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Episode 67

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(EXT: London, England)


---Edmund, Pamela, and Sophia finish up the steak course of their meal. Sophia asks Edmund if his steak was cooked right for him and he insists everything was fantastic. Pamela remarks that "Loretta" seems to cater to Edmund's every whim.

"He's my husband, Addie. I haven't been able to take care of him like this for some time- he, in fact, has been the one taking care of me, day in and day out. He saved my life and I'm going to spend the rest of it thanking him for it..." Sophia says firmly.

"Such a remarkable story......and for it to end this way...."

"It's not the end, Addie. Quite the contrary- this is the beginning for Edmund and I. Actually, I'm hoping that tonight will be the beginning of a whole new chapter in our relationship and our marriage."

Edmund smiles at her. "Every day, every night, is going to be like a new beginning my love." He reaches out and takes Sophia's hand in his.

Pamela, sitting directly across from Sophia, becomes uncomfortable and starts talking about how delicious the entire meal was. She says she can't eat another bite and Edmund & Sophia concur. Christine enters the room and begins clearing everyone's plates.

"Everything was just delicious, Christine." Pamela says, handing her plate to her.

"I'm so glad that you enjoyed it Mrs. C"

Christine finishes clearing everyone's plates and heads out of the room. Pamela comments how all of the food has made her ready for bed. She says she should retreat to her hotel but Sophia insists she stay with them. Pamela tries to get out of it, but Sophia is adamant, mentioning they haven't even had dessert.

"Ms. Lowell seems tired, Loretta. Besides, I thought you'd want us to be alone tonight..... It was so wonderful to see you again Addie...."

"Wait just a minute" Sophia interrupts "I'm curious- when we were introduced, you said your name was Addie Lowell, correct?"

"That's right." Pamela responds. "Why do you ask?"

"I was just wondering why then, if your name is Addie Lowell, does Christine keep referring to you as Mrs. C?..."

(EXT: New York City, New York)

---Ted and Laken sit at dinner, Laken in a stunning red dress. She eats her food, while Ted seems to be just picking around his.

"What is this- Ted Capwell without an appetite? Something must be wrong for you not to be eating..."

"Filled up on appetizers?"

"We didn't have appetizers...."

Ted cracks a smile which pleases her, but she still presses him to tell her what's going on. Ted tells her about his phone call with Angela earlier and how she heard Laken in his suite not once, but twice. Laken asks if he was upfront about spending time with her, but isn't surprised when he says he tried to avoid the subject altogether.

"No wonder she's upset! We used to date, she barely knows me..... And you lie not once, but twice about meeting with an ex-girlfriend? Of course her radar is going to go off, and she's going to hit the roof!"

Ted starts to crack a smile. Laken gives him a knowing look, and the smile cracks wide open across his face.

"Oh my God. Ted Capwell, you JERK!"

Ted picks up his fork and begins stuffing his mouth with food. "What? What I do?"

"Don't play games with me- You WANTED her to be jealous! You're pushing her buttons on purpose!" He smiles again. "I can't believe you!"

He says it's not completely like that- he was distant from her after his mother died, which caused him to do a lot of thinking. But he insists the trip to New York has been the best thing for him and their marriage. He says he's realized that he's more in love with his wife than ever.

"Then why play these games Ted?"

"You don't really understand mine & Angela's relationship, Laken. It's.........different from ours. These little fights, jealousies, games- they're what makes us work........ And when she's jealous or mad.......Let's just say it brings in my inner tigerrr"

"Ok, ok, that's enough. Well I happen to think Angela is a very lucky woman.......then again......."

She looks at Ted as he puts huge chunk of lamb in his mouth.

(EXT: The Lair)

----Angela finishes off a martini and orders herself another. Warren comments that she probably doesn't need any

more to drink, but she insists that she's fine. He tells her she's not fine to drive and he'll be taking her home, no arguments.

"Ok, fine- no agumens.....Scuse me, I gotta powder my nose..."

Angela excuses herself and Lily seizes the opportunity to talk with Warren. Gina asks Lily why she'd want to talk to Warren and she tells her that she's distracting Warren while Gina works on Angela. Lily approaches Warren and asks him how everything's going. He's surprised to see her there and offers to buy her a drink. She accepts and takes a seat on the stool next to him.

---Meanwhile, Gina finds Angela in the ladies room, fixing her hair in the mirror, barely able to stand up. Gina taunts her, asking her how Ted is doing.

"Why don't you worry about yourshelf Geeena. My husband doesn't need a leash..."

"Yet he's gone to New York City and here you are- DRUNK as Judy Garland at a junket. It's only been a few days, Angela, what could he possibly have.........Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh, that's right- Laken Lockridge lives in New York, doesn't she?" Angela stares back at her, fading out. She tries to say something but Gina overpowers her. "Yes, I'd forgotten she lived there- She was my stepdaughter once, you know. Beautiful, classy girl. I remember when I first moved to Santa Barbara, they were hot & heavy. Santa Barbara's very own Romeo and Julie. I used to envy the way he looked at her, wishing his father looked at me like that. A love, a connection like that.....it doesn't go away easily....

Angela goes to slap Gina but Gina catches her hand. "GO Ahead and TRY it Angela. I dare you. I'd flatten you you worthless tramp.....but why bother? It's not going to compare to the pain you feel when Ted tells you that he's leaving you for Laken Lockridge, the love of HIS LIFE!"

