that Mary's room you're coming from? How is she? Any luck with finding your daughter?"

"No mother, we had no such luck....if you'll excuse me, I'm on my way downstairs to meet Eden for lunch..."

"She just left, dear, I saw her walking out the door....with Kirk Cranston...."

(EXT: London, England- Heathrow Airport)

----Lionel and Augusta stand in line to check in.

"I still don't understand why you've got to go to Santa Barbara- we were just there!"

"I told you Lionel, I want to check on the construction of the hotel, see how it's coming, and there are a couple of contacts that I really need to meet with..."

"All of that can be done over the phone.....besides, I thought we were trying to keep a lid on the fact that we're even opening the hotel in Santa Barbara, so CC doesn't get wind of it..."

"I'll be plenty discrete about what I'm doing there, but it's important that I do these things hands on. Besides, I want to see my son. I don't see why you're being so inquisitive anyway..."

"It's just that you've been acting.....well, strange lately...."


"Well.....more strange than usual..."

Augusta finishes checking in and tells Lionel that he's being paranoid. She rushes off to the security line and kisses her husband good-bye before making it through the checkpoint.

"You're up to something, Augusta, and I'm damn well gonna find out what it is....."

THE END.....................until LATER!


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