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Episode 81





(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Augusta forcefully tells Pamela to let go of her but Pamela refuses. Augusta warns her that she's not someone that Pamela wants to screw with, to which Pamela says the same for herself.

"Oh come off it Pamela, really, you've always been weak. At times, borderline insane, a border you've crossed on some occasions in the opinion of some. I could tear you apart before you could squeak out Sophia's name."

"I'd be careful if I were you Augusta- don't underestimate me. You'll be sorry if you do...."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"How quickly we forget....."

"Forget what?"

"Nevermind, tell me Augusta, I heard you recently visited Edmund in London. Now what on earth could that meeting have been about?"

"You know damn well what it's about- I saw her, Pamela, I saw Sophia, so the little game you and Dr. Hyde there are playing is about to be over."

"Now why would you want to do that Augusta? What could you possibly gain by telling CC?"

"It's the decent thing to do, Pamela- he thinks his wife is dead for God's sake! Kelly, Eden, and Ted think they've lost their mother......again! It's a cruel game you're playing, especially knowing what we both know about Sophia and her history."

"Decent? Augusta, you wouldn't know decent if it were staring you in the face- everything you do has a motivation behind it. But no matter. You won't be telling CC a thing."

"Oh no? And how do you plan on stopping me?"

"Please, follow me to my suite and I'll gladly outline it for you. I certainly think we can come to an........ understanding, at the very least. Be there in an hour- no less. Or you'll regret it. Oh and Augusta.......don't do something stupid like telling CC in the meantime. I can promise you that would do anything but serve your purpose."

Augusta watches Pamela leave in the elevator and considers her offer.

(EXT: Mason & Julia's Beach House)

---Mason waits in the driveway for a minute, staring at the front door to his house. He then looks in his back seat, at one of his suitcases. "Ladies and gentleman, the ever-presumptuous Mason Capwell," he sighs, looking back at the house. He finally gets up the courage to get out of the car and walks to the door. He finally gets up the gumption to ring the doorbell and Julia promptly answers.

"Honey- I'm home!" he says to her forcing a smile as she stares back at him, unfazed.

She allows him into the house and asks what he's doing there. He says it's time that they talk. She agrees and asks about his trip with Mary. He fills her in on the details they learned about Sherri, Maureen and Mark McCormick. She's shocked that Mark is still alive and Mason explains the bones to her. Julia isn't overly-impressed with the explanation.

"That explains that part, but what about Sister Sarah? And Sister Agatha? You weren't there Mason.....why would they lie to me? Why take up all of that time to manipulate me into buying one version of Mark's death and have me realize another "truth"? It doesn't make sense."

"Unless Mark was coercing them or threatened them. Who knows the lengths he went to? I knew Mark was a conniving bastard from the day I met him, but who knew he was this smart and this calculating? Julia, Mary, Pearl, and I have talked to dozens of people and we still don't know for sure whether the baby lived or died and if she was even mine in the first place!"

"I'm sorry. That must have been disappointing for both of you."

Mason flashes back and remembers making love to Mary. Julia snaps him out of it, asking where he was just then. He tells her that he doesn't want to talk about Mary or his trip to West Palm Beach any more- he wants to talk about the two of them and their marriage.

"Suddenly you care about that."

"I've always cared about it Julia, you know that. I'll admit I was hurt and angry when I found out you didn't tell me about Mary. But I understand a bit more now- Mary told me that it was at her insistence and that your motives were unselfish."

"That's not entirely true, Mason. Yes, Mary didn't want you to know but you and I both know that nobody tells me what to do and what not to. I was afraid. Afraid of losing you, afraid that you still loved her. Afraid that you would want to be with her over me."


"It's true Mason- I'd always thought about what your life would have been like had Mary not died, but I never dreamed that my delusions would become a reality someday. Because I knew the kind of love that you and she shared, that perfect, pure, once-in-a-lifetime first love kind of thing. And that's not what we have, not that what we have isn't special because it is, but in a much different way. That scared me. Everytime I'd look at you, I'd look into your eyes and try to see into your heart to see if she was still there. Now that I've seen the two of you together, clearly my fears weren't unfounded. So go ahead and lay it on me, Mason, I'm prepared. It's alright, you know, I'm a strong woman. I can handle it."

