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January 26, 2007




-At Salem Place, Austin sees Nicole sitting outside in the cold, looking through the want-ads. He says hi as he sits down and Nicole returns the greeting, even though her head is buried in the newspaper. Austin asks if she still is having a hard time finding a job and she says that it makes no sense for it to be this hard. He tells her to keep her hopes up and that she will find a job soon.

She asks what he is doing out in the cold air on this day. He says that he is trying to clear his head. When Nicole asks of what, he responds by saying that he swore he saw Carrie at the Ball. Now, he wonders if it was just a figment of his imagination. Nicole folds her paper up and turns to him, telling him to relax. Carrie is with her mother, Anna, and everything is more or less good for her. If she were in any kind of trouble, she would let someone know.

She then says that if he wants to hear about real problems then he should listen to hers as she fills him in on the aborted adoption plan her and Eric had, as well as having problems having kids naturally. She also tells him about being turned down by Kate for a job, even though they can’t stand each other. When Austin asks if she is seriously surprised, she pauses before saying no. He then asks if she, maybe, is jealous of Eric because his mother hired him and not her. Nicole says that couldn’t be further from the truth.

She tells him that it was her decision to give up that job with HighStyle and a life in Los Angeles for him. He needed her and she was there. And, if given the same choice again, she wouldn’t change one damn thing. Austin tells her to calm down. She does and apologizes for her outburst. He then tells her that she is one hell of a businesswoman and that the right job with the right people will come to her soon. It just takes time and a lot of patience. Nicole thanks him for his kind words and hugs him gratefully. What he doesn’t see is the tears rolling down her cheeks.

-Back in Philip’s hospital room, he has summoned Lucas there. Before Lucas enters, Philip is giving himself substantial praise for how he handled Belle last night. Lucas arrives but promptly excuses himself when he sees that Sami has followed him to the hospital. Philip tells him that it’s ok and Lucas walks back into the hallway.

Sami greets him and asks:

Sami: Babe, what does HE want with you?

Lucas: To brag, I guess. He’s feeling like a big man now that Victor is dead. He now thinks that all of Kiriakis Enterprises belongs to him.

Sami: Really. You know, I always knew that Victor could be a scoundrel, especially when he was blackmailing me all those years ago.

Lucas: Yes, but Sami.......

Sami: I know, I know. I had it coming. With the way I was acting, I really don’t blame him now.

Lucas: Well, done deals, done days. That’s in the past, where it should be.

Sami: I know......and thank you....for saying that.

Lucas: Aye, anything for my lady love.

At that moment, an instrumental version of "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago starts to play over the ceiling speakers. Both Lucas and Sami look up at them and then slowly back into each others eyes. Lucas takes Sami in his arms softly and quietly says to her......

Lucas: You know, we are going to have to take some time out to discuss some things.

Sami: (Smiling) Yeah. That sounds wonderful.

Lucas: Sami.......I.......I just don’t know what to say. I hate that we spent all those years fighting with one another. I could have missed out on the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Sami: Lucas......I would not have let that happen. I would go anywhere with you. All you will ever have to do....is ask me, ok? Never, ever wonder about my love for you.

Lucas: Till the end of time?

Sami: And beyond.

As the song finishes, they slowly pull each other into a sweet, loving kiss. Slowly, they pull away from each other and then Sami places her hand on his cheek, smiling. She says that it’s time for him to go back inside and see what Caesar wants while she goes and checks up on her father. He tells her ok and then says that they have something serious to discuss before he disappears back into Philip’s room.

Sami smiles to herself and dances off, happy that her life is finally how she wanted it to be since she was a little girl.

As he walks over to Philip’s bed, he stops and asks his younger brother what this is all about. Philip brings up about how Austin and Lucas were a part of Victor’s family in this war and now they both want out. He then says once you are privy to family secrets, there is no getting out that easy. Lucas says does he now think he’s Don Corleone? Philip says Brando will have nothing on him. Lucas laughs, telling him that he better get a grip on his newfound power before he really does some harm to someone.

Philip then asks if he is giving him advice. Lucas says someone has to. He doesn’t seem to be listening to anyone else. Especially since his father is not even cold in the morgue. Philip looks at Lucas coldly, asking him if he is accusing him of being cold-hearted towards his father’s death. Lucas says for Philip to let him know. Philip tells him he can answer him this way.......by telling him to clear his things out before he has Titan building security throw them out the window. He’s fired. And, he tells him, he better not see him near the building again.....or he’ll have him arrested for trespassing.

Lucas laughs again, amazed at his brother’s arrogance. He pauses for a minute and then responds to Philip. Philip has a huge grin on his face but it gets quickly wiped off when Lucas leans into him and tells him......that he thanks him for canning him. He admired Victor, even if he didn’t always agree with his methods. But......he just couldn’t see himself working for a little punk like him. Philip is taken aback, saying that it’s nice to see that his older brother DOES have a backbone.

