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'Love of Life'

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SOD Synopses - October 1976



Charles is more than happy to accept Felicia's protestations that she is fine. He even cancels the nurse Sara had forced him to call. As he remarks on Felicia's "endless strength," his devoted, driven wife falls, unconscious, to the floor while helping him back into bed. He has no choice now, but manages to crawl to the phone to get help.

Joe diagnoses viral pneumonia. Felicia must have full bed rest for several weeks in order to recover fully. Charles is not very pleased to learn not only that, but also of the imminent arrival of Mrs. McCreary, a nurse hired by Joe.

Betsy has come a long, long way. When she runs into Arlene at Beaver Ridge, she is able to tell Tom that she is now able to see that Arlene, too, was just a pawn of Ben's; but now Arlene has nothing, while she -- at least -- has the baby. She is right. Arlene has nothing except many worries -- mostly about money.

Rick pleads with Meg for more time. Meg, who feels she is saving Cal, accuses Rick of greed -- for her money, her power, and her daughter. He, in turn, accuses Meg of jealousy and while he begs for the chance to tell Cal himself, Cal walks in and asks, "Tell me what?" It is Meg who answers. "You'd better sit down," she says.

Knocked breathless with the shock of learning that her lover was also her mother's lover, Cal runs out and races off in her car.

Rick and Meg are then both frightened out of their wits when Rick reminds Meg of Cal's accident the last time Meg tried to "save" Cal. All she has saved, says Rick, is him -- from her.

Meg suffers for what she has done. She must endure another hollow victory.

Unaware that the police have been alerted to her disappearance, Cal is driving badly and gets her car struck in a rutted road. She gets out and begins to stumble through the woods, not caring where she is going. She is discovered by a hunter who makes her comfortable in his camp while he, surreptitiously, calls for help. When the hunter leads the authorities back to camp, Cal is gone -- and so is his rifle. He then recalls her saying that all she wanted to do was to fall asleep...and never wake up!

In a white-hot rage, Eddie vows to Rick that he will settle things once Cal is found, safe.

Cal is soon found by Joe. Holding her in his arms, while she sobs, he tells her everything will be all right. Rick's punishment begins when he calls out to her and she turns to Joe for protection -- from him.

Physically, all Cal needs is rest. Mentally and emotionally, she will need more, and will need time. Time to grow up? That's what Joe thinks.

It's Up to Cal

Joe feels that Cal has a choice to make now: she can become a stronger, wiser woman, or she can remain a stubborn little girl. He hopes she makes the right choice, but it must, he insists, be hers. Van wonders if perhaps he is right.

At the same time, Cal is pouring her out her heart to Betsy. Van and Eddie only hinted at Rick's duplicity they never told her. They were probably trying to make up for the love she never got from Meg. She never had a mother, only a rival who almost destroyed her.

Alone, Meg suffers for Cal. She does love her daughter, in her fashion. And in the same fashion she is barging into Betsy's life once again. This time to prevent Betsy from the new "Birth Without Violence" technique. Meg calls her lawyer to ask some questions; armed with answers, she smugly comes to inform Betsy that Ben (and Meg, by inference) has certain rights with regard to the baby, who will be recognized, under law, as being legitimate. Therefore, Meg will go to court if necessary to see to it that her grandchild is born safely.

Betsy tells Jamie that Ben promised to stay out of her life, but Jamie cautions her against illusions. It takes strength of character to hold out against Meg. Does Betsy really think Ben can do it?

Ray continues his relentless campaign to get Arlene totally under his thumb. He manages to get her fired form her job and then he slithers into her apartment while she is in the bath. He wants his money or her love. Desperate for more money for Carrie's operation, Arlene says she will...try. That is not exactly the response he had in mind.

Rather cleverly, Carrie finds out just how much this special operation she needs will cost, and with firm resolve she manages to get out of bed and...home. Arlene blanches when she sees her mother standing in the doorway. Carrie tells Arlene, "If it's time for the Lord to bring me home, let the time come."

Arlene can only hold her mother and cry.

Can Cal Survive?

Cal wants to run away, to escape the pain she is enduring, but Eddie makes her see that it is not possible to run fast or hard enough to escape our memories. They must both, he says, stay in Rosehill and face what the future holds.

Cal's first step is to return to work at the Free Clinic. Joe is delighted to see her and will do all he can to help her. One thing he suggests is dinner at Beaver Ridge, to show Rick, Meg, and Cal, herself, that she is a survivor. His plan backfires when Cal and Rick see each other across the room. Hastily, she begs Joe to take her home. He tries to tell her how much he cares for her, but Cal stops him. She likes Joe, but she still loves Rick.

In spite of Jamie's cautions that he could lose everything by withdrawing from a partnership with Meg, Rick retorts that he has already lost everything -- of importance.

Ray Slater, hovering on the outskirts like a hungry shark, attempts to play both ends against the middle by telling Rick he may be able to arrange financing if Rick needs it, and in the next breath telling Meg he may be able to keep her informed of Rick's activities, for a price. After Rick tells her he never wants to see her again, Meg is interested in Ray's proposal.

Carrie obstinately refuses to return to the hospital in spite of Tom's pleas and arguments that it would not be fair to Arlene. He arranges medication for her through the Free Clinic.

At long last, Arlene has good luck on her side. She gets a job selling cosmetics in Rosehill's most exclusive department store.


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