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Episode 69

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(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---CC stews at the dining room table, reading the newspaper article on Cruz's death. Rosa comes in from the kitchen with his breakfast and peeks over his shoulder to see what he's reading.

"I feel so terrible about Cruz.......I've known him since he was a small boy- was like another son to me.....Have you heard from Eden?"

"This morning. They're coming back today. Frankly, I'm not sure how much more this family can endure.......first Sophia, now Cruz....."

Rosa takes his hand, telling him that she misses Sophia very much. She tells CC that she can appreciate what he's going through, having lost Ruben herself, and can relate to the emptiness he must feel inside. She also reminds him that he's gotten through this once before, many years ago, and he will again. He quickly flashes to kissing Loretta. The doorbell rings and Rosa is surprised to see Ashton standing on the other side of it, alone. CC calls to her, asking who it is, and looks up to see that it's Ashton.

"Hello dad" he says.

(EXT: Baja, Mexico- HOTEL)

---Eden sits at the table alone, staring out the window. She hears someone trying to open the door and Julia finally is able to push it open, handing Eden a cup of coffee. She asks Eden how she is, pointing out that it's a dumb question.

"Ready to Leave....." Eden responds shortly.

"I can imagine. As soon as Adriana is out of the shower, we'll go. I'd think you're anxious to get back."

"I'm not. I'm dreading it. I'm dreading walking into that house, knowing he's never coming home to me. Dreading seeing my father, and Kelly, Ted, and Mason and the looks in all of their eyes. But most of all, I'm dreading getting into my bed, lying down, and seeing.........that empty space next to me on the bed that Cruz used to occupy."

Julia gives her a concerned look, but Eden quickly stops feeling sorry for herself, showing a steely determination to get to the truth of the matter. Julia asks her what she's going to do.

"I don't know, Julia, I honestly don't. But I'll tell you what I'm not going to do....................Stop. I am not stopping until I know who did this to him, to us, and I've brought them to their knees. They are going to regret the day they ever...........EVER came near me or my husband......."

Julia looks up and sees Adriana has emerged from the bathroom. Eden turns around and sees her daughter, telling her it's about time she got ready. Adriana warns her mother not to take her anger out on her, and that she's just as anxious to get home as she is. Eden tries to apologize, but Adriana tells her to leave her alone and storms outside. Eden gives Julia an annoyed look.

Adriana walks down the parking lot, and spots what appears to be Steve's car. She approaches it and sees he's sleeping in the driver's seat. She smiles and walks up to the open window and blows in his ear. He smacks his ear and itches it, tossing back to sleep. She holds in a laugh before blowing again, this time waking him up.

"Good morning" she says.


"What are you still doing here? I thought you were going to leave last night, after we got the results...."

"I was.....thought about it.......then I got to thinking..."

"About what?"

"About you......thought you probably could use a friend....so......"

"So you came back here and slept in your car outside? Why didn't you knock? I would've let you-"

"I didn't want to disturb your mom. She's got enough goin on, you know?"

Adriana tells him to wait there and walks back to the hotel room. He watches her from his car, arguing inside with her mother. She comes flying back out, slaaming the door behind her, and jumps into Steve's car. He tells her that he thinks she should probably just go back with her mother.

"Funny, I don't remember asking you what you thought. Drive."

He gives her a look and she holds his stare. He turns the key in the ignition and begins to drive.

"You know Princess, you don't have to get b!tchy about it....."

"Oh you are just ASKING for a miserable ride home, aren't you?"

He cracks a smile and she looks at him, as if to warn him. Still staring at her and smiling, he floors it, sending her back on her seat with a pained expression.

(EXT: The Capwell Hotel)

---Kelly gives instructions to the girls working at the front desk. She tells them that her sister should be there later in the day and the press most likely will be there to hound her. She explains to the manager exactly how she wants security handled. She also tells them that some of Cruz's family will be coming into town, many of which will be staying at the hotel. She says that there will be further, specific instructions for those guests when they arrive. They all then separate and when they part, she sees Warren Lockridge standing at the desk watching her.

"Warren- Hi! What brings you by?"