Lucas says that he’s glad that he could show him that. And......he’ll really end up seeing his dark side if anything happens to Sami or Will. Brother or not......if he messes with them in any shape or form, that’s it. All bets are off. Philip tells him that his father’s ways of doing things are now over. His day is done. It’s time for the next generation to take over and move the Kiriakis family into the 21st Century and beyond. Lucas tells him that he now seems like he didn’t learn one thing from his dad and that’s a shame.

Lucas walks over to the door and turns, telling him that he’s going to regret the things he’s doing now. And.....when things start hitting the fan, don’t come running to him. With that, Lucas smiles ever so slightly and walks out the door. Philip looks at the door sternly before a evil smile slowly forms on his face.

Outside his room once again, Lucas runs into Austin. Lucas tells him that their mafia don brother just fired him. Austin remarks how much Philip has changed but then says never mind that. Since Lucas is looking for work, he can come to work for Kate and him. Lucas, thinking about how this may effect his relationship with Sami, reluctantly agrees saying he needs the job. The brothers shake on it before leaving to find Sami.

-Back at the cabin in the mountains, Carrie is speaking with Alan. When Alan asks if she is fine with her pregnancy, she says she is and then asks if that is why he’s been staying with her instead of going back to Salem. He says that she is a main priority for him right now and he doesn’t want her in any danger with her or her baby. There is a lot at stake, he reminds her. She tells him she knows that. She also says that she needs him there to report back to her what is going on with her family.

She wants him to continue to try and change his ways and that is going a long way to doing just that. But, she reminds him, that going MIA for long periods of time will only hurt his efforts. He understands and she then says that he will have to go back to Salem to keep an eye on things. He says he won’t because she may go into labor at any moment. She insists, saying that she will contact him if something happens. She also tells him that she has decided to give the baby up for adoption when it’s born. This way, she will know that beyond anything else, the baby will have a loving home and family......something she can’t give it right now.

She feels that she can’t take the chance of the baby coming between all of her loved ones, especially Austin, Lucas & Sami. Alan agrees and then asks how she wants to handle everything. She wants him to get the adoption forms and bring them back to her so she can fill them out. She will then sign away the child after birth and then she can return home, with no one the wiser. Alan tells her that it is a lot to live with and she agrees but says that it is for the best. He also says that if her family finds out, they may turn away from her but she says that’s the chance she has to take.

He says he understands once again and she thanks him, pulling him into a friendly embrace. What she does not see......is the sly grin that has formed on his face.

-Back at Lucas’s apartment, Will is there and is answering the door to let his grandmother in. Kate is pissed off at all the contractors there who are working on the building and Sami’s apartment since the explosion last month. She remarks to him about how they are getting in her way. Will turns away from her and she wonders what’s wrong. He silently tells her that he is really sick and tired of everyone always projecting what they want him to be on him. When she asks what he means, he clams up.

She walks over to him and hugs Will, telling him that this must be because of Sami’s influence. Will jerks away from her, telling her that he is tired of also telling her to stop with the nasty talk about his mother. He then says that if she can’t accept Sami, then what’s the point of coming around? Kate is taken aback by this and then says that she will try to do better. Will says that it’s past time she stop trying. She either does or doesn’t......and if she can’t, she can just leave and not come back.

She places her hands on her hips and sighs and he says he’s also sick and tired of that as well. She doesn’t know half the stuff he’s dealing with right now. And, if she did, maybe she wouldn’t be so damn evil towards everyone. When she asks what he means by that, he says that it is really difficult in this family to express who you really are. If he doesn’t have BOTH of his parents on his case about getting married and having kids, he has her always interfering in everyone’s lives and then getting upset when she gets busted for whatever evil crap she did this time.

Kate is shocked by Will’s tone and wonders what is really behind all of this anger. Will says that she wouldn’t understand even if he spelled it out on a billboard because all she knows is how to tell people how they should live, according to her rules. Well, he says, does she or anyone else ever consider how society’s rules can be really silly sometimes?! She walks over to him wanting to know what is he trying to say. He says that............all he is saying is...........he feels like all anyone can do is worry about them selves.

He feels he has no one to talk to sometimes. He just wants to be who he is. He only wants to live his life his way. Kate tells him that he can tell her anything. And then, when Will decides to tell her the truth.....he then suddenly stops, telling her that all he means as that she and everyone should just live and let live. His parents are finally happy and seem to be building a life together and they will be able to do that if she stops with her nagging, nasty talk and lousy schemes to try and break them up because, so help him, if she ever does anything else to ruin what he now has......he will never speak to her again for as long as she lives.

Will then walks out on her, leaving her to contemplate what he just conveyed to her.