Gina throws her back and walks out of the ladies room. Lily spots her leaving, thanks Warren for the drink, and takes off to meet her outside. Lily asks how it went and Gina tells her how badly rattled Angela was.

---Inside, Angela returns to the bar. Warren can see she looks desheveled and asks her what's wrong. She says that she ran into Gina in the ladies room and it dawns on Warren why Lily paid him a visit. Angela is furious when she finds out Lily was there as well and says she's ready to leave. Warren pays the bill and they head to the car, with Lily spying on them in the parking lot.

(EXT: West Palm Beach, FL- Maureen's Hotel Room)

---Mason strides past both ladies into the room and takes a seat. He looks at both Mary and Maureen.

"Mason, I told you to please wait downstairs in the bar for me......"

"Oh, I've been there Mary, it case you couldn't tell. But I wasn't going to leave you alone for too long with her- especially after what's happened......Why am I explaining myself? Let's cut to the chase- Where the hell is your son? And don't you even try and tell me that you don't know....."

"MASON!" Mary admonishes.

Maureen tells her that it's quite alright, she doesn't think Mason is out of line in the least. Mason says how noble that is of her to point that out, considering she obviously knew that Mary was in a coma, knew that Mark was setting him up, and didn't do a thing to stop any of it.

"You're right- I didn't. God help me, I didn't. He's my son. He may be a monster or a sociopath or a rapist or any one of those ugly things that you may think of him- with every reason. But to me, he's my son. And I love him, and wanted to protect him."

"And what about OUR child? Mine and Mary's! Who was protecting our baby girl? MARK!?!"

"I'm sorry, your child? I thought the baby was Mark's......" Maureen wonders.

"That's what we all thought, Maureen. But your son, YOUR son............the baby was born fully developed. She was not premature, as she would have been had Mark been the father...."

"May I ask how you know this?" she asks.

"How WE KNOW.......How We......What does it matter HOW we know, WE KNOW, Maureen. And you seem to know too, maybe more than we do...."

"I'm sorry. I just didn't see how you would have learned all of that, is all. Honestly, that's the first I've heard of any of those things.."

"Mason hired a P.I., Maureen, who tracked down nurses that cared for me at the clinic. One of them led us to a nurse here, in West Palm Beach...."

"Oh, so she has gotten to you, no wonder...."

"What do you mean she's gotten to us?" Mason asks "You mean you know Sh-"

"Nurse Sherri Rhodes? Yes I know her- all too well. She's Mark's WIFE!"

Mason and Mary look at each other, stunned by the revelation.

(EXT: London, England)

---Sophia stares Pamela down, insisting that her question be answered. Pamela responds that she recently went back to using her maiden name, Lowell, after years of being Addie Conrad. She explains that her husband died many years ago and it was time to free herself completely.

"And why did you feel the need to do that exactly?" Sophia asks.

"Excuse Me?" Pamela asks.

"Oh don't play innocent with me. You think I haven't been watching you since you arrived? Your stares at Edmund- the looks you've been giving him? Not to mention your level of familiarity with my housekeeper. That's why you've been hammering at me with all of these questions- you were after my husband! You were hoping that I would DIE in that coma so you could sink your claws into him. Isn't that right Ms. Lowell?"

Pamela smiles at her long-time, now-brainwashed rival. "Oh I wanted your husband, Loretta. Make no mistake about that." Pamela lights up, noting the irony of what she's saying. "And if I wanted him right now, I could have him. Without question, without hesitation. At the snap of a finger, really. So if I were you, I'd watch your step with me...."

"You cold, callous Bit-"

"DESSERT!!!" Christine announces, entering with cake.

THE END.................FOR TODAY....................don't miss the final part of this arc TOMORROW!!!!!

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Recommended Comments

----Two unexpected pairs make love!

Hmmmm, who could they be.... let's think....

Quite the contrary- this is the beginning for Edmund and I. Actually, I'm hoping that tonight will be the beginning of a whole new chapter in our relationship and our marriage."

1. "Soretta" (Sophia/Loretta) and McCreepy

Pamela lights up, noting the irony of what she's saying. "And if I wanted him right now, I could have him. Without question, without hesitation.

2. Pamela and CC

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Not giving anything away, but both pairs make love tomorrow!!!!!

After giving it further consideration, I believe the pairs are:

Soretta (Sophia/Loretta) + McCreepy


Mason + Mary

I revised my earlier guess because that old BATTLEAXE Pamela will need a day to fly back to Santa Barbara on her BROOMSTICK!

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Warren and AngelaI think. And McCreepy and Soretta. Me thinks those are thecouples. I don'tthink that Mary will do that until Mason fully is out of his relationship with Julia

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----Two unexpected pairs make love!

Hmmmm, who could they be.... let's think....

Quite the contrary- this is the beginning for Edmund and I. Actually, I'm hoping that tonight will be the beginning of a whole new chapter in our relationship and our marriage."

1. "Soretta" (Sophia/Loretta) and McCreepy

Pamela lights up, noting the irony of what she's saying. "And if I wanted him right now, I could have him. Without question, without hesitation.

2. Pamela and CC

:lol: Agree!

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Thanks, Greg! It was enjoyable! As well as the scene Soretta :lol: and Pam as Angela and Gina. I look forward the next chapter! You says there will be sex? Well, I'll be here to read it! :P

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I love Gretchen Oehler as Christine Gorrow. She was one of my favorite characters in AW in the 80's. I am sure with Christine in the mix it will be a very funny scene.

If Judith/Sophia is not careful she will think she is in Another World. ;)

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