"I'm actually having breakfast with Angela but I thought I'd stop and see you. If you've seen today's paper, you know that I've heard about Cruz......."


"He was a good man and a good friend of mine. And the best damn cop this town ever saw. How are you holding up? How's your sister?"

"I haven't seen her yet, but I can only imagine. She's supposed to get back from Mexico today...."

"Tell her I'm thinking of her and very sorry for her loss. Anyhow, just thought I'd say hi and see how you were."

"Thanks Warren. I appreciate it..."

Warren walks over to the restaurant, spotting a rough looking Angela. He sits down with her at the table.

"What's with the sunglasses?" he asks her.

"I slept with my contacts in last night...."

"You? Wear contact lenses?...."

"Yes, Warren, I wear them.....Nevermind that...."

"Sorry, I just never knew...."

"Well now you do."

Warren tells Angela that after the way she kicked him out the night before, he was surprised to hear from her. He tells her that he figured she just used him for his body and would never call. Angela tells him to keep his voice down, to which he responds that it shouldn't matter, since her marriage is over anyway. He then looks down and spots the wedding ring back on her finger.

"Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about...." she says.

From a distance, Kelly walks by and sees them sitting together. She muses that they look sort of intense and wonders what they're discussing.

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---CC tells Ashton he obviously has him confused with someone else. He turns around and shows Ashton the back of his head.

"See? See? No ponytail......Not your father...."

Ashton remarks that CC should calm down, since he was only referring to him as such since he's his father-in-law. CC instructs him to call him Mr. Capwell or CC but he is not to call him dad.

"It looks as though I've hit a sore spot..." Ashton says.

"No sore spot. My children call me dad and they are the only ones."

"Which ones? Only the ones with Pamela and Sophia, or are the illegitimate ones allowed to as well?"

"Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

Ashton says that CC always seems to have had a new child springing up over the years. He mentions Greg, Channing IV, and the possibility that Warren could be his son, which CC refutes. CC asks Ashton how he knows about all of this, mentioning that it doesn't sound like Kelly to be going over private details of his life. Ashton agrees, telling him that he's gotten the information on his own, over the years. Ashton says that CC would be surprised by just how much he knows.

"You don't know a damn thing about me son..."

"Son? Now why is it you can call me son but I am forbidden to call you dad? Why would that be.....It wouldn't have anything to do with the affair that you once had with my mother?"

CC stares at him, dumbfounded.

"Cat got your tongue? You didn't think I knew, did you? Well....I know plenty. I know that your affair caused my mother's suicide, and almost caused me to not even be born. And I also know that, up until a few weeks ago, you really had no idea whether or not I was really your son.................ISN'T THAT RIGHT, ROSA?"

"Leave her out of this....."

"I agree, she should have had nothing to do with any of this, but you had to make sure nobody found out what you were doing, didn't you? Tell him Rosa. Tell him how I caught you and gave you my hair myself. Tell him I knew the whole time what he was doing."

"You think you're smart, don't you Mr. Lavery?" Rosa asks him. "So you could do what, have some kind of grand reveal, similar to what you're about to do now, where you tell CC he really knows nothing at all about your DNA? I may not say much, Mr. Lavery, but I'm not a dumb woman and not so easily intimidated as women your age. Did you really think I'd be so foolish as to take that hair you handed me to CC?"

Ashton looks at her, stunned by what she's saying and CC stands smiling at him.

"So you see, su-.....Ashton, you don't know half as much as you might think" CC glibly informs him.

(EXT: Car, driving in Santa Barbara)

---Eden is shown driving her car alone, having gotten back in town. She pulls her car to a complete stop, parks, and gets out of the car. The camera focuses only on her walking, not showing where she's going to. She is shown knocking. The door she's standing in front of opens and she comes face to face with the person she's meeting.


"I suggest you go and get your husband and daughter, because we're going to have a little chat. And I'm not leaving until I've gotten the truth out of both of them."

THE END....................for NOW

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"See? See? No ponytail......Not your father...."

:lol: This is so funny and I can just see CC saying this. Great episode. And this is the first time we ever see this side of Rosa.

....could be interesting.

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