"One of the many things I love about you Julia- you are strong. You're smart, accomplished, beautiful, and you're especially sexy when you're wrong, which you are in this case."

"I am?"

"Yes, you are, you couldn't be further off-base. I want our life back Julia, I want our marriage back, I want you back....."

"And what about Mary? Where does she fit in? And the daughter you may or may not have with her?"

"Obviously, I'm going to continue to work with Pearl and with Mary on finding her and finding out what happened to her."


"But I want you with me Julia, I want to deal with this together, every step of the way."

"That's so like you Mason, wanting to have your cake and eat it too."

"If you have cake, why wouldn't you want to eat it? Is this fruitcake we're talking about?"

"Don't try to joke around Mason, you know exactly what I mean. You can't have it both ways. Did you ever stop and think how painful it might be for me to help you and she on this search that's bound to only bring you closer? Or how it might hurt Mary to see us together on a daily basis, during such a traumatic time? I understand you have to see this through- believe me I do, but you'll have to do it without me..."


"I'm sorry Mason, but I mean it. Can you tell me that she's out of your heart completely? That you have no feelings for her at all and are completely 100% totally devoted to me? Honestly?"


"You can't. You can't Mason. Until you can do that, I'm sorry, but there is no future for the two of us. I'm letting you take this journey with her and to have this time with her- use it. And use it wisely. Don't make hasty decisions that all of us could end up regretting in the end. Really, I have nowhere to go right now, but that doesn't mean that I'll just take you back automatically. If you choose me, if you choose to be with me, then and only then can we start rebuilding our marriage. But Mason, you haven't made that choice yet, at least your heart hasn't. I can tell by the way you're looking at me right now- I see it in your eyes. Now please, please go."

Mason slightly nods his head at her and walks out of his house. He looks back as he walks to his car, then looks at his suitcases in the back seat. "The ever-presumptuous Mason Capwell," he says as he gets in the car and drives away.

When she sees he's gone, Julia begins dialing her cell phone. "Eden, it's Julia..............Yes, CC called me a little bit ago........Well I agree with him- you shouldn't be going alone, besides, don't you think you'd be better off having a lawyer with you?............Kirk!?!? CC didn't mention anything about that..........Do you know what you're doing?............But Kirk? Eden, he's tried to kill you- more than once! What makes you think you can trust him?.............. I see.......I understand, but let the record reflect I think it's a risky strategy..........Alright, well be careful, please, and call me as soon as you find out anything about Cruz......"


----Joann sits at a table, nursing her martini. Kirk sneaks up on her and scares her to death. She asks him what all of this is about, since she's already helped him with an alibi.

"Oh, I'm just taking out a little insurance policy, since I'm going to be out of town for a bit..."

"Music to my ears- where you heading? Siberia? One can only hope....."

"Actually, I'm going to Mexico.....with Eden."

Joann begins to laugh. "You're joking right? Why would Eden possibly take you with her?"

"Plain and simple: I have resources and connections there that she does not. And I have a vested interest in finding the real killers too...."

"Yeah, because you were set up, right? Tell it to someone that doesn't know you, Kirk."

"But I didn't do it, Joann..... I killed nobody, unlike yourself!"

Joann gets quiet and tenses up at the mention of it.

"Oh, you didn't think I knew did you? I know everything Joann, I know who you are, what you've done and what you're likely up to now. Really, I do applaud you. It's amazing how you've seamlessly integrated yourself in town.......and at Capwell. It's a scheme that's nothing short of brilliant, one that I might have thought up myself, if I weren't so vain."

"I don't know what you've dreamed up in that head of yours Kirk, but it couldn't be further from...."