-At the McCluer home, James has just gotten in from dealing with Marlena when Renee walks up to him and asks where he’s been all night and morning. He says to her that he had a serious situation that he had to deal with and it took up most of his time. He apologizes for not being able to call and is sorry that she worried. Renee says she didn’t worry in the least. It’s his life, to do with what he pleases.

James sees she’s upset and tries to hug her but she turns and walks away. J.J. comes into the living room and greets his father, saying that maybe he should stay out all night more often. He walks past him as James looks on sadly, knowing that he has messed up. Jonathan stands at the door and asks him was it another job for Victor Kiriakis. When James Sr. says yes it was, the entire family, which now includes Angel coming from the kitchen, groan out loud. J.J brings up his internship at The Spectator and says that he now hopes his father’s involvement doesn’t get back to the editor-in-chief or it could ruin everything. James Sr. is glad that he has the opportunity that he never had.

Well, J.J. says, even though he knows he’s doing what he must, it won’t stop him from printing the truth about Victor’s dealings, especially since his death the other night. Jonathan says good riddance. That man was nothing but trouble. Renee agrees, telling James that his children are very smart and know what’s going on. He needs to stop hiding things from them.

Angel walks over to her father and hugs him, saying that they all should just stop all this arguing so early in the morning and sit down for a great breakfast. She sees what’s at stake and sees where her mother and brother are coming from, but will not lose her trust in her father for one second. He knows what he’s doing. So....let’s just all be a family. We all love each other way too much for all this bickering, she says.

-Belle and Sami meet once again in the cafeteria after Sami has seen Roman. Sami tells her that since he never was shot, he’s doing just fine. Neither lady knows that Marlena is nearby, listening to their conversation. As they sit down for coffee, Belle tells her that their Uncle Shane and the I.S.A. is on the cases and keeping an eye on not only their family but Stefano as well, whereever he may be. She also tells Sami that he has operatives looking for their mother. Sami tells her how worried she is for her but then informs Belle that Eric has joined their cause and will help out any way he can.

Belle is very pleased about this, saying they need all the help they can get. Sami then notices that Belle is quite upset about something and Belle has another flashback to her confrontation with Philip before covering up and saying that she is ok and everything will work out for her. All she’s worried about is their mother. When Sami ask off-handedly about being married to the new head of the Kiriakis Dynasty, Belle is taken aback by that. Before Sami can ask a follow-up question of Belle, Sami looks over Belle’s shoulder and spots Marlena.

When she alerts Belle of this, Belle turns and sees her as well. Marlena sees that she’s been spotted and takes off walking very quickly. Both girls jump up and give chase but end up losing her around the corner. Now, Sami says, she is more determined than ever to find out once again what is going on. When Belle says that she’s tired of always saying that they need to stop talking about it and take some damn action, Sami agrees with her younger sister saying that yes, it is about time they stop talking and start doing.

Meanwhile, in the staircase, Marlena keeps looking back down, hoping that she has lost her two daughters. When she is convinced that she has, she starts to slowly walk up the stairs to the roof. Just then, she gets a call and, after she answers it, she pauses. She then looks at the phone, getting more and more angrier. She tells her mysterious caller that she had to shake her nosy children once again. She also says she’s really getting sick of all this crap. She needs to know what she’s up against so she knows what to avoid and what to expect. When she is told about the search teams looking for her, she says that’s better. That is the kind of information she needs to know, she says in a very sarcastic tone. She then tells her caller to lower their voice and to not yell. It may echo in that hallway.

She says that she has things under control but needs to stay one step ahead if she is to finish her mission and then end all of this madness. She also warns that if she is found out she could go to a mental institution....or prison. She then asks the person on the other end if everything is now alright, to which she smiles at the response and says good. Now, she says, leave her alone so she can do what she has to do.....and stop berating her so damn much. She hangs up the phone forcefully, saying to herself once again that nothing and no one will stand in her way. She then remarks that the first thing she has to stop doing is talking to herself so damn much.

Marlena then proceeds to walk up to the next doorway and disappears down the hallway, as the camera slowly fades to black watching her walk away.

On the Next Salem Lives...

James to his family: I am warning all of you...stay out of this for your own good.

Bo: I think I know exactly how to find out what is going on with me.

Shane to Kim: What are you hiding?

Julie to Doug: I'm worried about her Doug. What if she falls off the wagon again?

Maggie (staring at a liquor bottle): Maybe a little won't hurt...

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Love that music has been added to the Lumi stuff (well at least the mention of the song playing)...I can see so much maturity in Sami in your blog, and that's how it should be...Glad that Sami and Lucas are still by each other's side.

Tired to tears that even after all that has changed for Sami, Kate is still being the pain in the neck that she is.

My heart is breaking for Nicole....:(

Also, noticiing the bonding between Belle and Sami..I hope she opens up to her about what's going on....

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