"What? The truth? Oh Joann, as I told you, I have vast resources. The second you left I investigated you but when you double-crossed me concerning Capwell, I really zeroed in. I thought, why? What does she possibly stand to gain by helping Elizabeth rather than myself? And then my investigator brought me the "sealed" records of Dr. Alec Davis and I found out exactly what you were gaining."

Joann looks nervously back at him, as he gloats about finding her out. She asks him what he wants from her and replies that it's quite simple: stay out of his business and keep her mouth shut. She has no reason to expose him and as long as she doesn't, he'll show her the same courtesy. He tells her that he's absolutely positive that they can help each other out as he brushes a tear away from her face. He smiles at her and again congratulates her on her duplicity. He leaves, and Joann takes a gulp of her martini.

(EXT: Pamela's Suite)

---Augusta knocks on the door and Pamela greets her and allows her in. Pamela thanks her for coming, telling her that she's made the right decision but Augusta shoots back that she hasn't made a decision at all.

"But you haven't told CC?"

"No......at least, not yet...."

"And you won't..."

"How can you be so...."

"Tell me, Augusta, how was Edmund when you confronted him about Sophia?"

"Excuse me?"

"Edmund? How did he react? Was he like how you remembered him when he lived in Santa Barbara?"

"A far cry- he was quite mad. I'm sure the two of you have quite a lot in common."

"And the two of you as well...."

"I don't have a thing in common with that man...."

"Except for one thing, right Augusta?"

Augusta shoots her a look. Pamela continues. "What he's done with Sophia is quite insane, I agree. He was supposed to help her, yes, but keep her under until I decided what I wanted done with her. He chose not to do that, no no. Quenching his thirst for revenge on CC was far more important to him than following our plan and keeping the risk of either of us getting caught. Isn't that interesting?"

"It's quite intriguing, all of it..."

"Revenge. Hatred. They're powerful things and some people harbor resentments for years without being able to let them go."

"You should know."

"Yes, maybe that's true. But you have all kinds of issues with Sophia and have for a long time...."

"But I wouldn't do this to her. I wouldn't do this to the Capwells, no matter how much I hate them, none of them deserve something like this."

"That's you, Augusta, that's you, but obviously, OBVIOUSLY, that's not Edmund Lavery. I mean, this is something that happened thirty years ago, yet here he is, still hungry, thirsty for that revenge..."

"I don't understand why you're going on about Edmund....."

"Oh come on Augusta, we both know what I'm driving at. Afraid to say the words? It's been so long, I bet you can't even say them out loud...."

"I really don't know..."

"Fine. No matter. I'll simply do it for you. Here's my point Augusta- if Edmund could still be this angry over what happened all those years ago with Loretta, which, arguably, wasn't all CC's fault.........and this is something he's known about for years, that's eaten away at him."

"I still don't get where...."

"Oh come off it Augusta. Here's some food for thought: Just how do you think a man like Edmund would react if he found out that he has a son that has been kept from him for almost forty years?"

"You wouldn't dare...."

"Oh but I would Augusta, I would dare. Nevermind Warren, I'd go straight to Edmund and tell him exactly what you did. And Dr. Edmund Lavery isn't someone who's bad side you want to be on- just ask your good friends CC & Sophia. So the game is over Augusta, for you anyway. You don't have a card to play so I suggest you take your deck and go back to London and keep your mouth shut about everything you saw. Or suffer the consequences. The choice is yours."

THE END.....................for TODAY


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What an awesome job, I never saw that coming. Edmund is Warren's father! I am constantly amazed by the twists you have. I really didn't want Warren to be CC's, please don't ever let him be CC's. Someday, I want Kelly and Warren together. HOT DAMN!!!

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What an awesome job, I never saw that coming. Edmund is Warren's father! I am constantly amazed by the twists you have. I really didn't want Warren to be CC's, please don't ever let him be CC's. Someday, I want Kelly and Warren together. HOT DAMN!!!

Oh! Wait a minute. Dr Alec Davis? Any connection with Julia? Does Joann have a connection with Julia through this Alec Davis or am I just way out there. I just don't think its coincidence that you named him that

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